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Rick Tillery

Rick Tillery

Boulder, Colorado
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Former TV news guy, now a Cycling Clothing Evangelist at Cuore of Switzerland. I also spend a lot of time on a bike.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 70
  • 140
  • 210
  • 280
  • 350
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 146.0mi
  • 10h 32m
  • 8,703ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Airpark to Fieldcrest Sprint North
  • PR on Airpark Rd
  • 2nd fastest time on 75TH to 63RD Sprint
  • 2nd fastest time on 65th to 75th on St Vrain


Distance 2,030.5mi
Time 132h 48m
Elevation Gain 106,798ft
Rides 77


Total Distance 7,824.6mi
Total Time 511h 33m
Total Elev Gain 386,673ft
Total Rides 365

Recent Photos

  • Yeah! Found some gravel out in rural Montgomery County, MD. Even had a small stream crossing. Other than one guy in a bmw it's been an awesome morning in the saddle. Now it's coffee time. Speaking of that, there is a startling lack of local coffee shops in this part of MoCo.  #cycling
  • Yeah. The riding around #Boulder is pretty spectacular. #cycling #showyourcuore
  • Huh. I had planned to go that way on my ride. Good thing I have my @cuoreofswiss rain cape. #Boulder #cycling
  • New dome protector from @pocsports and sweet kit for the first ride back post crash. And of course my route included the Morgul Wall. #ShowYourCUORE #Cycling #Colorado
  • New @cuoreofswiss kit day! We debut our new Magic line of kits. #ShowYourCUORE
  • Nice photo from today's ride. We call it #ColoRADo for good reason. But west coast friends? You can have your wildfire smoke back. #cycling #Boulder
  • Good to see @philgaimon in a non-race setting. The @fascat_coaching #PhilsFondo should be a lot of fun.
  • Made it to Ward. Now in Nederland. Ouch. #PhilsFondo
  • That's a wrap on the @fascat_coaching @philgaimon Fondo. I took a slight shortcut so I can get back to work. #ShowYourCUORE Thank you very much Frank Overton for the invite.
  • Pretty windy out there north of #Boulder today. Even with the wind, riding still makes me smile. #cycling #ShowYourCUORE
  • Taking a break from watching the #skydive operations to get in a ride. Of course I found some awesome #Nebraska #dirt roads. #Cycling #gravel
  • Getting a little work done mid-ride by the #Wookie himself. Thanks @chandlersnyder, you go above and beyond.
  • Indeed it did. What I keep forgetting is that #dirtroads in #Kansas are not dirt. They are sand. Oooof.
  • It got hot. 100 degrees with a lot more humidity than back in Colorado. #Pratt #Kansas #cycling
  • Beautiful day for a quick ride here on the #FrontRange of #Colorado. #cycling #ShowYourCUORE
  • Mid-ride treats from @boxcarcoffeeroasters. Deserved.
  • Great lunch ride with the @CuoreofSwiss crew today. (Not pictured: Hannelore because she was just too quick. )
  • Amazing day to get out on the bike. Beautiful view of Longs Peak from north of Erie, CO. #cycling #Colorado
  • Lunch ride with the @cuoreofswiss crew with an actual lunch stop at the Mediterranean Market. Excellent food.
  • Oh yeah. Doughnuts from Voodoo and coffee from Amante, the @bouldercyclesport 10th Anniversary ride is starting off right.
  • Post @bouldercyclesport ride ice cream with @spino_powerlegs. Much needed.
  • Clear Creek in Golden sure is running high and fast. Next stop, Lookout. #cycling #colorado @cuoreofswiss #ShowYourCUORE
  • #Denver sure is pretty from up on top of #LookoutMtn. Need to come back up and check out the #BuffaloBill museum.
  • Well then. Pretty glad that didn't happen on a descent. #blowout #cycling.
  • More awesome #clouds over #Colorado again today. Beautiful day to get out and ride Left Hand and Lee Hill.
  • Beautiful day for a ride here in the #Boulder area, this is El Dorado Canyon.
  • With two broken spokes and a flat tire, my #buttergold day is done. Damn. Not a great bike week for me.
  • Nice mid-ride snack stop at #Spruce in North #Boulder. Beautiful day for some saddle time. #cowx #Cycling
  • Nice view of the #Rockies from the Anthem neighborhood. #Colorado
  • Beautiful day for a lunch ride. Hey @nealrogers1, thanks for joining the @cuoreofswiss crew today.
  • Doing a little urban exploring for my @stravacycling #Adventure challenge. Wound up at @huckleberryroasters on Pecos in Denver.
  • Amazing views as I head home on my #adventure ride. #Cycling @stravacycling #colorado
  • Great day for a ride up to #RedRocks with @chandlersnyder.
