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Tom Vanderbilt

Tom Vanderbilt

New York, NY
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"Traffic" author, Outside Magazine contributing editor, Strava Ambassador, Dave Jordan Racing.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 210
  • 420
  • 630
  • 840
  • 1050
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 58.8mi
  • 3h 46m
  • 2,008ft

Recent Achievements

  • 3rd best estimated 5k effort
  • 3rd best estimated 2 mile effort
  • 7th overall on fishy 400
  • PR on The Worst


Distance 4,017.8mi
Time 252h 44m
Elevation Gain 169,439ft
Rides 140


Total Distance 24,972.5mi
Total Time 1530h 31m
Total Elev Gain 1,079,478ft
Total Rides 796

Recent Photos

  • The machine in the garden. Previewing my #grinduro wheels in Cunningham Park on a beautiful Monday. @girocycling @ride_bmc @markriedy #mtb #queens #hardtail #29er
  • Urban hill repeats with the young 'un then off to @magliarosanyc
  • Thursday milkshake break.
  • Only 230 miles or so to go with Kurt 'Tarzan' Searvogle as he keeps his world record pace on a rainy day in Northern Wisconsin. @peopleforbikes @stravacycling
  • Pomfret Town Hall
  • Shiny new @peopleforbikes kit in Vermont today.
  • You know you're in Northern Wisconsin when dinner kicks off at 4:30 (and the blue cheese dressing costs more).
  • The oceanic Lake Michigan. I'll be seeing a lot of this tomorrow on the projected 220
mile ride.
  • Because that signed Rui Costa jersey was too sweet to keep stashed away. HT: @joaoisme
  • The post-Semana Santa storage spot.
  • Prepping for El Mirador
  • Container-spotting guide, via @kickstarter. With good words from @rosegeorge3 and @nicolatwilley.
  • That moment you're bonking so hard on the road you buy Vanilla Coke by mistake.
  • On my ride, chanced across 'toxic avenger' Christopher Swaim, about to swim the Gowanus Canal. #brooklyn
  • And said body of water has some extra froth in it today....
  • Regrowth
  • Still life with meat, white bread. And there was the polaroid of Delbert McClinton on the wall.
  • Pausing to take it in. #eroica @girocycling
  • @theradavist leads out the L'Eroica shakeout cruise in dry California. #eroica
  • Mornings with cab franc
  • Just to get in the L'Eroica mood.
  • #tbt to a fun little Dassault jaunt over the Bonneville Salt Flats.
  • Almost broke my Wahoo Kickr trying to nail down three jerseys at once. @gozwift
  • The alternate reality universe of @gozwift.
  • Steel is real, even in the virtual world. @gozwift
  • Riding among the burnt pine forests, Bastrop State Park, Texas
  • We just hit peak TripAdvisor.
  • Just me and the grizzled randonneur out on the trail.
  • Wandering the streets of New York's plumbing and 'gentlemen's club' district
  • Rapidly air-drying daughter's kit in time for the big match. #nederland
  • @jpbevins looks for a way out in Queens.
  • The totemic appeal of the inside of pro bike mechanics' toolboxes.
  • Snack break, Delaware Water Gap
  • Eerie, foggy start to the day
  • Photo does not really do justice, but this Indian butter chicken recipe, via #nytimes, is spectacular; just having it simmer away on the stove brings great pleasure.
  • Spiffy new cycling line, made in the NYC garment district. @searchandstate
  • Just River Road and its glorious backdrop providing a respite from the city.
  • Mt. Tam brings its own weather.
  • Switchbacks to stir the soul.
  • Red Hook diorama
  • I think we're gonna need a bigger boat.
  • '...the power lines have floaters so the airplanes won't get snagged...' And of course I had 'Driver 8' in my head the rest of the ride...
  • Feedcorn silhouette.
  • The Delaware as it winds through the Gap
  • In my off hours, modeling #giro #newroad on a gorgeous day out at Rockaway Beach
  • Rockaway U.S.A. #coolbreezeandatastywave
  • That green.
  • Pond
  • Not your usual NYC bikeway warning sign. #teenagefanclub
  • Today: a 115 mile ride into the Delaware Water Gap.  There is nothing quite like a solo Century to unhook your mind. Virtually more deer sightings than cars.
  • Hello Chicago! #rideonchicago
  • Tao
  • Wheel Life
  • Getting a boost up front from @timjohnsoncx, Christian Vande Velde, and Craig Lewis. #rideonchicago @peopleforbikes
  • @cadler grabs a quiet moment off the Katy Trail on the #rideonchicago
  • Kansas City bike share
