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Russell Fulmer

Russell Fulmer

Hoover, Alabama
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Russell Fulmer is a cyclist from Hoover, Alabama. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 180
  • 360
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 124.2mi
  • 10h 0m
  • 7,521ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on middle hill before cabins going to back entrance
  • PR on Old Lake Ridge climb
  • PR on MM 4 to 5 Interval
  • 2nd fastest time on Oak Mt Front Gate to Back


Distance 4,999.9mi
Time 306h 35m
Elevation Gain 367,759ft
Rides 149


Total Distance 39,609.3mi
Total Time 2386h 31m
Total Elev Gain 2,853,366ft
Total Rides 1024

Recent Photos

  • Just finished a 10 mile run with my Valentine :-)
  • Me and my lovely wife at Peavine Falls on my birthday hike :-)
  • Cool looking rock at Oak Mtn
  • Peavine Falls
  • Peavine Falls Summit at dusk.
  • Luis into a beautiful climb.
  • Miller steam plant.
  • BBL Rest stop.
  • Me and my girl at the top of Peavine Falls Road.
  • Tracy's chasing me down.
  • Today's group.
  • Whit's store
  • 99 miles to go.
  • High atop Grandview Summit. 72 miles done, 28 to go on her 1st century.
  • A little suffering at mile 80 :-)
  • Having a break at Steel City Pops
  • On top of the Health South Helipad. I you have good eyes you can see the Galleria in the far distance.
  • Cahaba Beach Road Bridge
  • Biking in the dirt with Faith @faithf11
  • I have worn this on my last two rides. I haven't been yelled at or honked at once while wearing it and I think I found out why today, a guy waved me down thinking I was the police :-)
  • Good morning Birmingham.
  • The fog
  • Start of River Road.
  • Turkey Creek.
  • Hooked up with the Mtn Brook group for about 10 miles today. Great seeing some folks I haven't seen in a while.
  • Best riding partner in town!!
  • Beautiful day for riding!
  • Hamburger Heaven ride.
  • My riding partner today on the Chief Ladiga Trail. Only her 2nd ride ever. Planning on 65 miles.
  • Hamburger Gang
  • West Jefferson, AL
  • 74 miles into out century.
  • Yep, it came a flood last night.
  • Happy Birthday to me :-)
  • First BBL of the fall season.
  • The leaves are a changing.
  • Think I'll give it a go on my bike ;-)
  • Uphill :-)
  • Her first ride!
  • 16th st church
  • Little River Canyon
  • Eating at mile 90 of 131 at Ralph's Little River Cafe.
  • Studs ;-)
  • Lunch.
  • 73 miles and 7200 feet at the top of Pine Mtn. I'm slowing down a tad lol. 27 miles till home.
  • 50 miles and 5100 feet puts me here. On 50 miles to go.
  • Great group today.
  • Found me a car :-)
  • Albert thingie in Kensington Park lol
  • Hello....I'm the Doctor
  • BBC Century Start.
  • Waiting
  • A foggy start.
  • Cruising with the Clyde's.
  • Clear view from Grandview today.
  • Great group this morning.
  • The Felt is back in service.
  • 5:30 roll out in the fog to redo yesterday's ride that was cut short. Unfortunately it was solo this time.
  • Rear derailleur broke while in a pace line. Chain jumped between my spokes and cassette causing the wheel to lock up and go into a skid. Scary but no crash. Just watched the group ride off into the distance, sadness, lol.
  • Recovery ride drink, my wife's famous sweet tea.
  • Coming home muddy.
  • Into the fog
  • Awwwwwe Yeah, LOL.
  • BBC 6 a.m. ride
  • The "Sober Sidecar".
  • Walking at Black Creek Park with Tracy.
  • You just can't beat country roads.
  • Wish I had time to stop for a burger.
  • 20 years to late, they're closed.
  • From today's ride.
  • Putting around today.
  • Scenic crushing today.
  • Tannehill Century Group. We averaged just over 20 mph with about 6000 feet of climbing. I'm pooped.
  • Cruising in the country.
  • My new riding partner (daughter).
  • New riding partner.
  • Great view from the top of Smokerise today.
  • Me trying to catch my breath after a hard paces 50 mile ride today. I had just gotten off the bike.
  • Great group today.
  • All mouth ;)
  • Getting the "Toone Look" @kartoone76
  • I guess they're closed.
  • Typical store stop for me on my loops. I guess they are closed today.
  • Yep, in the middle of nowhere.
  • Back roads today.
  • Beautiful weather for a recovery ride.
  • Quarq Challange group.
  • Flat on the Quarq Challange
  • Pepper Place warm up. Owner looking Birmingham #feltbicycles #bicycle #cycling
  • 30 pound rain ride bike.
  • 41 miles into 105 for today. Refueling in Locust Fork.
  • Today's catch was a little too fresh for me at one of my stops so I decided to pedal on. (they were actually headed to let this little guy go in a more rural area)
  • My better half headed out to the track.
  • Out jogging..... I guess this is my "jogging expression" :-)
  • High atop smokerise mtn.
  • Next stop, Stuckey's.
  • Now a stop for some oranges.  Taking it easy today.
  • Just finished up my 2nd great ride of the weekend. Now it's time for some of my wife's birthday cake and some homemade soup.
  • Mmmmm,  Nanny's homemade soup.
  • Out with the girls for Tracy's birthday.
  • Great ride with some great guys yesterday. (Shane not pictured since he was taking the photo :-)
  • Hanging out at the best knife store around, P. G. Quick Co. In Cullman, AL.
  • Outstanding bike ride this morning with the guys, with perfect weather.
  • I used to spend countless hours in a blind with a 500 mm lens to get pictures like this. This is one of my favorite nuthatch photos I have taken.
  • Half Baked Cookie
  • A gray windy bike ride to Fort Morgan, AL
  • Awesome morning for some country road riding. #colnago #colnagom10
  • 90 miles done, only 40 to go. Having a chicken sandwich here.  We'll be riding around Little River Canyon next.
  • BBL (Birmingham Bike League) week 1 of the winter training rides.
  • Out for a Sunday afternoon ride.  #colnago #cycling #castelli
  • Rollin Part 2 on the 2013 F1. #cycling #feltbicycles #bicycle
  • Dog back!! Taken from a still frame from a GoPro video on today's very wet rain ride.  #feltbicycles #cycling #bicycle #feltf1
  • View from Grandview Summit on today's ride. Beautiful weather, awesome route!  #feltbicycle #cycling #bicycle