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Ray Lachance

Ray Lachance

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Palmares: TransRockies 2008, 2011, Intermontane Challenge, Rapha Rising 2013 and 2014 1st in Canada, Capitol Forest 100, Mortirolo and Gavia in one day (why not?), Stelvio both sides in one day, whee!, Gotthard Pass, Furka Pass, Foscagna, Ghisallo, So many more to Ride! Riding and racing mountain bikes since 1990, perennial Cat 4 and Masters CX racer guy. Love the big big big days in the saddle. Loads of climbing and looking at maps to hook all those climbs up in one day :)

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 320
  • 640
  • 960
  • 1280
  • 1600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 61.9km
  • 3h 24m
  • 381m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Vanier Final 1/3rd Lap 2015 (CH)
  • PR on Vanier Final 1/3rd Lap 2015 (CH)
  • PR on Rodeo CX 2015 lap
  • 2nd fastest time on Vanier Final 1/3rd Lap 2015 (CH)


Distance 8,331.8km
Time 344h 14m
Elevation Gain 92,240m
Rides 160


Total Distance 31,383.7km
Total Time 1337h 19m
Total Elev Gain 357,649m
Total Rides 550

Recent Photos

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  • Hmmmm @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan #mtbakerride
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  • SilverLAke Rd @crossroadracing  @speedtheoryvan #mtbakerride
  • I am SOOOO happy this is the top! @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan #bakerride
  • No really the top is just around the corner ;) @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan #bakerride
  • Beauty @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan #bakerride
  • On the way up #bakerride @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • The (Off)Road Less Travelled  @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan #suesjerky
  • Does this Yellow Submarine make me look Fat? @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan #fatcrossiscoming
  • Yikes! Why I keep my bike inside! @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan #windstorming
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  • Commonage Rd @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
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  • Picture in picture? #everesting #hells500 @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Funny little stamp I thought was applicable for our undertaking today @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan #everesting #hells500
  • 5 laps down. Halfway to Everest. Pray for no rain and good legs. #hells500 #everesting @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Well...had to pack it in. Old ITB injury flared up. Have to respect what it is telling me. That's all for Everest attempts for this year #everesting #hells500 @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Evening stroll
  • Dam fine evening
  • Hold up here
  • My buddy Marco's Sweet Ride #MootsVamootsCR
  • Coastal Views
RR Day 4 @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Back roads of West Van @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan #rapharising
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  • Heat Stroke Sequestration #hotAlannimal
  • (Cleveland) Dammit that's one Sexy Machine! @crossroadracing #rapharising
  • End of the (Sky)Line #rapharising  @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Elevator Up #rapharising @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Half Day 3K #rapharising @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • RR Day One #summersday @ferbyshellbourne @stefanfyvr @asplitdecision @bruce_spicer
  • Top o' the Mtn Hwy sort of @ferbyshellbourne @asplitdecision @bruce_spicer @stefanfyvr
  • Watershed moment @simabelle @ferbyshellbourne  @asplitdecision @stefanfyvr
  • Last Stop
  • Artist Point good crew out today @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Big Ring Baker @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan #thisisyourbikeonacid
  • Look I'm glowing! #seymourbites
  • Merridale Cider Tasting post-race 'recovery'
  • Alanna checking out the swim course for her race tomorrow at Shawnigan Lake
  • Alanna running out of the water. Onto the bike next #putthehurton
  • There she is ripping it up on the first of two laps around Shawnigan Lake #rippinglegsoff
  • Ok now for the last bit
  • Suffer Time
  • Finally got the Photon up and running again! Gold chain and oval rings @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Post-Ten by Ten Birthday Coffee for James @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Three Bloody Beat Mice @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Training Camp Day Two. Pitt Lake Pitstop @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Ath in 2nd and Chris in 4th ! @crossroadracing  @speedtheoryvan
  • 2nd and 4th! Go Chris and Ben! @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Chris pulled off a Second place today! @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • @dangronross Fourth from The Detonator
