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Josh Saxe

Josh Saxe

Waitsfield, Vermont
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Josh Saxe is a cyclist from Waitsfield, Vermont. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 320
  • 640
  • 960
  • 1280
  • 1600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 48.0km
  • 2h 20m
  • 984m

Recent Achievements

  • 3rd overall on Squirrel Leonard's Fig 8
  • PR on What goes down...
  • PR on north sloping
  • PR on Oof!


Distance 6,096.2km
Time 240h 36m
Elevation Gain 86,792m
Rides 174


Total Distance 24,609.8km
Total Time 975h 2m
Total Elev Gain 313,705m
Total Rides 692

Recent Photos

  • New England Road Championships - Tokeneke Classic. #huntforglory #dontcrumpleyournumber @gmvsski @castellicycling
  • I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed with today's result. That said, failure is not a matter of being knocked down, it is the choice whether to get back up. There are more races ahead, and opportunities for success.
  • Well. That's crap timing. I just cleaned my bike too... #huntforglory
  • After 10 days of German chocolate 8 days of AlpinCenter Wittenburg, shaving the beard can wait. Shaving the pounds of chocolate and candy though... #huntforglory #10daysofcandy
  • Fearsome clouds approach a marshmallow farm, and me. #crap #huntforglory
  • You look less like a friendly cloud and more like an "I'm going to eat you" cloud. #huntforglory
  • Course recon #longsjoclassic
  • Ready the war machine. Today, we melt some faces.  Today, glory will be found on the streets of... Worcester, MA. #longsjoclassic #huntforglory
  • #longsjoclassic warmup with @jdkatzvt glory awaits. #huntforglory
  • #donthaveacowman #huntforglory
  • #huntforglory
  • Tired running buddy. #morningmiles
  • Trying to stalk fish.
  • BIRDS!?
  • Enjoying the sun #kaijagram
  • My dog is cooler than you. Don't worry, second place is up for grabs.
  • #huntforglory #training
  • Well earned midway espresso and cookie. @pocsports @flahutebikes @redhenbaking @osmonutrition #huntforcookies
  • #fishing
  • #huntforglory @gmvsski @flahutebikes
  • @gmvsski #huntforglory smiles atop app gap
  • Spotted! A wild one! @gmvsski
  • Another afternoon on the bars. #vt #huntforglory
  • #huntforglory
  • Mom, you raised an adventure seeking young man. I hope the grey hairs I've given you over the years keep coming for the next few. Don't worry, I'll always come home. Here's a Mother's Day hello from 9100ft. #happymothersday #huntforglory
  • 9100ft with Pat. @gmvsski
  • Pat "shut up legs" Purcel at 9100ft. @gmvsski
  • It's May...right? 13,000' @shredoptics
  • Adventure biking?
  • #shakeitoff
  • Can't tell if it's a rock, or a fish....
  • A Sunday morning well spent. #huntforglory #searchforspeed
  • #partytime #tttime #tttttttttttt #vtchampionship