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Shauna Staveley

Shauna Staveley

Fitchburg, MA
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Online Content Manager for Etixx - Quick-Step Cycling Team. Also ride my bike when I have time and energy.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 20
  • 40
  • 60
  • 80
  • 100
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 7.1mi
  • 0h 33m
  • 892ft


Distance 197.4mi
Time 20h 28m
Elevation Gain 8,278ft
Rides 27


Total Distance 5,778.6mi
Total Time 427h 25m
Total Elev Gain 223,898ft
Total Rides 324

Recent Photos

  • Climbed for the first time all year...hurt like hell, but got through it! Not ready for Mt Wachusett yet.
  • My T-rex arms only can reach so far for a selfie in my new kit!
  • I had to stop and get some shade. Feels like I am riding my bike in a hair dryer!!
  • Solid 30 miles! Caught in a rain storm. Speaking of that, awesome one off the ocean in the background!
  • The things you find on rides in southern Maine...
  • Kennebunkport. Crowded, but beautiful
  • ONE ride to ruin my even tan lines! One. Knew it.
  • 25+ miles. I will take it with the traffic today. (And the heat)
  • Morning: Gym
Afternoon: Chill at beach
Evening: ride #Fatbike to and on the beach. Dip toes in ocean. Consume @allysbar. Ride home happy. ???? #allysbaradventure
  • Rainy days are perfect for this! Every day is like a new ride too because the tide recreates the "course"
  • #outsideisfree #fatbike
  • First long ride since my crash a year ago. At first I was freaking out on the road, but after about an hour I was asking myself what took me so long! Better yet, my lifting/fat biking has me fit enough where a 50 miler already seems very doable. It I can deadlift 320+, ride a bike 50 miles, and eventually run a 10K I am more than happy with my health! #nofilter #cycling #newengland #bikelove #Maine
  • Weeeeee
  • Sore legs, but the fat bike was overdue for some lovin'. Rarely can I enjoy a Saturday like this!
  • Well, I checked it out! Definitely deserves the Advanced ranking on SingleTrack.....A little over my head! #FatBike
  • Let's play a game called "beat the tide"
  • Ride #2 today!
  • No one is even here! This is glorious.
  • #nofilter #fatbike
  • Solid workout!
  • Never had so much fun at the beach!
  • This place has so many trails!
  • Venturing around a new spot! Beautiful area. Note: The double track is beginner. Single track is not. Took my first tumble playing tree slalom near a cliff. You can airbone easily in spots. I'm fine btw! Hurts way less than pavement.
  • Quick shred before dark
  • A bit of a drive, but so much fun!
  • Nothing but animals, trails, and farms!
  • Exploring!
  • This tree is so weird!
  • A little summer #NewEngland fat biking @allysbar
  • Bike therapy, even if my legs are tired from a 320 deadlift and 135 for reps yesterday.
  • First ride on the fatbike, first time off-road. These wheels ride over eeeerryyyyythaaaang. #babybike #shortpeopleproblems #technicalskillsnonexistent #bikes
  • Weeeeee!
  • Just me and the trees
  • Thankful I decided to take this trail!
  • I'm back!!!! 10 days later. Baby steps.
  • Mile 46. This is so happening.
  • Mile 76! 24 to go. Time to put on the hi viz gear and lights because I will get to 100 miles. Encouragement appreciated because I'm wrecked.
  • Almond milk latte for a coffee stop. Then headed home for beach time.
  • I just realized I look very @yokoteute in these Oakley Jawbones. I always did want to emulate Ina. I just need about 600 more peak watts.
  • #NoFilter Um, let's just say it's nice in Maine today.
  • First time I failed to complete a Sufferfest workout. Had to stop 53 minutes into Local Hero. Legs are fried. My 81.1 miler Took quite a bit out of my legs, as did my tempo workout yesterday. Rest day tomorrow for sure!
  • 40 miles in. I needed to refuel. Can I do another 40? We will see!
  • Kid was super nice and let me in after hours for a hot coffee and to use the bathroom. Tipped him good!