  • Spectacular day to get out for a long ride. Did the Crater Lake loop for the first time, beautiful. #cycling #Colorado
  • Just met @shenanigans1313 in real life! I love #boulder
  • It's cold, but the views are amazing during today's lunch ride. @cuoreofswiss #Boulder #Colorado
  • Brrrrrrrr But awesome ride on some excellent dirt roads. Good to see you out there @angrybovine #Boulder #colorado.
  • Beautiful day for a ride here in #Boulder #coloRADo. #cycling
  • Wow. I haven't seen one of these in person before. Very slick. #BMW #i8
  • Must be luxury car day in Louisville, CO. #Lamborghini oh @eckmania1...
  • Yeah it's windy out here, but boy it sure is beautiful. #Boulder #cycling
  • That was a fun time! Thanks @keepcxfunky and #OskarBlues! #oldmanwinterbikerally
  • Whew. First time I've done Rabbit this year. That last bit. Ouch. #cycling #Colorado
  • Very thankful to @millershilife for saving the day after I broke my chain. #toomuchpower!
  • Had a great time on the #WishForWheels ride today. Got 100k in.
  • Thanks to Nadiya for convincing me to get on the bike even though it's snowing. Again. (She hurt me @scotttietzel)
  • The new Colorado Hwy 93 heading into Boulder is awesome. #Brrr
  • Okay. So I may have misjudged how cold it was going to be in my short lunch ride. #brrr #Boulder
  • Short but oh-so-satisfying (and needed) ride this afternoon. #Boulder #dirt
  • Addicted to #dirt. Not even sure exactly which road this is, somewhere north of #Boulder.
  • The sunsets here in #Boulder are pretty damn nice. #cycling
  • Getting dirty in south Denver with the Alpha Bicycle crew.
  • Beautiful view of the Flatirons on my ride from Golden to Superior today
  • Trying to stay ahead of the storm today after a great brunch in #Boulder
  • Getting a great ride with some cool folks around Dino rich in red rocks today. thanks @qzoomair @srcycle1 & john.
  • Awesome vintage #RollsRoyce I saw on today's ride: Indiana & CO 128 (top of Morgul wall). Downtown #Denver is in the distance. #Colorado
  • Earlier in the ride I swung by @crystalspringsbrewing who is celebrating a 1 year anniversary. Big party this weekend.
  • Got in a little vitamin G action this afternoon. Felt good to get out there. #Boulder #Gravel
  • Exploring some awesome gravel road north of Boulder.
  • Huh. Apparently this plastic @gopro connection piece isn't very strong. Glad my camera didn't get run over. It is acting a little odd now though.
  • Out for a cx bike ride on Marshall Mesa. Incredible views from here.
  • Sadly, Sunshine Canyon Road bested me today. Apparently didn't hydrate enough. Oops. #cramping
  • Hey @davemirra... You gotta come check out Boulder man. #Valmont
  • Oh man. I always wanted one of those cars.
  • That's downtown Denver way off in the distance. Pic taken from Colorado 128.
  • Decided to go for a -short- run, just over 2.5 miles. Ouch.
  • Out for a ride and almost ran over this little guy. #cycling #Boulder
  • Yeah... #Boulder is a pretty nice place to live and ride bikes. #cycling #flations
  • Out for a long ride to work off some frustration. Beautiful view north of Erie looking west toward the #RockyMountains
  • Been riding for a while. Time for a snack at the north Amante coffee in #Boulder
  • I love Boulder. Rode up NCAR and there is a HS MTB practice up here.
  • Rain in the mountains? Ain't skeered. #cantstopwontstop
  • Fun ride with @pgball this afternoon. Stopped by @skratchlabs to see if any riders from @rapha_n_america's Boulder #rgr had finished. Nope. It sounded brutal up there on the route.
  • Beautiful views on the Front Range today during my ride. #boulderlife
  • Incredible views from Old Stage Road. Happy Hour was cancelled so it's saddle time. #Boulder
  • It's an incredible day for a ride here in Boulder. A tad breezy though.
  • Much needed mid-ride caffeine stop @boxcarcoffee in Boulder.
  • Awesome day to get out on the bike along the #FrontRange.
  • Well. Crap. It wasn't raining when I left. #Boulder #CoWX
  • Just did the Lookout Mountain Loop in Golden. Ouch.
  • Out for a spin near Hutchinson and had to get this shot. Kansas Cosmosphere. Cool place.
  • Good times. Changing a flat in the rain, very thankful for the Sbux patio umbrella
  • Fun ride but boy was it windy. #Boulder
  • Lots of dirt this morning with Jasen Thorpe.
  • About to get my legs torn up. With Brett from @hbstache
  • Awesome ride today with these rad dudes. @chadmoore @jonrskratch @hbstache & @aussiecyclist
  • Happened to ride by the new @pearlizumiofficial HQ. Cool looking building.
