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Nicholas Jerabek

Nicholas Jerabek

Oakland, California
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Alum of Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Team. Coached by Shawn Rosenthal of Provantage Sports.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 180
  • 360
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 4.8mi
  • 1h 21m
  • 715ft


Distance 3,841.0mi
Time 233h 55m
Elevation Gain 275,988ft
Rides 239


Total Distance 22,710.3mi
Total Time 1376h 24m
Total Elev Gain 1,435,082ft
Total Rides 886

Recent Photos

  • Finished last in the break in the 2/3's for the third race of the weekend after Berkeley hills yesterday and I mid pack finish in the 3/4's earlier today. Good to be back racing again. #SquadraSF
  • Back of the line... #SquadraSF #TieniDuro
  • Afternoon speed racing. #SquadraSF #TieniDuro
  • Diablo Saturday's.
  • Recovery riding Vintage Kit Day #4 with @d_money.levitt #UnitedHealthcareProCycling #TeamBubbles
  • Finishing up on the freeway with TO. #TeamBubbles
  • Some active recovery with @djjerabek #TeamBubbles
  • Vintage kit day #2! @cyclesportsoak #TeamBubbles
  • Everyone in one shot! #TeamBubbles
  • What early morning Sunday intervals look like.
  • Tryin to chase down @d_money.levitt
  • Drop your food, find a friend.
  • Vintage Kit Day #1. Thank god chamois technology has improved. #TeamBubbles in #HealthNet
  • Yep. #TeamBubbles
  • Bikes with  @d_money.levitt #TeamBubbles
  • Night riding with @d_money.levitt . #TeamBubbles
  • Choo choo. Really great ride with @djjerabek @gregm123456 @h.poulsen and company. Just ten minutes more next weekend!
  • Rollin in. #provantagesports #squadrasf
  • Convincing dad to ride up the hill of hate on our afternoon ride.
  • What a depressing ride with Drew... This captures pretty much the opposite if what goes on on these rides haha. #provantagesports #squadrasf #tieniduro
  • Most pleasantly painful ride in the new training session so far. Also trying out some new spectacles thanks to @d_money.levitt
  • Another successful 2hrs and I only had to carry the 3lbs of local honey from the farmer's market for about 20min. #provantagesports #innersportchiropractic #squadrasf
  • Different day, different city. #provantagesports
  • Finally made it!
  • Consistently foggy on the morning rides
  • He's so romantic
  • Instagram has too many filter options. Meanwhile... Go bikes. #provantagesports #squadrasf
  • Not overly thrilled with the fog this morning. #provantagesports #squadrasf
  • Hard to leave this face in the morning, but totally worth it to be riding. #provantagesports #squadrasf
  • Still riding, still being out climbed by the old man. #provantagesports #squadrasf
  • Decently clear on the morning ride.
  • Someone was catching up (and eventually passing) on the second Tunnel summit this morning. #slowandsteady #squadrasf #provantagesports
  • A successful day three with Dad before a food full three day weekend. #squadrasf #provantagesports
  • Made it two days in a row! :-o #squadrasf #provantagesports
  • He's getting away!! #offleadpractice
  • Afternoon hiking with Mom and Zeke #offleadpractice
  • Just a little hot out there today. First time he's just quit in the middle of a hike.
  • First time (again) on the bike in... pff. A long time. Here's to staying injury free. #squadrasf #provantagesports
  • Reunited with Drewdles at the POO after my fit at Innersport today.
  • Getting ready for Tuesday's fit session with some more weekend father/son riding. #jameriswag
  • Half Moon Bay Day
  • Making sure we get each other out after work.
  • Ru-oh... #poppinbottles #weightweenie? #squadrasf
  • Surprise Tieni Duro group ride!! #BrokenKneeWednesdays
  • More walkin around
  • Afternoon hiking with Zeke after watching some races with the Wheelmen.
  • Post HOP Boulevard w/TD/alum #squadrasf #td
  • I guess this is the type of email you want from your coach... Just when I was feeling good :-( #provantagesports
  • Night riding with Drew! #provantagesports #squadrasf #td
  • "Fixing" Drew's broken spoke... #provantagesports #squadrasf #td #poo
  • Sail! #POO
  • POO with Drew! #trickshot
  • This street looked better than usual today... so I took a picture.
  • Quite the skyline. #nofilter
  • I had forgotten about my second home...
  • Nice sea of fog tonight. Thank you to the workers monitoring traffic on Skyline! Keeping the roads safe.
  • First night ride of the season and on the new cross bike. Looking forward to just a few more of these. #nofilter
  • #nofilter #accidentalnightriding
  • What a perfect game. Looking forward to dominating Detroit then enjoying some ALCS!
  • Easy days = too many pictures
  • #Seaoftrafficbelow
  • #nofilter riding
  • Evening ridge riding.
  • Morning spin
  • Thanks for the perfect timing Mr. Hawk!
  • Evening dog walk with ALL the pups
  • Looking for that #motivation
  • About as far as we get with stay right now haha
  • The beginning of our running careers. #jemeriswag #4atkidz4li4e #nightrun
  • Great posers.
  • Chariot Racing
  • Follow follow follow follow follow the browny, dirt trail.
  • Such brave pups to go through the tunnel
  • Waitin for the Capo ride.
  • Afternoon riding. (Helmet was off while stopped and overlooking ;-))
  • #MondayNightLife
  • First of many complete trips across the bridge. Definitely need to check out the bike bridge soon too.
  • A beginning attempt at recall...
  • A muuuuch better recall :-) minus the ramming into me part
  • #morningexploring
  • #TheCookieMonster
  • #puppytraining