  • Mile 60. :-) worth every mile.
  • 81.1 solo miles! Oh hell yes.
  • Already did some Hills. Now time for Mt. Wachusett...
  • 62 all the way to the summit. That's a lot of steepness.
  • What goes up..... Is now going down fast.
  • I raced the sun home. The sun won. 75 miles, to Peterborough and back. I'm cracked.
  • Time to ride. Beautiful way to close the week.
  • Bike therapy.
  • First time doing "A Downward Spiral." why do I feel like this is going to hurt tremendously?!
  • I can't frigging breathe. Those sprints at the end just murdered me.
  • Well look where I made my water stop.
  • Almost 40 miles in...
  • 70 miles, with my most climbing ever. Dirt covered legs. Beer me.
  • That's much better. The Wretched at 9 p.m. Because, rage.
  • 40 miler almost done!
  • Who says you can't fit an hour between races? Talk about pain! But three different wattage PRs. 20,30 and 60 minute! Roar!
  • Next phase of training with new FTP. Blender started me off right. Embrace the suffering.
  • Find time to train! Forget hiking. Let's reach the summit by bike. Earliest I've ever been fit enough for it. Now back to work!
  • Hamstrings are fried. So, recovery spin to Metallica "Through the Never." ;-)
  • Holy gorgeous day. On my way back from a long ride.
  • Oh yeah! Life is good when you are on a bike... And my recovery smoothie is egg white protein, banana, spinach, Unsweetened almond milk (vanilla) and a little creatine.
  • Well, ride changed. First real climbing of the season about to begin
  • Awesome: I did better than I ever could have expected. Not awesome: See the power meter magnet stuck in my cassette.
  • Day ended on a very positive note. 25 Watt increase in FTP according to this test, riding indoors just 3X/week. In case you're wondering, that's a lot. The Sufferfest works, and my lifting program clearly did something right.
  • First ride outdoors since October! 40 miles, and felt as good as I normally do in June or heck, August! Gorgeous day.
  • Want to make the most unflattering faces of suffering? Try @TheSufferfest Angels. Alpe d'Huez just killed me.
  • ISLAGIATT done. And I will take a 574 max power on a seated sprint at the end!!!
  • Revolver time again this morning. Didn't blow myself up on the first 1 minute interval this time. That was pretty key! Still, easily the hardest workout on the Sufferfest list.
  • The good news is my power is about 20 watts higher per interval. The bad news is Fight Club really hurts the day after Revolver. Also, these ladies are ridic. Wow.
  • What an awesome, hard workout "Blender" is. Almost two hours of drilling it. The Sufferfest has made my winter training so much more fun despite being stuck indoors. All my numbers are up!
  • Nope! Green tea made me feel better so I knocked out The Sufferfest "Extra Shot." Either I feel amazing after a week off the bike or my new power meter set up made me faster. All members way up. And this is with a head cold!
  • The Long Scream using @TrainerRoad is so. Freaking. Painful. #TheSufferfest
  • Love closing ISLAGIATT on a high note : following this girl having a  blast! Makes me feel better about kicking my own ass for two hours indoors.
  • A Very Dark Place. Love of God, why?! #TheSufferfest
  • Bodies on the floor. When it comes to #TheBlender, it happens to be mine. #TheSufferfest
  • My legs are still Dead from Monday, but I am doing Blender. At the short VO2 style efforts now. Encouragement needed. I hurt. #TheSufferfest
  • Son of a..... AGAIN! #NewEngland #Snow
  • It's becoming a collection of #TheSufferfest pain faces. First time using with Trainer Road. Way harder. But power based.
  • Well thanks Tony , but following you during The Long Scream is pretty painful!
  • Pre-ISLAGIATT! #TheSufferfest endurance ride time. The day after leg day at the gym.
  • My friends are the best. Yes that says Smash!
  • Post Sufferfest. The Long Scream. Oh my god ouch.
  • 61.2. Done. Haven't rode more than 37 since July. Two words: shower beer.
