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Weston L

Weston L

Berkeley, CA
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 57.8mi
  • 4h 32m
  • 5,344ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Grizzly/Claremont to Vollmer Peak
  • PR on Claremont and Grizzly Peak to Lomas Cantadas
  • 2nd fastest time on Stonebridge (actual) to Wildcat crest
  • 2nd fastest time on SPLIT: ET to Stone Bridge Turn


Distance 2,253.7mi
Time 153h 50m
Elevation Gain 224,150ft
Rides 116


Total Distance 21,644.3mi
Total Time 1393h 2m
Total Elev Gain 1,744,541ft
Total Rides 769

Recent Photos

  • Lovely roadside couch dump.  Time for a nap?  #nodumping #lomascantadas
  • #eltoyonal w/ @inspoforagingmales
  • #clapclapclap
  • SF and Oakland from Grizzly Peak
  • Family run @ Tilden
  • SF from Pt Richmond
  • Sibley
  • Double #noms the kibbles. Thanks for the locked in freshness #vittlevaultjr #vittlevault #freshkibbles
  • Run in Tilden with Eugenia + BOB!  First run with stroller... Tough on the hills.
  • Trainspotting with @kblairc3 and @inspoforagingmales
  • #nannystate
  • Trail ride to work through Sibley. Diablo looms in the distance.
  • #regram @lanesco 's photo
  • Hanging with Papa
  • Babies, beers, and January sun!
  • Chilly walk!
  • #refineries
  • #lifesizeskeleton #psychicreadings
  • #largerthanlife
  • #shareyourkask #notakask
  • #carquinezscenic #puffyclouds
  • Sunrise over the Wildcat #spunkingdick #wildcatpenis
  • Met Barry Bonds!
  • Yes those are tiny gnats stuck in my a hair... and everywhere else
  • Montreal 1984 Olympic park
  • #montreal
  • #montreal from the mont
  • #mtshasta #annualpilgrimmage
  • #mtshasta
  • #seabiscuit
  • #redoakvictory
  • Apparently "6 ton luxury SUV drivers" wouldn't fit
  • #pagemillroad
  • #bikelane
  • #argonne empty roads
  • #bayfarmisland #mlkjrmemorialshoreline
  • PG drinks a coke at the top of Tunnel #realthing
  • #sps
  • Finally some wildlife!
  • #entlebuch
  • #ritcheybreakaway
  • Headed back down!
  • How is this even real?
  • To Interlaken! 50miles in 2:45 with good tailwind... Way back will be fun!
  • #interlaken #hooters
  • #nofilter
  • Idyllic as f*ck
  • Germany just across the Rhine
  • Yes please!
  • If only everyday was machine shop day...
  • Finished product
  • How do you manage to do that?
  • Why is ice slippery? #physicstoday #officecleanup #tldr
  • #paintmelikeoneofyourfrenchgirls
  • #officecleanup
  • If you seen it or heard it maybe probably I did it
  • Maybe or maybe not, I'll admit when I commit it
  • #eltoyonal
  • For a minute there...
  • #meadowscanyon #tilden
  • @kblairc3 on #tunitas
  • Morgan Territory again #nofilter
  • Morgan Territory looking south
  • @kblairc3 takes 2nd place at San Bruno hillclimb cat3/4!
  • Happy Xmas from NH!
  • #redoakvictory ww2 shipyard #pointpotrero
  • ride through Joaquin Miller park #bigtrees trail
  • Abandoned Alameda Naval yard hangers
  • Diablo NG
  • #unicycle
  • #basp candlestick cross race
  • Mt Hamilton
  • #nofilter soledad
  • Soledad sunset
  • Hot one on Mt Diablo!
  • Exeter, nh
  • Memorial bridge Portsmouth nh
  • Kittery, me #finestsaladbar
  • The Works bagel spot at UNH in Durham NH.... Just as good midbikeride as it was midhangover! @sammypantalones
  • Sheared the derailleur and broken spoke descending Mt Tam #sadface
  • At least there is beer while I wait for the sag
  • #holyshitthatwashard  139miles,16000ft vertical
  • Shasta sunrise
  • #goattrafficjam
  • From Tantalus. #nofilter
  • Fog is rolling in
  • Diablo from Volmer on a quick work break on the bike.
  • Mother of all blowouts
  • Applegate, or
  • Talent, OR
  • Cinnabun after a hard 120miler
  • Byron, ca
  • Mushroom taco?
  • Red barn saison @oldedepot #lostabbey #salsavaya
  • Beer revolution with the wife
  • ~1in screw straight thru the tire, rim tape, and inner rim wall. Luckily not out the other side or I'd have a new spoke hole.
  • Awesome and necessary t shirt find since KC's luggage is somewhere between Germany and turkey.
  • Chris on top of Diablo
  • Spring filled with Coi halfway up Mt Diablo. Weird!
  • Sunrise ontop of Mt Soledad
  • Grizzly sunset
  • Traded my car for a bike!
  • Katelyn collecting her prize after finishing 2nd at San Bruno mountain time trial
  • Muddy adventure from SF to monterey. 121miles with mudslides, ice, and fun times
  • Almost done with day two: 102miles monterey -> Carmel valley (photo) -> prunedale
  • Mission accomplished: 1000miles ridden in January. Thanks @szavo for leading the great trips which made it possible!
  • Ride to rt1 before work in Palo Alto