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Scott Upton

Scott Upton

Boulder, CO
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Former ecologist turned designer at Basecamp who likes to get dirty on two wheels.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 90
  • 180
  • 270
  • 360
  • 450
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 41.2mi
  • 3h 55m
  • 3,308ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Zwift Island Climb
  • PR on Zwift Island Sprint
  • PR on What happened to speed freak?
  • PR on A decent descent


Distance 2,523.6mi
Time 208h 55m
Elevation Gain 240,833ft
Rides 104


Total Distance 18,540.8mi
Total Time 1531h 54m
Total Elev Gain 1,683,189ft
Total Rides 850

Recent Photos

  • Got high today. It was good.
  • Amazing Spring day in the Colorado mountains.
  • Great Valentine's Day ride with my better half. The views were just awful, though. #HSHive #feedbacksports #stansnotubes
  • Devils Thumb
  • The birthday girl enjoying empty trails at DTR.
  • Tiny trees, big resort.
  • Wide load.
  • Strictly enforced.
  • Pre-ride snack.
  • The Nordic scene in North Boulder.
  • Pre-turkey trot.
  • Good to be back on two wheels!
  • Milking the MTB season for all it's worth. #nedicated
  • Openers. #proper
  • Today did not suck. #betasstic
  • Not a creature was stirring on Skunk Canyon.
  • Eagle, you delivered today! Amazing colors, awesome trails. I'll be back.
  • Miles of this!
  • Storms brewing.
  • Another amazing Fall day in the high country!
  • When life gives you lemons, go mountain biking.
  • Sunset on The Owl, Boulder Canyon.
  • Colorado sucks right now. Just awful. #Ned
  • Yellow.
  • On fire.
  • Coolest barn in Colorado.
  • Gross Reservoir in the morning, West Mag in the evening.
  • Stormy with a chance of rainbows.
  • Bikes are cool.
  • Glorious day on the CX bike.
  • Michele is pretty sure she'd rather be biking somewhere else. #ned
  • Today's views weren't half bad! #ned
  • Nope, not bad at all... #ned
  • Not a bad place to play in the river.
  • Topping out on the 403.
  • More 403. So, so good.
  • Wildflowers are going off right now.
  • Top of the 401.
  • Today's ride was awful. Just unbearable.
  • Nope, no fun up here...
  • Lush.
  • Twisted.
  • Another awesome day on the bike.
  • A little rest before an ass-kicker of a climb.
  • Sum, Sum, Summertime!
  • It topped out at 103.3... Thankfully it cooled off to a cool 100 later in the ride.
  • Dusty. #firecracker50
  • I could swear the map said there was a trail here...
  • Headed North. #lyons2boulder #buslife
  • The riding here in Steamboat is no fun. Nope, not fun at all...
  • Closest I get to church these days.
  • This is my house of worship now.
  • The Roxborough obelisk.
  • Superman practice this morning. Thankfully, that mud bog cushioned the landing.
  • Dirt Church
  • Gray skies, tacky dirt.
  • Rob felt pretty terrible after our Switzerland Trail ascent and was considering all his options.
  • Bent
  • Flops
  • Jazz hands
  • Wish you were here...
  • Horsethief one last time.
  • Dirt.
  • The only way to fly. #marble #backcountry
  • Chair mountain. #marble #backcountry
  • Storm's a comin'
  • It would be warm, they said. There would be sun, they said.
  • Narrow & Wide
  • Wet, brown, and very yellow.
  • Cyclocross can wait.
  • Yup.
  • Bobo Link Roubaix
  • Rainy day tire change with @yodweb and @fascat in Niwot.
  • Sunnyside Down
  • Pardon me, sir. Can you point us toward the singletrack?