  • Top of the famous Superior "wall". The road just disappears. Hurt going up, fun flying down.
  • Excellent day for a 30mile ride north of Boulder. Got passed by a motorpaced Optum rider in red, white & blue kit. @jadesterwilco?
  • The Archway in Kearney. If you're traveling I 80, stop if you have time. It's a cool museum.
  • Oh yeah, found some dirt. It's pretty flat here near Kearney
  • Out for a ride north of Boulder with my old friend Blair.
  • We also got in a little dirt during today's ride north of Boulder. @blancosuave you would dig this.
  • Gonna head out for a quick ride here in Reno. Beautiful day.
  • Very nice riding here in Reno
  • Oh so good. #espresso.
  • That'd be a pretty nice view every time you pull into your driveway. #roguevalley
  • Glad I had a jacket & cover, rode into a rainstorm. #roguevalley @lazersport
  • Have some pretty cool riding partners today. @theathletic @yonderjournal @ridley_bikes
  • #Cycling means smiling.
  • Found an awesome dirt road I hadn't ridden before. #RogueValley
  • Pretty nice day for a ride here in the #RogueValley huh. #cycling
  • The vineyards are beautiful in the Rogue Valley today. Great day for a ride.
  • So. Wrecked. #HoneyBadgerOG
  • Excellent turnout for the Honey Badger OG @scvelo
  • At the top of Anderson Creek Road. Ouch. 22 miles and 3720' of climbing so far. Ticket punched. #HoneyBadgerOG
  • Okay @helmeteer_chris, hour one, day one. @thefixstudio #trainer #rainyday
  • Perfect day for a ride on one of my favorite routes, along the Rogue River & by @delriovineyards #roguevalley
  • Excellent ride w/ @ruthie1717 out around the Tablerocks. Beautiful day #roguevalley
  • Beautiful day for a ride. Did the Woodrat Mountain loop. That's #MtMcLoughlin #roguevalley
  • Just did a chill ride with @cat_tillery on the Bear Creek Greenway. Beautiful day again.
  • You never know what is going to come into @scvelo. 1978 WD Stevenson Custom tandem
  • What an incredible day out here in the #RogueValley. Riding in short sleeves. #cycling
  • Another shot from today's ride. Incredible weather. #cycling #roguevalley
  • Excellent wx for a ride, not even arm warmers or a vest at this point. That came later is it cooled off
  • It was a bit chilly for the first ride of 2014, but so awesome.
  • Quick break while @blancosuave repairs a rolled tire. Thanks to Eric Teel for having fun w/ photo settings.
  • Took the @Iraryancycles/ @breadwinnercycles CX bike out to Sterling Ditch Trail.
  • Yes. Glad to see @deschutesbeer Red Chair back on shelves. #craftbeer
  • Went in search of sun to ride. Drove to #SiskiyouCounty. Beautiful in the shadow of #MtShasta
  • As I head out for a short ride I realize my clothing matches. Not color, can you figure it out?
  • Just wrapped up a quick ride. Chip, the Honey Bikes cap kept the noggin nice and warm. Thanks man!
  • Continued icy roads means trainer time. Watching @cxhairs Svenness 2.10 & @jaketapper
  • Gonna need a new pair of Levi's after today's ride into work. Little mishap in the snow. Oops.
  • Incredible day for a ride here in the #RogueValley. Not even wearing arm warmers.
  • At the Outlaw #cyclocross race in Grants Pass. Yes. That is ice on the pond. Brrrr.
  • Digging the new #Diadora Jet Racers. Fit like a glove.
  • It was cold so I stopped for coffee. I love Jacksonville, the folks over my shoulder are collaborating on a screenplay. It's interesting.
  • Here ya go Jerry @closethedoor. Flipped cap
  • Apparently we have Osmo in the house, check it out @muddles2001 #roguevalley #cyclocross
  • Great day for a pre work spin here in the #roguevalley
  • Time for a little #cyclocross! #OBRA #Yreka @mercurycycling
  • Well shit. Half a race before I hit a big rock, racers parted right in front of me & couldn't turn.
  • At least @scvelo is still having fun out there. #cyclocross
  • Time for a little #cx racing here next to the Rogue River in Grants Pass.
  • Awesome. No flat this time but that tire defect is wide enough to rub hard against the chainstay
  • They are also painting this VW bus. #Wild #Film. #ashland. No Reese Witherspoon sightings yet.
  • Looks like the #Wild film prop crews are already in Ashland. Converting fall trees to summer.
  • Time for a dose of dirt. #RogueValley
  • Apparently I am on the original Camp White. #roguevalley #bunker
  • It's funny how going for a ride on a #dirt road can dig up memories of your childhood. #cycling #roguevalley
  • Well. Someone was busy while I was riding. Looks great @cat_tillery!
