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Joey Iuliano

Joey Iuliano

Tucson, Arizona
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Joey Iuliano is a cyclist from Tucson, Arizona. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 220
  • 440
  • 660
  • 880
  • 1100
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 58.1mi
  • 3h 58m
  • 6,302ft

Recent Achievements

  • 5th overall on turn left & up
  • 9th overall on 08/29/10 Safford, AZ
  • 10th overall on Arizona 366 Climb
  • 10th overall on 08/29/10 Safford, AZ


Distance 8,452.9mi
Time 476h 44m
Elevation Gain 375,889ft
Rides 290


Total Distance 27,798.9mi
Total Time 1574h 48m
Total Elev Gain 1,133,425ft
Total Rides 860

Recent Photos

  • Coffee day...a day late @prestacoffee
  • Happy first day of October! #mercado #laestrella
  • Fall in Tucson means more oleander blooms!
  • Top of La Paloma #tucson #catalinas
  • Beautiful morning on the rillito #tucson #theloop
  • Someone is really excited about something. #tucson
  • It's still a planet! #Pluto #flagstaff
  • Nice view from A mountain #tucson #bikes
  • Pine Flat on 89A #oakcreek #sedona #flagstaff
  • Definitely one of the top 3 prettiest rides I've done.
  • Tons of switch backs! #flagstaff
  • Still have to rep @purduecyclingclub now and then #boilerup
  • Beautiful day to ride! Welcome back #wildcats
  • Not a bad day for windy point. #catalinas #lemmon #tucson #bikes
  • Checking out Jerome #verdevalley
  • A race would be pretty rad up here... #bikeaz #jerome
  • Wee bit hazy, but still gorgeous! #tucson
  • I really love that I can ride right to the airport front door. #tucson #tia
  • Bike, cookies, friends, mountains. Perfect Sunday! Thanks @travismccabe for keeping us moving on the upper parts of #lemmon
  • Rise and grind! #trailsend #tucson
  • Nice view on the secret climb #catalinas
  • Sometimes it's more fun to spectate on top of gates pass. #restweek
  • Nothing better than Lemmon on Sunday. #catalinas #tucson
  • Yeah, Sabino Canyon is ok I guess. #tucson #catalinas #sabino
  • New secret climbs
  • No campus is prettier than @uarizona plus, wouldn't this make an awesome background for a race finish?! #crit #tucson
  • Prime bike park location #skivalley #lemmon
  • Let's be honest...this is the real reason I ride Lemmon #cookie
  • Nothing better than riding to the foothills to checkout the valley #catalinas #tucson
  • Nice view on Moore road today. #tucson #catalinas
  • Bobcat on the Rillito trail! #wildcat #bobcat #tucson
  • Breakfast of champions: @stellajava and #laestrella
  • Excited to try the Ethiopian! @prestacoffee
  • Someone isn't in Texas. #longhorn
  • Daaaaaamn #tucson
  • Race bike is packed, but this beauty is up for the pre race ride! #Raleigh #retro #collnats
  • I don't think I'll ever grow tired of #tucson
  • Post 30 km TTT practice. @stellajava #collnats
  • I wish there was a way to have a race come down this road @uarizona #campuscrit
  • We're going to be so legit!
  • Mercado after the Tuesday ride is the best! @stellajava
  • Enjoying drinks from @stellajava and a snack from la estrella with @hadenjaden
  • Delivered by hand! @rbarenergy #stocked
  • Brought the @prestacoffee goodness home. Only good things can happen now.
  • mochaccino success! @stellajava and la estrella to start the day
  • Odd duck out in a sea of #beachcruisers
  • Coffee talk ride @stellajava and la estrella!
  • One more practice ride before heading out to San Diego with @uacycling! @uarizona #beardown
  • This Mont Lemôn trip brought to you by @rbarenergy. Smashed it with @davidgreif1 and @slim493 #hitsquad
  • Now that's a sunrise! #tucson
  • Oh @stellajava you've never tasted so good then after 100 miles of shoot out. #cooked
  • Mmmmm @rbarenergy and more @stellajava #perfectcombo #sponsorlove
  • Nice day to play bikes! #tucson
  • Nothing better than a cup from @stellajava and an empanada from La Estrella after the shoot out.
  • Yeah buddy!
  • Nice morning for a bike ride #beardown
  • Campus. Crit. YES #beardown
  • Men's C in the SWCCC is legit now! @eapalmer2
  • Someone doesn't like the bike race
  • Got conference titles? @uacycling
  • Bit wet
  • Long climb. Good views
  • Adventure time!
  • Oh yeah! New path on the Santa Cruz! #theloop
  • Secret training
  • Hell. Yes. So pretty! #Lemmon
  • Not the usual Lemmon weather #icy #cold
  • Snowy #Lemmon with a freezing cold descent
  • I guess this is an ok view to have while changing a flat.
  • Secret training spot
  • Another perfect day in #Tucson
  • Not a cloud in sight! #tucson #perfect
  • Early CX course recon
  • A tough Tuesday ride deserves a reward