  • Chris in First! Reg was just off the podium in Fourth!@crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • CrossRoad Team après ride at Oak & 16th Cafe @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Natural. Wonder
  • Got it All Goin' On
  • Uh, going for a bike ride @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Doors of Perception @crossroadracing
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  • Harrison @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • @crossroadracing
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  • Beauty Eh @crossroadracing
  • First Seymour climb of the year @crossroadracing @speedtheoryvan
  • Post-ride @suesjerky @murraymclennan @crossroadracing
  • Fat Tires at Oak and 16th Cafe #vancouvercoffeeride
  • Phat
  • Yes please do do the doo doo #rolledthrutwopilesalready
  • The view through my Ryders 'thorn' hydrophobic and antifog lenses at the top of Skid Road trail #ryderseyewear
  • BadenPowell treats
  • Smoky wet
  • BadenPowell treats
  • Woohojb
  • What are They Thinking? @axeldove @oneshavedleg
  • Halfway Caffeine Injection @axeldove @asplitdecision @oneshavedleg
  • Waiting for Reg! #speedtheory
  • Coffee Ride Day #Oak & 16th Cafe
  • Deja vu with the Two Wheeled Crew
  • Final Approach
  • Don't Feel Blue #festive500
  • Good morning #festive500
  • #festive500
  • #festive500
  • Pitt Lake #festive500
  • #festive500
  • Hands Up! #festive500
  • Another Festive Day #festive500
  • Zeroing In #festive500
  • Just Shoot Me ;) #festive500
  • Even tubeless won't help when hitting a pothole in the dark at 35+  km/h
  • Carried me through today. Circa 1993 #festive500
  • Two in One #festive500
  • Alex this one is for you ;)
#hangingoutunderbridges #festive500
  • Perfect conditions #festive500
  • Q: single digits and raining?
A: BarMitts #geekierthanyou #warmhands #festive500
  • Spectacular wetlands in Winter #festive500
  • Duck It #festive500
  • #festive500
  • #festive500
  • End of another Festive day #festive500
  • Jettisoned #festive500
  • Speed Theory Festive 500 Ride #festive500
  • Winter in the Flatland #festive500
  • Have yourself an Industrial Little Christmas
  • Creepy Christmas #festive500
  • 2015 Here We Come #festive500
  • Santa's Givin'er
  • Sun Day
  • Salt Lick
  • Stumped
  • Goosed
  • Movement and Texture
  • Winter
  • Just a bit windy but oh so spectacular
  • Crisp clear
  • Corvet Gang
  • Glorious
  • In deep
  • For tin' Around
  • Nice Ears
  • Feeling Laz-y-Boy
  • Entering PA #raceface #schwalbe #notubes #planetxbikes #pxusa
  • Gateway to Adventure #notubes #raceface #schwalbe #planetxbikes #pxusa
  • Up and Away #notubes #raceface #planetxbikes #pxusa #schwalbe
  • Lap.One, what have I begun?
  • Déjà veux Lap Two #planetxbikes #pxusa #notubes #raceface
  • Treasure chest #planetxbikes #pxusa  #notubes #raceface #schwalbe
  • Trois #raceface #planetxbikes #pxusa #schwalbe #notubes
  • Quattro #raceface #schwalbe #notubes #planetxbikes #pxusa
  • Cinque. Feeling. Hungry. Going to have to break out the feed bag at the bottom #raceface #notubes #schwalbe #planetxbikes #pxusa
  • Lap Six. Hurtin Unit #raceface #notubes #schwalbe #planetxbikes #pxusa
  • Lap Six point Five. Pulling the plug. Met my match. #raceface #notubes #schwalbe #planetxbikes #pxusa
  • Baker with Steed group
  • Wow
  • Wow
  • Just cruising
  • Cruise Ship Crits anyone? #planetx
  • Pat thanks for the new rear wheel build! #rapharising
  • Off. Like bad milk #rapharising
  • Lap one #rapharising
  • Lap two #rapharising
  • Lap three
  • Lap four #rapharising
  • Lap five #rapharising
  • Lap six #rapharising
  • Lap seven #rapharising
  • Lap eight  Garmin dying. Hope to find a charger at bottom before kaput #rapharising
  • Finishing nine #rapharising
  • Lap nine #rapharising
  • Top of Seymour. Job done #rapharising
  • HRM and power meter. Batteries both crap. Out sheesh
  • Final results #rapharising
  • Enroute to Cypress #rapharising
  • #rapharising
  • My tires are tubeless. That will work eh?
  • Remember, when climbing hydration is key#rapharising
  • May need this tomorrow #rapharising
  • How not to be supportive on a hill climb #rapharising
  • Oh packhorse, we're lost again #rapharising
  • Packhorse seems to be lost
  • Seymour #rapharising
  • Cypress #rapharising
  • Not a drop of rain :)
  • Nice and warm :)
  • Lovely Osoyoos
  • Who needs Dubai?
  • Keremeos, fueling up
  • Inviting even if it is Yellow ;)
Not a drop of potable water :(
  • Brrrr! Oh Celsius
  • Welcome to June
  • Old School gear for an old school birthday cruiser ride and it's Red!
  • Crazy train
  • Up
  • Raven about the climb
  • Cycosis in numbers
  • Every 200km you need a dose of this
  • Night ridin'
  • Shiny new dance shoes
  • Caber-toss gone wrong
  • What is up with that?
  • Ditto
  • Does this suck or what? ;)
  • Three feet of beach