  • 36.7 miles done, anywhere between 27 and 33 to go...haven't even seen the ocean yet.
  • Beautiful. Holy moly.
  • First ride in almost 3 weeks and now Leaves are turning, and I am wearing leg warmers. Fall is upon us!
  • Post-ride "refresher." But I have to check with @brianholm1962. Is the cap proper?! #OPQS #CAPSnotHATS
  • Weeee riding in the pouring rain
  • Climbing to Peterborough is not easy. But this descent makes it worth it!!
  • Holy crap do I need this soda. Another hour and 15, hour and a half to go.
  • DONE! 5 hours. Total of 9 in two days. Cooked.
  • Food and drink stop!
  • Long ride 1 in the books #beerme
  • Long road to Rindge!
  • Beautiful day to be on a bicycle!
  • Goes for a two hour ride. Comes back four hours later. (Only 11 miles less than my longest ever.)
  • 26 miles in... I may turn around at 30, go for 60 total. Guess the new equipment I'm sporting!
  • So much fun
  • Someone does NOT want me to go ride my bike.
  • Just went all out along the ocean and think I got the QOM. Now, sightseeing!
  • One of the harbors in Wells
  • York Beach (Long sands, Nubble Lighthouse)
  • Oceannn
  • Finally some bike time! No thunderstorms to speak of.
  • Picture doesn't do it justice. But hey, it's very #Giro ;-)
  • Choo Choo!
  • Beautiful day. Wow. Everything is in bloom!
  • Yay!
  • Weeeeee
  • Trees still pretty bare by Mt. Wachusett
  • I think I managed to swallow a bug struggling up Mile Hill. Not pleasant!
  • Early in the season. Still pretty!
  • Powerful sight on a beautiful day in Fitchburg. #Boston
  • Pouring rain and driving wind. Loved it. Therapeutic ride.
  • Nice!
  • Food stoppage.
  • Annnnnnnnd scene. #Intervals
  • Beautiful day! Let's see how my expression changes after max intervals.
  • I will be climbing you soon, Mt. Wachusett.
  • I love New England.
  • Sun!
  • Little dirty. Little Bit. Looking forward to the roads not being covered in sand and puddles from melting snow.
  • A WEE bit chilly! But @madalchemy Coffee embro is my new fave!
  • My @GlobalbikeCLT race gear has arrived!
  • My 38mm carbon clinchers have arrived! Thanks Boyd Cycling!
  • Guess I can start this during my trip!
  • Horsies! Hi friends!
  • Precious!
  • When keepin it real (with a busted in window) goes wrong.
  • My ride socks say a little too much about me. Whatevs.
  • First Mt. Wachusett summit climb of the summer. Much easier than last year!
  • Only a few people will get how cool it is to be back here. I used to come here EVERY summer during my childhood.
  • Goal 1 accomplished! Holla Nubble Lighthouse.
  • At the summit of Mt. Wachusett. I'd say the juice is squeezed coach! #byelegs
  • One stop that had to be made today. Miss you Pep.
  • My 16.7 lb (with pedals, bike computer and cage) lb bike!! Yay!
  • Already back on the shelves! YES. Thanks for the heads up D!
  • I have had a smile on for this entire ride. Ocean air, awesome bike. Ah yes.
  • Got beer?
  • Well what is THIS?!
  • I was riding directly into that.... And the headwind that came with it. ABORT MISSION!
  • Minor detour to FHS...
  • 45 miles in, another 15-20 to go. Found a lawn chair and a soda. This route had way more climbing than I expected, plus heat/headwind!
  • Western MA: here be dragons? And pretty horsies! (out riding my bike. Obvi.)
  • Sprinted to the top of the Mt. Wachusett summit today!
  • Yay bikes!!!
  • Cycling & Beer. They just fit. Portsmouth Brewery gets it!
  • My Thanksgiving bike ride view. Happy indeed!
  • Tree is up at 912! Love the Holidays.
  • Santa!!! You are quite large.
  • That's my name, don't wear it out!
  • Roomies are cooking for the housewarming! Al's making meatballs. Guess who is Italian?
  • Current "real feel" temp: 18 degrees. Headwind. While I am out riding, someone skipped their workout.
  • Just got home. Bottles turned to ice!
  • Hope that is a big enough gear for my low cadence intervals. No upper body movement I swear!
  • This photo says it all I think.
  • Weeeeeee (weird sun ray distortion)
  • Quick stop at some old stomping grounds...