  • Channeling Sean Penn @paulsteelywhite brings the NYC advocacy love to the heartland.
  • Shades of Death Road.
'The twists and turns of the road have led to suggestions that it has led to an inordinate number of fatal car accidents, and supposedly the reflective guard rails along the road indicate where that has happened. However, the road had earned its name well before automobile use became common in the area.'
  • Only three weeks until The Ride on Chicago!
Operators are standing by at:
  • Brandon gets the pro assist from @timjohnsoncx
  • Flyover, canal, Trellick Towers in the distance
  • Notting Hill
  • Rarher gives battleships a bad name
  • Gasworks across Wormwood Scrubs
  • How English Is It?
  • Yes I am sucker for contrails, these I believe from Vandenburg AFB
  • Trail's end.  @stravarun
  • SALE
  • Maybe they're planning a community garden.
  • I am sure there is a good explanation #phoenix
  • A warning... And an invitation....
  • Sarah Connor? I road test Recon Jets wearable tech in Scottsdale. With assist from @ride_bmc, @castellicycling and @markbibbey. @stravacycling
  • Uh oh. 'You guys want to treated like cars?' Er, actually would rather be treated like a human.
  • One of those rare days when this is my job.
  • Heading out with @markbibbey and @markriedy in Scotsdale. Gonna be a good day.
  • Christening the new kit with road grime
  • Midwinter contrails
  • That 'From Here to Eternity' Vibe
  • Eagles and lines
  • Make mine a dark and stormy
  • '...i shall wear my trousers rolled...'
  • Enjoying the warm weather and the draft of Michael Horvath, of @stravacycling
  • On the inaugural 2014 ride
  • Guv'nors Island
  • Very Dutch-style sound attenuation landscape, Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • Perfect November #bikenyc day.
  • Brooks bling
  • Hamming it up with Rob 'It's All About the Bike' Penn on the Lance Armstrong/Erik Zabel bench at Bunbery's
  • Previewing the L'Eroica course.
  • Hill profile and the pause that refreshes.
  • Who can put a filter on Chianti?
  • Pausing for water, and bringing the power of skyr to Chanti.
@siggisdairy @siggisracing @ingambatours
  • #coffeedoping
  • Luis gives @jeredgruber and @heidiswift some relief from the Tuscan sun.
  • Grapes and gravel at Castello di Ama.
  • Carrying out my Strava ambassadorial duties in Chianti.
@stravacycling @ingambatours
  • Trying to stick with ten Dam
  • That's more like it
  • Cappucino stop with Joao and Laurens ten Dam in Ponzano
  • L'Eroica bikes being prepped
  • L'Eroica HQ
  • Ciao Toscana! The view for the next week. There will be much unfiltered scenery.
  • Bike check, check, one, two....
  • Gee-ro hee-ro @girosportdesign @tenspeedhero
  • @johnswah gets ready to drop science in Boston
  • Shameless Photo with Pro of the Day. Now to the off-camber stuff.
  • @DuVineAndy hits turf as @johnswah lends moral support.
  • MTB trails and a Sichuan lunch: Where else but Queens?
  • Super X, #cannondale
  • I actually would love to retire, but not quite there yet #aarp
  • #d2r2 prep @lucasvd
  • Shipping
  • @pbearski contemplates the Mighty Hudson and the multitudinous wonders of Gotham
  • I am thinking this Bicentennial-ish graphic identity could use a refresh.
  • Cooling off in the fountain, #bikenyc style. @siggisracing
  • 19th century French bike carousel
  • Back on the bike, then!
  • Giro del Cielo
  • At Giro del Cielo, NJ, with @siggisracing race winner Erik Olgren @siggisdairy
  • The Family Steeds Out for A Saturday Whirl
  • One More Bike in the House
  • Andy B.
  • The Road to Manly
  • Beware of Falling Rock
  • Yes, please, God, let's end this artwork
  • Consider Yourself Warned
  • Giving Some Manhattan Cyclists the Team Siggis Brooklyn Reality Tour
  • Modeling my new Ambassadorial kit
  • Lothlorien?
  • A foggy day...
  • Cowboy & Cactus, Under Water
  • Modeling the New Team Kit, Sabino Canyon
  • Hazardous Bridge Ahead
  • Bike lane surfaced with ground glass, Melbourne
  • Rouleur
  • Fashion statement: My new #flightvsbike t-shirt.
  • Team takes a break, Rapha race
  • Tappan Zee, as seen from the bike.
  • Probably the most Brooklyn graffiti you'll ever see.
  • Pre-Whitney Museum bagel fuel up with the daughter.
  • Winter is coming.
  • Bikes of Brooklyn #2
  • Closed due to flood damage.
  • Bikes of Brooklyn #3