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Lorne Reid

Lorne Reid

Deer Lake, NL, Canada
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True Victory is Victory Over Oneself!

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 30
  • 60
  • 90
  • 120
  • 150
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 141.2km
  • 16h 26m
  • 6,750m


Distance 123.1km
Time 12h 56m
Elevation Gain 1,129m
Runs 14


Total Distance 7,624.1km
Total Time 809h 13m
Total Elev Gain 96,839m
Total Runs 603

Recent Photos

  • The beautiful sound of running water. Today's turn around point. #neverstopexploring
  • With calf deep snow in places it was a gaiters kinda day. #ultratrail #neverstopexploring
  • My Backcountry Skiing Buddy, Sunny.
  • The sun illuminating the hills on the far side of the lake during this morning's run.
  • Beautiful vistas of up in the Goose Arm Hills.
  • Breaking Trail on a beautiful day. My legs are now Jello.
  • Camp 6 Brook
  • Another beautiful day in the woods.
  • A beautiful afternoon of breaking trail in fresh powder.
  • Crazy variations in conditions with spring like temperatures for today's long run. Lots of water moving everywhere in the hills.
  • Every hilltop is an adventure waiting to be had!
  • The path less travelled.
  • We all break trail on our own path through life and it's a world of infinite opportunity! #seizethemoment
  • A feeble attempt at a frost beard! I have a week left to grow a frost beard before I have to shave this thing off for work. #toughnuttocrack
  • Just finished my Hill Sprint workout in -18C (-30C Windchill). Can you say frigid!
  • Hill sprints at sunrise.
  • The view from up here today.
  • Snow covered trees at Marble Mine.
  • There is no such thing as easy when breaking trail in snowshoes.
  • Momentary glimpse of the sun.
  • Beautiful Caribou Stag up near Marble Mine.
  • November visit to Marble Mine.
  • The view from up here (Signal Hill).
  • Along the trail.
  • Dave Decker and his noble companion Humber up in the Goose Arm Hill training for the Cape to Cabot.
  • Deer Lake beach this morning during my last shakeout run before the #dl67
  • The beautiful lake that inspired a dream that is soon to be a reality. Bring on the Deer Lake 67.  #dl67
  • Morning jog for us. Morning swim for him!
  • It's so good to be home!
  • A beautiful morning to be alive!
  • #thedirtsearch View of Deer Lake at the 38.6km point of the #dl67 route.
  • #thedirtsearch 14.9km into the #dl67 a beaver has created a pond that spans the road.
  • #thedirtsearch wild pink lady slipper orchids in bloom along the #dl67 route.
  • #thedirtsearch 27.25km into the #dl67 you reach Little North Brook. This is the approach to it.
  • 35.5km into the #dl67 this is the site of AS3 Boom Siding. This is a mandatory check in location where split times will be recorded.
  • #thedirtsearch The first crossing of the Humber River in the #dl67 route.
  • #thedirtsearch 12km into the #dl67 is the first water crossing at Camp 6 brook. AS1 will be here as well.
  • Corner Brook Stream Trail
  • The Bay of Islands.
  • Afternoon fresh air with the kids.
  • Hoping I captured the Humber Valley off in the distance. Absolutely spectacular from up here.
  • Frozen bog behind Reidville.
  • Snowmobile trail running on a beautiful day.