  • Brief stop for some refreshment on my ride. @brewapocalypse #craftbeer #roguevalley
  • I mean. These shots are all within a quick ride of Medford, Ashland, Talent and Central Point. #roguevalley #cycling
  • Every single day I ride here I wonder why more #cycling companies are not based here. #roguevalley #business
  • Nice mid ride break at @stimcoffee. Great day for a ride.
  • The #roguevalley is a beautiful place. Love living here. #cycling
  • And. Load in for @mercurycycling in booth 10066 begins.
  • Yes. Those are burning logs you have to jump over at the finish for the #atlasrace. Hmm, #cx barriers?
  • Apparently there was a prom dress theme for one group. #atlasrace
  • Time to continue the ride. What a cool event & beautiful venue. #atlasrace
  • Great day for a ride here in the #roguevalley.
  • Stopped by the #AtlasRace my buddies Lance and Tara are organizing. Pretty cool. #roguevalley
  • Really cool Phil disc (or drum?) brake on a Ron Cooper tandem at @scvelo
  • #tbt time. My sis found this locket with a pic of my in our grandma's things.
  • I like what I am currently running but am very much looking forward to trying the new VeloFlex Corsa 25
  • Ooh, @stacherchick look what I found just in time for a much needed snack. Forgot I had one left.
  • Hope you're watching our livestream at Kevin is doing the weather.
  • Contemplating a post #Interbike weigh in. But am like "be afraid, be very afraid"
  • Yes! I love this stuff. #StandingStone @ssbc
  • We are about to eat some kind of chicken gizzard dish at #standingstone. @gzahnd @cat_tillery
  • Had no idea how dirty my Ridley was until I got home from #interbike, time for #WD40Bike
  • But first, some fortification from @grimpeurbros Vegas Baby 13 nano lot. #interbike
  • It may be cool and cloudy, but I will take this any day. Especially after a week in Vegas. #roguevalley
  • Home. Time for my head to hit that pillow. That drive is brutal solo.
  • Of course I had to stop here before getting back to Oregon. #InNOutBurger #roadtrip
  • Quick stop in California's Spaceport. Pretty cool place. Onward north.
  • Cool art installments at Holsteins in the Cosmopolitan.
  • It's been fun, but time to head home. #interbike #vegas
  • Live riding through all the #RogueValley #wineries. #SouthStage
  • Yup. I live in a pretty nice place. #roguevalley #rogueriver
  • Out for a nice Sunday spin. That's Mt McLoughlin (9.600) in the background.
  • This @ridley_bikes #Fenix loves #dirt. #roguevalley
  • Dumb piece of wire on the road.
  • Out for a quick pre-work spin. Beautiful day in the #roguevalley
  • Beautiful day here in the #roguevalley
  • The wall of Carpenter Hill. Tops out at 29% in a short section. Ouch. #cycling #roguevalley
  • Grapes getting close to harvest at DanCin Winery. #roguevalley #wine
  • Out for a ride and swung by the site of tonight's World of #Wine festival in Jacksonville. #roguevalley
  • And now... Fini 46 hard and very dirty miles. #honeybadger
  • About midway on the #honeybadger  2013
  • The start of the #honeybadger 2013
  • This is the Pepsi I remember from my childhood... Much better than the current US domestic drink.
  • You can't tell, but that is a steeeeep drop on #dirt. #roguevalley
  • Very fancy. #krisellecellars #roguevalley
  • Wow. #krisellecellars is a really nice place. #roguevalley
  • Thought I would check out #KriselleCellars since I was riding by. #roguevalley
  • My lovely coanchor sharing wall space with @groovybruce here at @brewapocalypse. Taking shelter from the storm.
  • Stopping by #DANCIN #Vineyards to say howdy to friends. Love this place. #roguevalley
  • Good to get out and ride before work today. Nice to be able to see Lower TableRock. #roguevalley
  • Also featured in today's ride:  Old Military. For that little bit of ouch. #cycling #roguevalley
  • Finally clear (enough) air means my first ride in a week. #nofilter #roguevalley
  • Great day for a casual Sunday spin. #roguevalley #cycling
  • The Douglas Complex plume, view from Eden Vale Winery. #odf #wildfires
  • Yup. The #roguevalley in #Oregon is a pretty nice place to live. And ride #bikes. #cycling
  • I love this valley... That's Mt McLaughlin & Roxy Ann Peak. #RogueValley #goyonder
  • Love riding out by @delriovineyards... Great wine too. #RogueValley
  • This would make a pretty cool #adventuremobile.
  • Pictures just can't do this view justice. #RogueValley #OldStageRd
  • I seriously have the worst luck with tires. 2 cuts, one on each tire. Smh.