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Henry (Hank) Scholz

Henry (Hank) Scholz

San Francisco, CA
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I like riding bikes.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
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  • 100
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 62.4mi
  • 3h 44m
  • 3,602ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Apartment Lane
  • PR on Morse code for bikes
  • PR on Garrison Sprint
  • PR on A lot of stop lights and a light rail


Distance 149.4mi
Time 8h 59m
Elevation Gain 8,967ft
Rides 5


Total Distance 21,025.5mi
Total Time 1341h 29m
Total Elev Gain 1,187,326ft
Total Rides 1060

Recent Photos

  • group rides are dangerous @huptur #crashdupantoll #onyourleft #holdyourline #learntodescend
  • experimenting with @goincase decals
  • stoked on this new @goincase campus pack I just picked up. perfect size for netbook, book, binder, and recovery drink. now I can rep @goincase on my commutes to class. @tmbincase
  • @TMBincase @andygoes1 "The Goose" Goose Juice minus the kalua. So damn good. @osmonutrition
  • sunday sunset farmers market bounty
  • chillin in the sun in ggp before a ride up tam with #TMBdevsquad riders @zproto and @ianconover
  • spent a good amount of time meticulously measuring my qfactor today. turn out my right crank arm is 2mm further and right is 1mm closer on my 2012 red quarq compared to 2011 red. knew it felt off.
  • @TMBincase The Goose @andygoes1 came into the city for a sunny @raphacycleclub ride. I think that all liquid diet is working buddy. #TMBincase
  • rough day back on the cx bike. went down twice, conked my knee twice, lost my glasses (then found em), what a shit show. at least @grassmonkey gave me this sweet SRAM scarf after.
  • post ride essentials
  • @TMBincase @smithoptics Pivlock V2 MAX Impossibly Black with Photochromic Clear/Black lens. awesome for climbing through the shaded redwoods to sunny summit of Tam. #TMBincase
  • another bike artist dialing the machine. BG Fit specialist Kelly Hale doing his work at the SF @mikes_bikes
  • training hard with @ianconover #TMBincase
  • suns out
  • blue gradient
  • sunset in the headlands
  • really diggin the new #TMBincase sworks kicks. job well done specialized.
  • los cruzeros
  • too early
  • meh
  • bunker
  • Riding with @daoodism #nospeed
  • @daoodism is ____ #nospeed
  • chicken ride
  • sic sox @daoodism
  • god damn I love these shoes #sworks #specialized #red
  • ride to recover
  • health potion
  • #catsofinstagram
  • teflon tape for the occasion. #valveextendersblow #giro #specialized
  • @zproto geekin on his new #zipp 101s
  • "what's that in your jersey?" "a sandwich" " ha funny. oh you were serious."
  • "hmm lets see what to wear tonight. ah yes, shiny silver track jacket."
  • softie
  • post chicken
  • Andre "I start my sprint, I finish my sprint" Castillo
  • oh hay rainier
  • one of those training rides. #specialized #venge #sram
  • thanks for all the room, bro.
  • Finished 11th today at my second race of #ToAD the Grafton giro. Thought I finished a bit higher up in the $ but not enough to protest. Making progress and learning the field.
  • Arghggg got caught behind yet another crash on the final lap at #ToAD . Was sitting 15th coming through the s/f with a plan to move up. Came to a complete stop and unclipped. Finished first in the split again for 24th. fts.
  • Hmm let's see Adrienne's bike, my bike, and a 58cm CAAD10? That's right ladies and gentlemen, Team Mike's Bikes veteran Ben Stern suited up for today's crit. Good to line up with you again buddy.
  • 10th place at what was one of the hardest races and hardest crit I have done. With two to go at Schlitz Park at #TofAD I hit a pothole and came unclipped but kept it upright. Psyched myself out on final lap. 53 starters, 18 finishers. Sitting 5th in GC.
  • Raced smart today but got spanked in the sprint at the Downtown Fond du Lac Commonwealth Classic at #TofAD . Finished 20th and moved further into 5th overall. Bleh. #tourofamericasdairyland
  • Cycling Tip: Don't stop pedaling and sit up in the last 50m of a race. Riders behind you are sprinting for a top 10 and you can crash them out. Cash goes 15 deep and GC points 20. #bunchofchumps
  • What better way to spend a jet lagged morning after 10 days of crit racing. #specialized #mtb #stumpjumper
  • Yeah empty cardboard box on a coffee table does look more comfortable than that pile of blankets and pillows on the couch.
  • sunrise in the sunset
  • 1st place in the 3/4 CCCR from a 2 man break and 7th in the 1/2/3. Jim got 2nd and Steve got 5th. Legs feel great but super tight.
  • Lion cereal!? God I love Belgium.
  • #JRA in #Belgium
  • Chased @cyclingtrav up the #coppenberg . That hurt.
  • This place has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 14 beds, living room, dining room, huge backyard, and a bike shed. There are only 5 of us staying here...
  • so... many... #cobbles #specialized #venge #notaroubaix
  • Ran out of food and water after a little over 80k at around 280w. What the hell are they feeding these guys?
  • Had a bit of bursitis flare up after I screwed up my fit so went on a training ride while the boys raced. Found a park with some awesome cross trails.
