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Skinny Rob Hammond

Skinny Rob Hammond

Huntsville, AL
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Skinny Rob Hammond is a cyclist from Huntsville, AL. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 180
  • 360
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 90.9mi
  • 7h 25m
  • 4,892ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on RTT Inverness to Floral City
  • 2nd fastest time on Blije Rijers - Crossing the Lakes
  • 2nd fastest time on Hernando to Inverness (Turner Camp Rd)
  • 2nd fastest time on Holder to Hernando


Distance 4,710.8mi
Time 368h 34m
Elevation Gain 245,148ft
Rides 164


Total Distance 34,998.9mi
Total Time 2620h 38m
Total Elev Gain 1,484,636ft
Total Rides 1146

Recent Photos

  • Sandwich Farm menu.
  • Good food was had by all.
  • The Breakfast ride gang. Ray was the photographer.
  • Riding the new road to the future Grissom High School. The road wasn't open yet.
  • Nice snack at the end of a long ride.
  • Fagan Creek
  • Fagan Creek
  • Starting the breakfast ride in a little fog.
  • Frozen falls
  • Ice
  • Icy overlook
  • Icy chimney
  • At the Bankhead barricade.
  • Trail in the fog.
  • Frozen waterfall.
  • In the fog.
  • In the fog.
  • VERY soupy on the mountain today.
  • Really big sprinkler.
  • Flooded road.
  • Beautiful day for a ride.
  • Riding down closed Bankhead.
  • Heading down closed Bankhead.
  • Another closed Bankhead pic.
  • Nice temps on top of the mountain today. Low 90s in the city.
  • The ride isn't complete without a train up close and personal.
  • Marvin, Alex, and myself at the top.
  • Marvin after his first ever climb.
  • Marvin made it to the state park.
  • Almost there.
  • Marvin chugging right along.
  • Is that a turkey?
  • MacKay Hollow.
  • Stream bed in MacKay Hollow.
  • Nice place for a rest.
  • The end of Ripple Lane.
  • Looking back from the end of Ripple Lane.
  • White horse in the field. On Ripple Lane.
  • Looking north from Sublett Point.
  • Plane doing aerobatics. From Sublett Point.
  • Plane doing aerobatics. From Sublett Point.
  • MacKay Hollow Rd.
  • Just riding around getting ready for the Horsey Hundred next month. #horseyhundred2014
  • Stopped by Fagan Creek for a break from the ride. #horseyhundred2014
  • In Woodville.
  • Just resting.
  • Poplar Ridge School
  • Poplar Ridge School historic plaque.
  • Spring is in the air.
  • Another sign of spring.
  • Looking east from Walton's Mountain.
  • Looking south toward Jones Valley from Walton's Mountain.
  • View from Epworth drive at High Mountain Rd looking toward downtown.
  • Nice hot day for tough climbing.
  • Deer close-up.
  • Deer full view.
  • View of Big Cove and Hampton Cove from Green Mountain at 7:30am during my ride today.
  • View of Green Mountain from Big Cove in the fog. About 7:45am during the ride.
  • Long road out on my ride.
  • View toward ESE from Jacks and Frank Hereford Rds.
  • E from Jacks and Frank Hereford Rds.
  • SW from Jacks and Frank Hereford Rds.
  • S from Jacks and Frank Hereford Rds.
  • Not quite Graceland.
  • Nice bench to meet another person for a ride.
  • Interesting mailbox topper.
  • Still being chased by the storm. I've been in the rain the last 3 miles and I hear thunder. Apparently the storm has sped up and is almost here at my car.
  • Riding the fixie and enjoying it.
  • Heavy rainstorm slowly moving in. I think I have enough time to finish my ride.
  • Nice wet breakfast ride.
  • No sun yet.
  • No traffic on Bankhead pkwy.
  • It's rather dark at 5:22AM.
  • Dang!! I'm the caboose. I better speed up.
  • Hawks Way looking north from Red Tail Lane
  • Harris Hill Blvd looking west from Moores Mill Rd
  • Orba Drive
  • Stapp Drive
  • 4th time up the mtn. I think I'm done w the big climbs today. I'll do a little hill work to get 700 more feet of climbing before heading back to the car.
  • Cabin in monte sano state park.
  • Entrance to Burritt Museum.
  • Temps in the 70s w a nice breeze on the north slope of Monte Sano. Can't get any better than this for a climb.