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Tom Hoppe

Tom Hoppe

Denver, Colorado
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Tom Hoppe is a cyclist from Denver, Colorado. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 48.3mi
  • 6h 11m
  • 3,194ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Mary's Loop (top of Horsethief to Steve's)
  • PR on Hazard DH
  • PR on Climb from Hazard Parking Lot
  • PR on Climb out of Burro Bottom


Distance 3,239.1mi
Time 332h 55m
Elevation Gain 272,388ft
Rides 181


Total Distance 19,934.6mi
Total Time 1891h 9m
Total Elev Gain 1,642,887ft
Total Rides 1047

Recent Photos

  • Sunday Funday!!
  • What a Wednesday adventure. Rode to the race, double flat on the bike path. Über to the bike shop. New tubes, raced my race (CAT3 yeah!) and then a sweet sunset on the ride home.
  • Cross has started. No cross bike yet, so this had to do. OUCH!
  • Apex to Chimney Gulch to Enchanted Forest. My new favorite local ride!
  • "Hey we were here first, you're on our trail!"
  • Day job over. Time to do different work
  • She still hasn't killed me after 3 years, and she still fits in the wedding dress. Hot damn! Keeper!
  • Bikes, beers, connect 4, anniversary. This is awesome
  • Chicago Lakes hike in the Mt. Evans Wilderness. This place is unbelievably awesome!
  • In honor of all the people suffering at Leadville, we decided to just go downhill today!
  • Wow, we live here... #lucky #grateful
  • Good Morning Colorado! Also, my hardtail MTB becomes the equivalent of a DH bike when a dropper post gets installed
  • And 8 miles later I feel like I'm in Utah for Red Bull Rampage. Dropping in!!
  • All the signs are telling me to go that way!
  • I feel like I'm playing Red Dead Redemption on my Xbox
  • Top of Lookout Mountain
  • I cannot wait to show you ATL guys this trail when you visit!
  • Longing for those snow capped mountain rides. They shall come soon enough!
  • Such rainbow, much vivid
  • Trail doge!
  • This bike is so fast, I'm surprised I could take a picture of it sitting still #newbikeday
  • Great day for a great ride with some great peeps!
  • Sweating like a nun in church, but boy do I LOOK enduro in this thing.
  • Son of a .... I'm becoming one of "those people". Apparently I still need moar recovery from Huracan before hard efforts.
  • Aww yea! Trek and Atlanta Cycling came through! It wasn't (and shouldn't have been) a free replacement but they hooked me up properly. The new fastest bike in the world will be ready soon. Although I'm waiting for a bit, so I don't spoil this beautiful weather for anyone.
  • Huracan 350, control #1! Feeling ok. Legs are not up to any hard efforts but that's OK. Time for more singletrack!
  • Huracan 350 control #2. 110 miles, 10.5 hours. Fueling up for 60 miles more of dirt/sand before the next stop
  • Huracan 350 control #3. Holy shit this is a lot harder of a route than last year. Go go gadget Starbucks. 4-5 hours till the next stop.
  • Speedy showing us how it's done at the FM:WTF
  • Brent airing it at the Trailer Park
  • My mountain bike now has aero bars #huracan300
  • Nutella Belgian waffles with strawberries #nom
  • A little Pinhoti at night. A bit creepy, I have to admit #whatWasThatNoise
  • File this under "weird things found along the ATL beltline"
  • Going to be a good day!
  • PSA: check your aluminum seatpost in your carbon frame more than once a year...
  • Hunting squirrel
  • Awesome sunset tonight!
  • Bikes, Biscuits, and Bacon!
  • Amazing day at the Big Mountain Enduro. In the top 5!! I'm 3 mins off Jerome Clements in 30 mins of times section. Awwwwww yea!!!
  • That's a 1500ft drop in ~1 mile. This place is VERY enduro. I am ready to have my mind blown.
  • Happy Friday!!!
  • Beer me!
  • Happy Friday!!
  • Wayah Bald tower. Pretty awesome views
  • What's better than a Nutella sandwich in the middle of an App Trail backpacking adventure? Answer: not much
