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Tom Reynolds

Tom Reynolds

melbourne, Victoria , Australia
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Recreational cyclist with stories of past non glory.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 150
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 29.2km
  • 1h 10m
  • 125m


Distance 1,574.8km
Time 58h 23m
Elevation Gain 10,708m
Rides 49


Total Distance 14,200.6km
Total Time 507h 39m
Total Elev Gain 68,263m
Total Rides 428

Recent Photos

  • Father's Day ride delayed by presence of terrible soigneur.
  • The #PainPorch (tm) hurty land has many front porches.
  • Someone's pleased daddy is home...!
  • Cycling well gives miss four such a great feeling shire has to tell the world. "I am a big girl HOORAH!"
  • Desperate times desperate measures. #emerald
  • Apparently the Old Hwy rd is not sealed here. Oh well.
  • This isn't duck face. This is "you are kidding me I've punctured after 1km of gravel" face.
  • 10km on the gravel this morning. One puncture. No cars.
  • Evil wind trainer session done. Now I can go back to my drinking training sessions.
  • Santos little helper vomited like a firehouse less than a minute after this pic was taken. On himself, dad and into mummy's handbag. Also the floor. Merry Christmas everyone.
  • Yeah my afternoon is sorted.
  • It's something o'clock somewhere so screw you and that look on your face.
  • 'Sup?
By the look in my eye, you wouldn't think i, had recently vomited in mummy's handbag.
  • From last week in Southland. 3 degrees, rain and sleet. It's spring there right?!
  • Fun ride to Frankston return with @cmgrt masters and guests.
  • I'm the pilot now dog.
  • Up front in the Commander. Flying in and out of low cloud. Awesome! #bairnsdale2TheIsland @ausmotogp
  • Where did my view go? Cloud all the way to Phillip Island now! Rain too. No thunderstorms mercifully.
  • "Because my life is dope... and I do dope shit" - Kanye.
  • Early turn out for the @skcc1 monthly #VeloVendredi ride. Leaving shortly.
  • Post SKCC ride coffee!
  • Pretty great ride with the @skcc1 Thursday bunch.
  • Home to a milk drunk lil boy.
  • Top day for it!
  • Nice easy and warm ride with @fabiancoulthard #proOclock
  • Knocked over the Charter Mason Giant ride on this #giant #seek
  • Exploding spoke is explosive. #stranded #bummer
  • Fun and solid session with Wes Greene at Pt Danger. Some ok video too!
  • Hanging at Mordi with @LLSTUNT
  • Try to calm down before bed!
  • No mummy yet.
  • Some words about the temperature being exchanged by @cmddt lads. #fb
  • The view from the back of the @cmddt van as we wish outlets way through the hills.
  • Torturing your sister right takes time and effort.
  • CRT graveyard on the side of the road near emerald.
  • Drying out clothes at lunch. Well I'd be having lunch if I remembered my key card. Instead I'm having an energy gel and hoping I don't bonk.
  • Head butting a coffee table; still not a clever idea.
  • For fathers day, I got a heart attack!
  • You learn new things about your own suburb everyday.
  • Kidlets at the park
  • Mean old Melbourne weather today. It's about 30 knots and looking like rain.
  • Perfect day. Now for the scoot home!
  • My box of cycling stuff just gained a new housemate. Im not certain how this happened, but I'll hazard a guess.
  • This won't clean itself. You Yangs dirt and sand.
  • black chassis paint, finishing fairing red, new number plate and fork legs. #josierepsol @official_cs27 replica
  • Quick blast to mordy. Coffee. Home. Work.
  • Nose repair for old faithful. Not bad after 13 years. Good for another 13 and 3000 forward loops.
  • Pretty lazy effort to Mt Eliza. Headwind all the way.
  • Only new teddy can stop the sadness.
  • Little sister likes to play dress ups using her big brother. Poor lad.
  • Stoked with first day racing at St Kilda cycling club crits. 5th was better than I expected. Ok. I'm hooked.
  • Here we go. Flying back to phillip island.
  • Clouding over as we make out approach to Phillip Island. @waynemaxwell47 looks nervous.
  • Landed! Here's what we flew in. Landed with 20-25 knot cross winds. Old mate peddled it in.
  • Tuna salad lunch after a bit of an indulgent weekend. #motogp
  • Warm, fun tap with @adrianletty and @llstunt. 30kms in the bank.
  • This thing kept us awake much if the night and now elects to sleep in. Bloody kid.
  • My neighbour bought himself a new Subaru BRZ. Nice option.
  • Hard work pays off. Who knew? @timcole84 @waynemaxwell47 @llstunt
  • Madam and I are not getting along.
  • First ride for the day done!
  • Start with 103kgs. Subtract 4,000km of cycling over 10 months. Enjoy!
  • 14 seasons. 3,000+ loops. 10,000 gybes and 30,000kms. Farewell Torquay 270 old friend. Sail on brother.
  • Goat kissing is a thing nowadays. Local primary school markets.
  • So my E Grade days are behind me. Avoided crashes, 2 other grades to take second. Stoked!
  • Fourth cafe stop for the day.
  • Bike nerds pouring over @lukey_luke new bike. Pffft.
  • Very excited to snap this pic of a young bloke on a postie bike in full motocross gear. Well played young man. @llstunt
  • Turn around time. 105 kms to home.