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Marcel Appelman

Marcel Appelman

Capelle aan den IJssel, South Holland, Netherlands
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I'm Dutch.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 380
  • 760
  • 1140
  • 1520
  • 1900
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 492.3km
  • 18h 13m
  • 1,015m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Flevoparkweg verkeersdrempels W-O
  • 2nd fastest time on Nesciobrug zuid
  • 2nd fastest time on Nescioklim!
  • 2nd fastest time on Zuiderzee Brug - Noord


Distance 12,773.8km
Time 475h 37m
Elevation Gain 62,791m
Rides 205


Total Distance 65,834.5km
Total Time 2405h 39m
Total Elev Gain 623,574m
Total Rides 1325

Recent Photos

  • Gotta love it when you use @stravacycling #heatmap to find roads not in the red.
  • Another fantasstic Dutch landscape (that one's for you @don_brown).
  • Everything in Holland is below sea level, even the bridges.
  • So much green stuff in Holland right now.
  • Biked to the HB pier to look for @ed.templeton, all I saw was some volleyball bro doing stretches. #notsodailyHBpierphoto
  • #????????????????
  • Flowers and shit (smell of manure is intoxicating in this area).
  • Translation: #TASTYCHURCH
  • My sister @sonjazus did 5K of this. #cpcloop
  • Look who I ran into in Spain!
  • I have no problem with this weather.
  • And this is where they grow #HIVIZ plants in Spain.
  • Jan Janssen pump track.
  • This month's Strava climbing challenge is going great! Lowest point in The Netherlands: 6.74 meter below sea level (that's 22 feet for my yank friends).
  • #nondailyscheveningsepierphoto
  • #outsideiswindy
  • Been standing here for 5 minutes already. Debating whether to climb over it or not...
  • Some of that oldskool Dutch stuff.
  • Flap dem wings.
  • Should I drop in with the Tarmac?
  • Free poop!
  • Where's my spotter to save my board from going in the lake?
  • One of those kinda mornings...
  • Warming up for some SoCal crit. #coachmademedoit
  • I pick the last one. What's yours?
  • Whale skeleton?
  • This fast cycling #yank has been in my motherland more often than I have in the last couple years.
  • Who knew that the deceased could get into the Christmas spirit as well?
  • #SkateTrivia: Who did what down this rail for an old #esfootwear ad?
  • Friends in NorCal always gave me shit for calling it PCH. #WHOSRIGHTNOW
  • Today's menu, brought to you by chef @ashleyknightsjr
  • Because the internet needs more cat pictures.
  • Looks like @josephison is getting a new clubhouse soon!
  • Oh Yeah?
  • Flat on #ColduPantoll = cliché picture taking time.
  • This one is for @storts and @bladiblah
  • #BIKTLANE @mashsf
  • So many things, so little time...
  • Don't you just hate when this happens?
  • Current status
  • Oranje Boven!
  • Orange bike.
  • TheBee
  • Wrong, since 1581.
  • #sscxwc staging area
  • Think I'm gonna be the only one in the office today...
  • Omafiets.
  • Went bar hopping this morning.
  • Typical Friday night activity.
  • #sbchronicles mobile #fail
  • #oranjeboven #pantone
  • Lighthouse steps
  • Occupied
  • Death rays
  • Winona Ryder was here.
  • #SanBrunoWorldChampionships training ride... #cycling #christmas #gears @zuid77
  • Super Duper Burgers, not the type of food you want your coworkers @noods, @pedropierre and @mathiasj33 see and smell eating when you're on #raceweight.
  • Introduced @tanmanforlife to the 7 Sisters
  • #orangebike
  • Getting ready for spinclass.
  • Tools
  • Biking home.
  • Orange BMW. This should get @arliejohncarstens pumped up.
  • Jurassic Park type nature shit
  • Me fiets!
  • Drafting behind Willy in Pacifica, legendary SF randonneur.
  • Stars & Stripes
  • Chris Phipps breaking the #PFSD course record.
  • #bingeweight ain't easy...
  • What's all the commotion behind me @mosesaipa?
  • Lunch with Maui and a pack of kids.
  • Gates for days.
  • The quality, craftsmanship and packaging of the Butter b1 is phenomenal. New favorite bike tool.
  • Camo bro.
  • Ran into @skate_mental & @pietparra at some baseballs game.
  • Sorry Lance.
  • #UTREG
  • Look @awefull_sf, they made a sign for you!