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Shauna Staveley

Shauna Staveley

Fitchburg, MA
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Online Content Editor for Omega Pharma - Quick-Step Cycling Team. Also ride my bike when I have time and energy.

Monthly Activity Distance

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Apr 2013
Jan 2014

Current Month

  • 97.1mi
  • 9h 37m
  • 2,343ft

Recent Achievements

  • 3rd fastest time on Sprint Williams Rd


Distance 290.1mi
Time 13h 48m
Elevation Gain 2,343ft
Rides 27


Total Distance 4,785.4mi
Total Time 350h 9m
Total Elev Gain 183,530ft
Total Rides 264

Recent Photos

  • Day ended on a very positive note. 25 Watt increase in FTP according to this test, riding indoors just 3X/week. In case you're wondering, that's a lot. The Sufferfest works, and my lifting program clearly did something right.
  • First ride outdoors since October! 40 miles, and felt as good as I normally do in June or heck, August! Gorgeous day.
  • Want to make the most unflattering faces of suffering? Try @TheSufferfest Angels. Alpe d'Huez just killed me.
  • ISLAGIATT done. And I will take a 574 max power on a seated sprint at the end!!!
  • What an awesome, hard workout "Blender" is. Almost two hours of drilling it. The Sufferfest has made my winter training so much more fun despite being stuck indoors. All my numbers are up!
  • The good news is my power is about 20 watts higher per interval. The bad news is Fight Club really hurts the day after Revolver. Also, these ladies are ridic. Wow.
  • Revolver time again this morning. Didn't blow myself up on the first 1 minute interval this time. That was pretty key! Still, easily the hardest workout on the Sufferfest list.
  • Nope! Green tea made me feel better so I knocked out The Sufferfest "Extra Shot." Either I feel amazing after a week off the bike or my new power meter set up made me faster. All members way up. And this is with a head cold!
  • The Long Scream using @TrainerRoad is so. Freaking. Painful. #TheSufferfest
  • Love closing ISLAGIATT on a high note : following this girl having a  blast! Makes me feel better about kicking my own ass for two hours indoors.
  • A Very Dark Place. Love of God, why?! #TheSufferfest
  • Bodies on the floor. When it comes to #TheBlender, it happens to be mine. #TheSufferfest
  • My legs are still Dead from Monday, but I am doing Blender. At the short VO2 style efforts now. Encouragement needed. I hurt. #TheSufferfest
  • Son of a..... AGAIN! #NewEngland #Snow