  • @richardlawson_ @cyclingtrav
  • #teammikesbikes
  • @cyclingtrav just finished his first Kermis. Excellent work bud.
  • @richardlawson_ and I sit and recover for a minute at the Bambrugge Kermis. #smith
  • rest day @cyclingtrav @richardlawson_
  • lunch in gent with rick @cyclingtrav and @richardlawson_ #teammikesbikes #cliff
  • pretty rough training ride with @prmooney and @ryanparadiso today...
  • Eric Riggs is a fucking monster. Won from a break of two at the gnarly Sierra de Montstraat circuit race. Awesome racing with Rainier and @cyclingtrav . #teammikesbikes
  • post race pool side chillin
  • #teammikesbikes caravan to vacaville gp with rainier @ryanparadiso and @kwolfgang
  • Getting the cross bike dialed with BG Fit Master Jared Franzoia @jaredv3 . He's the only guy I trust to make any fit adjustments on any of my bikes. I won't even put on a new saddle without him checking the fit.
  • Chris Phipps @CPbike on the top step of the podium at the #mikesbikes #coldupantol #strava segment challenge. Congrats on the #KOM Chris!
  • found this little dude out on my recovery ride today. gotta be good luck.
  • I was told this #TRP CX8.4 brake will make me as fast as @Derekshred
  • city spin with @grassmonkey
  • When I went to collect my post interval pecan roll, I was pretty upset to see they were all out. Luckily I asked and the nice lady brought me out one from the back. #score #specialized #venge #oakley
  • pretty proud of how our home shop has developed @ryanparadiso @hardlyhip
  • smashin in ggp with @prmooney Got a video of him successfully riding up the log stairs.
  • "The engagement system is a six pawl system yielding 72 points of engagement" - white ind
  • gonna be a bumpy one tomorrow. #BASPS
  • #TMBCX @andygoes1 post race. Was finishing strong until he wrapped his rear derailleur around his cassette.
  • #TMBCX at the first #BASPS of the year. @prmooney was our highest place rider finishing 8th after getting caught behind the first corner crash. Well done guys! #teammikesbikes
  • double flat coming down coastal doesn't make for the best therapy ride.
  • @grassmonkey and I were having fun doing this...
  • ...and then I decided to get this. Hopefully just bad ligament strain but christ is it painful. Thanks for taking care of me @grassmonkey
  • #teammikesbikes
  • Nothin like hobos and weirdos in ggp at night to welcome you back.
  • park shreddin with @daoodism
  • This shoulder separation has caused a serious buildup of gnar which must be shred.
  • party people
  • top 10 at barton
  • @waltonbrush @prmooney #panniershaefer
  • got up early to beat the rain on a training ride. unfortunately the rain got up early too.
  • great ride regardless.
  • coastal trail with @prmooney @maimonen @ryanparadiso and @waltonbrush
  • great ride with #pannierschaefer
  • Where's @ryanparadiso ?
  • do yourself a favor and go shred ggp today...
  • ...with this guy @grassmonkey
  • back in portland the next week for more trail poaching, muddy cx races and turkey too.
  • look who's also up in portland for thanksgiving. @waltonbrush
  • @waltonbrush and adrian aka #djAtomic out for a turkey day spin in portland.
  • up early for a post turkey pre flight spin. see you lazer portland.
  • yup.
  • managed to unclip going for the holeshot and jammed my knee into the handlebars. clipped back in, slotted into 15thish and managed to so it again on a kicker a few turns later. finally got my shit together and finished just behind the lead group for 6th. time to start focusing on the road season.
  • @grassmonkey it's a good thing you didn't come out and ride with me because I wouldn't have shredded your face off so hard you wouldn't have been able to study. Magic Legs + Perfect Conditions = Rad
  • a storms a comin
  • perfect time for a ride. beautiful out right now!
  • this girl gets me out of bed at 7am to "spin for a few hours" then proceeds to smash into a headwind. and don't even get me started on her instagram name: @adrienneswims
  • @caro_arg got 1st in the Bs and I got 2nd in the SSAs at the muddy cccx. Best result yet!
  • post workout grocery run.
  • #teammikesbikes training ride from Mike's Bikes in Sausalito. Unfortunately my quad tendon started to flare up again so I pulled off early.
  • for those of you that don't know Dana Williams @bestbothgolfski he is probably one of the nicest guys you will meet and strongest cyclist you will ever race with. thanks buddy! #teammikesbikes
  • @caro_arg #gramin
  • first exercise in 18 days and I'm  riding a trainer in my garage. how lame is that?
  • freshhhh
  • oooooh boy
  • @ryanparadiso
  • other times we lie silent trail side and watch the sun go down
  • nice morning coffee spin with @ryanparadiso @josephison and banger.
  • @josephison @ryanparadiso
  • great gear handout and group ride with #TMBincase @cyclingtrav @imginit @ryanparadiso @andygoes1 @danawilliams26
  • Nicks door locked and shit with his keys, helmet, gloves, and bottles in it. With the help of three teammates he was able to get it open and we rolled for our group ride only 15 minutes late. teamwork! #TMBincase @ryanparadiso @andygoes1
  • #TMBincase
  • super sunday smash sesh with @andygoes1 one of the best cx rides I can remember having