  • Another day, another amazing view from the top
  • The big bike gets an upgrade. Much stoke!
  • It's dark, we're drunk. "OMG stop?" "Why??" "I forgot to restart Strava"..... I've created a monster.
  • Another town, another loaner bike
  • Foggy gaps
  • Wait a sec, who let me on this trail?!
  • Proof that any bike can be fun! #throwbacktuesday #shitbikeintervals
  • Woooooot!!!
  • I think I'm "doing it right"
  • Chasing sunshine down South
  • Safety 1st! Also, is this #enduro enough? I guess I need a flat brim hat now.
  • Amazing day, ride, bike and overlook.
  • Those were successful lunch errands!
  • B to the ling!
  • Obligatory "when in DC" pic
  • No hashtag required!
  • Yaaaay spring is here yaaaay
  • If you haven't had this, you should. Wow, much delicious, such good.
  • Ahhhhh dirt therapy was needed after my crazy day at work....
  • One of my favorite sections of trail. The last technical piece of the Snake TT. The barn always smells so good from here.
  • Peekabo!
  • Go Tom, Go! Ready for some Snake this weekend!
  • Now THIS is a proper mtb trail!
  • Email is the devil
  • Exploring the ATL #beltline. It's coming together!
  • First race of the year done. I had no expectations as I thought I was out of shape. Got my best 6 hour finish! I'll take it!
  • Some Atlanta beltline snow rambling!
  • Beautiful afternoon for a bike ride
  • If this is what it's like to be retired, I want to retire...
  • Bliss...
  • Successful evening on the trainer
  • Quiet single speed bliss at Blankets
  • Serious sunset this evening!
  • This place is great! 16 miles of mtb trail, kayaking, obstacle course trail running. Rock climbing. A little slice of outdoor adventure heaven.
  • They only had argyle KT tape. I'm stylin!
  • Onward and definitely upward. Holy climbing!
  • Awww yea. Totally worth it! Time to tackle hog pen gap now!
  • Balanced rock. Wonder how long this will be around.
  • Good morning Moab!
  • Fruita, CO  #nofilter
  • :thumbs down:
  • Just *one* more!
  • Just kidding
  • Good morning Moab!
  • It's amazing out here. Got 4.5hrs in before the rain. Not ready to stop riding for today!
  • I guess I never thought of it that way...
  • Alternated between hero dirt and mud holes at Rope Mill. Made for interesting riding.
  • Exploring #atlantaBeltline
  • Freedom tower. Looking good!
  • Ying Yang
  • Some morning running in the park with Chopin in the background
  • Empty streets on my AM jog in Venice
  • Rest day? There are no rest days in Sufferlandia!
  • Not sure I want that on my tombstone but whatever #tunesinthetombs
  • The Salsa is shaken down and ready. Time for the Tomhutta 150 this weekend.
  • P4 downhill was amazing! Why don't we come here more often?
  • Good morning Ellijay!
  • I know I've been improving my power numbers, but dang!!
  • Apparently a particularly bad day yesterday as he wore his :facepalm: shirt to work today
  • Giles would love this place
  • The original and the best
  • Biking with my honey and then a little in town dirt ramble by myself. Good day!
  • What else do you need??
  • Today was sponsored by those little packets of Chamois Buttr. Whew!
  • Someone let this guy into a Publix hungry. Only 12:30 and already 50 miles in. Gonna be a big day.
  • Coolest part of today. They were doing a bombing run at the Naval training center when I rode by. BOOOOM!!!!
  • I don't know who this man is, but I do know he is in heaven
  • Extreeeme Xmas!
  • Jax sleeping in his awesome sweater
  • "If you take this off my head I promise I won't lick my tail any more" uhuh! I don't believe you!
  • Very "post zombie apocalypse" feeling at Conyers after the clear cutting
  • The Whole Snakechilada. 3:35 for the TT. New goal? 3:15!
  • "Trying" doesn't taste good at ALL
  • How can this not make someone feel better?
  • Breakfast of "champions"
  • Mmmmm Hot Chocolate 15k!
  • Just a small tree down on Bull Mountain
  • Top of Pinhoti 3. Awesome ride today!