  • Randy tastes the Lollipop rainbow.
  • More signs of Fall
  • Looking back on Aspen from Van Horn Park.
  • Good start to the week! @spotbikes @carbondrive
  • Sunset ride in South Boulder.
  • Smoke on the horizon.
  • Game on!
  • Hallelujah!
  • Valmont sunset session with Neva
  • Sunset ride
  • Michele enjoyed Upper & Whetstone
  • Perfect end to a week of riding.
  • Catching up with an old friend on Strand Hill
  • Gutting it out up to the top of Trail 409
  • Gorgeous day for another trip up Walrod Gulch
  • Steep trail
  • Water play at Long Lake
  • Stream crossing
  • Balancing act
  • Scrambling
  • Scrambling II
  • Singletrack, not short track. #Ned #Hobbitses
  • Timber piles
  • Clearing in the woods
  • Michele, looking strong after pre-riding the Firecracker 50 course.
  • I love the smell of dirt in the morning.
  • It takes a strong forearm to pump like a FasCat.
  • Not a bad view. Not a bad view at all.
  • .@ben_delaney was kind enough to carry these delicious treats to the top of the climb.
  • Today's ride did not suck.
  • Nope, nothing sucky here.
  • Flesh wound.
  • Getting high.
  • Happy trails.
  • Nice Kitty definitely puts a smile on your face.
  • Bluebird.
  • Springbrook is very muddy today. Please turn around if you see trails like this!
  • Torture device. #snowday #suffer
  • Fire & Ice
  • Fog
  • Whatcha lookin' at?
  • South Mesa Trail
  • Footprints
  • Dowdy Homestead
  • Getting the goods on East Mag
  • Bound for Nederland
  • Wires & Clouds
  • Sunset over Sugarloaf
  • Randy tops out on Deadman's
  • Slate d'Huez
  • Paul on Deadman's
  • Insane wildflowers today on Walrod Cutoff Trail
  • Topping out on Dr. Park
  • Reaching the Alpine
  • Spotted on Niwot Ridge
  • Lefthand Reservoir
  • There was much bike pushing
  • Betasso
  • Beautiful day for a ride to Winter Park (and back)
  • Bavarian Dancing, Oktoberfest
  • Boulder Valley Ranch
  • Boulder Valley Ranch 2
  • My @spotbikes loves the mud
  • Let's do this.
  • Beautiful day in Boulder for a ride. @spotbikes
  • Thanksgiving Hike
  • Snowin'
  • View from the saddle today: Gold Hill, CO.
  • Curled up
  • Western Rim (Fruita)
  • Feet up
  • Prepping for the trip
  • Calling this a ski trip may have been a stretch.
  • The big haul.
  • Mmmmmm, goldfish!
  • Hut games
  • The kid's shoulder. Ouch!
  • Morning, Gold Hill
  • Indian Peaks, from Gold Hill
  • Descending to Gold Hill
  • Hero dirt at Hall Ranch
  • Waiting for pizza
  • My trusty @spotbikes singlespeed. So much fun to ride!
  • Ketchup
  • Not sure about this train...
  • There are worse places to spend a Friday morning.
  • Just what the doctor ordered.
  • Getting started from Eldora
  • Third gear (aka "walking")
  • Resting above Guinn Cabin
  • James Peak
  • Sign
  • Playing in the Fraser River
  • Mighty trees & fairy houses
  • Winter Park evening
  • Starting them young @carbondrive
  • Kicking back midway through an awesome Father's Day ride in Ned.
  • Breck
  • Sourdough
  • Just above Boulder Falls (before I got terribly, terribly lost)
  • Esspolring above Linden
  • Cooler repair
  • Pigpen
  • Colorado Trail
  • A welcome break atop Little French yesterday
  • Tuesday Morning Mass
  • Good morning
  • Happiness is riding in Crested Butte. @spotbikes @carbondrive
  • Paved with gold
  • Heaven on two wheels
  • Fog at Betasso yesterday. Yes, fog! In Boulder.
  • Stopping for coffee on an Autumn afternoon @ozocoffee
  • Muddy race at @bikevalmont to kick off 2013. So much fun.
  • Mud