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Shelley Hagan

Shelley Hagan

Mill Valley, California
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In search of the ever-elusive tailwind.

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Monthly Activity Distance

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  • 250
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 57.0mi
  • 4h 16m
  • 4,550ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Ink Grade Final Push
  • PR on Ink Grade
  • 2nd fastest time on Upper Ink Grade
  • 2nd fastest time on Cliff Bar Climb


Distance 1,266.1mi
Time 98h 46m
Elevation Gain 105,036ft
Rides 158


Total Distance 21,801.5mi
Total Time 1518h 47m
Total Elev Gain 1,729,518ft
Total Rides 1003

Recent Photos

  • Fabulous Friday. #mttam #marin #outsideisfree #getoutandrideyourbike
  • Getting dark down here at the fork in the road... #millvalley #streetsigns #crazythingsrichpeopledo
  • Another beautiful Saturday on the mountain. #mttam #getoutandrideyourbike #sanfrancisco #outsideisfree
  • Same bridge, different view, still amazing. #ggnra #marin #getoutandrideyourbike #ggbridge #fortbaker
  • The view makes the sweat worthwhile. #majestic #mttam #summit #marin
  • Coming soon to a Fairfax elementary school = FUN! #playground #coolschool
  • Mill Valley Steps Lanes & Paths No. 1 from Miller to Ethel Ave #millvalleysteps #discovery #localfun
  • Love that view. #tennesseevalley
  • The Willamette River, Springfield Oregon. #lanecounty #willametteriver #awesome
  • Patrick's Point State Park, Rocky Point overlook #patrickspoint #norcalbeaches #amazing
  • Patrick's Point State Park, Penn Creek Trail #patrickspoint
  • Being under the canopy makes Audrey feel the same way I do #happyplace #redwoodsrock
  • Hello, vitamin D. #outsideisfree #happyplace
  • Almost ripe already. #blackberries #yum
  • Another glorious sunset on Dias Ridge with the family. #blessed #familyfun
  • Just the ladies on this walk.
  • Exploring the Tahoe Rim Trail
  • Amazing hiking (but snow would be nice.) can't complain!
  • Wonder if we have enough daylight to hike the whole rim trail?
  • Fresh air does wonders #outsideisfree
  • Hard to complain about much #outsideisfree
  • Our favorite rock on Diaz Ridge. Beautiful. #outsideisfree #familyfun
  • Hawk Hill hiking, Audrey enjoying the view
  • Mommy, where do those steps go? #outsideisfree
  • Noah's got a view to enjoy too
  • East Peak, still awe-inspiring as ever.
  • One more shot from East Peak #bikeporn #outsideisfree
  • Foggy down there but nice and sunny on Hawk Hill
  • Hola, West Peak
  • Good morning Angel Island
  • Forest of flowers
  • Hello Hawk Hill
  • There's  a sight I haven't seen in a while #sunrise #onthebike
  • First day back on the bike after surgery and with the perfect riding buddy :-)
  • Rodeo beach below
  • 3 generations of hikers starting the new year together
  • Happy 2015
  • Our favorite rock.
  • Trails on crutches may not be the smartest plan but scores big mental health points.
  • Subtle
  • Gorgeous even in the fog.
  • The views never get old
  • West Peak
  • Owning his commute today
  • East Peak in the sun.
  • Looks pretty foggy down there still...
  • Love this coast
  • Sun trying to peek through
  • Tam shines like gold behind the fog
  • The bike is the view today. #fog #summerinmarin
  • Samuel P Taylor park adventure with the fam
  • Always awesome up here
  • Alpine Lake
  • Ridgecrest awesomeness
  • Always awesome up here
  • Rock Springs
  • Hello sun!
  • Found the sun!
  • Don't wanna go back down there into the cold damp.
  • Bye, sun
  • Lost. And not really caring.
  • Back on track
  • Pillows of fog this morning
  • Gorgeous even in the fog
  • East Peak intermission.
  • Saw a few sisters on the way home.
  • Pre-camping climb. So beautiful up here.
  • Morning climb. Soul food.
  • Dawn patrol
  • Marin Headlands goodness
  • Hello, sunshine!
  • Saying hi to Blackie
  • Audrey raging on some singletrack
  • Group ride awesomeness
  • Dawn patrol has it's perks.
  • Looking out on the sunny side. I think I'll go that way.
  • Some things never get old.
  • Paradise art
  • Hello, sunshine
  • Looking ready for the descent! (Should I mention the fruit stand kicker is up ahead still?)
  • Aussie invasion
  • East Peak in the sun with a sea of fog below.
  • Awesome morning with fabulous bellas.
  • Up into the sunshine.
  • Sun! In summer. What are the odds?!
  • Happy birthday, US of A. You're beautiful!
  • Hello, shade
  • Onward, into the sun
  • I think I'm gonna need a bigger tomato cage. #howdoesyourgardengrow
  • Can't complain
  • Clear and cool in the headlands.
  • Nice threads. #tirefail
  • Top of the world Wednesday.
  • Repeats? Why not. Being able to walk after your ride is over rated!
  • Sunny side up.
  • Sunset cruise.
  • My favorite riding buddy :-)
  • My favorite riding buddy.
  • Dawn patrol
  • Afternoon ride. Awesome.
  • West Peak and wind. Cause what this climb needed was a good headwind.
  • Enjoying playing tourist.
  • Not a trace of drizzle or fog at home. Perfect!
  • Dawn patrol.
  • You're never too young to learn proper nutrition strategies.
  • Somebody got a good deal on signs.
  • On the way home from my evening class. Gorgeous skies tonight! #thereisnowrongturn
  • Sunday commute, nice! The sun came out for the ride home. #thereisnowrongturn
  • Paradise.'nuff said.
  • Ice cream stops trump coffee stops. (Yet another reason I love riding with my kids.)
  • little time...#thereisnowrongturn
  • When did Texas move to California? Keeping it under the canopy today. #happydog #hotdog
  • So many choices, so little time...
  • Sticking to the shade today! #happydog
  • Working on some sweet stripes. #fredkit #bikeshorttanlines
  • Noah caught dinner on the shore.
  • Shredding it in Tiburon with Noah. Sick.
  • East Peak, above a sea of fog.
  • Biking to dinner with my favorite not-so-little-anymore guy.
  • Muir Woods Rd and lots and lots of sunshine.
  • Gorgeous!
  • Nicasio goodness
  • Envious of their fur coats this morning. That 20mph wind has a bite!
  • A spring spin in Marin.
  • Rock Springs
  • Paradise. Found it!
  • Wow
  • BoFax bliss
  • Shoreline at sunrise.
  • View 2.0
  • The new driveway. Uh oh
  • Noah, shredding it. Sick.
  • Pre ride goodness
  • Pit stop. Red Racing community ride in Los Gatos
  • First ride since Sunday = ouch