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Caz Whitehead

Caz Whitehead

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
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I believe in bicycles as transport, socializing, and most of all, enjoyment.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 310
  • 620
  • 930
  • 1240
  • 1550
Aug 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 1,041.3km
  • 53h 9m
  • 10,947m

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on Bowen to Park via Switchback
  • 2nd fastest time on Mine Road
  • 2nd fastest time on Bell to Lloyd Dash
  • 3rd fastest time on Mine Road - Steep Bit


Distance 6,932.2km
Time 365h 58m
Elevation Gain 79,778m
Rides 206


Total Distance 63,426.5km
Total Time 2909h 4m
Total Elev Gain 586,676m
Total Rides 2808

Recent Photos

  • With the Women's 100 just two days away, I have the sudden feeling I've failed at my calling.
The young lady I was training up has decided not to do the ride, and it is entirely a failing on my part. Training someone in the ways of riding bikes is like going through it all again, as it felt, all that time ago - but in a sped-up version. What may have taken yourself two years to achieve they get pushed through in only a few months. They go through the hard parts and break, and the fun bits and have a ball. You can't ever explain to another person what an experience was like personally, and they can never believe everything was as hard for you as it is for them. It's hard to convey their ability to succeed, or their ability to overcome what's in their path - but you know it's possible because you were there and did the same thing, perhaps without the help - and it was hard and it sucked and there were tears, but now you're here, at this point, telling them it's all okay. How to express this?
To all those doing the #womens100 for the first time - you've got this. You've got this because at some point, I doubted myself, yet I had this. Now I'm telling you - you're good. You're okay. You can do this thing. Your legs are better than you think they are, your brain is stronger than you know. Ride your bikes, ladies. See you Sunday.
  • Well, good morning to you too, Melbourne. *This is not my car.
#WYMTM #Melbourne
  • Two hundred is not enough lumen. #WYMTE #MyMountain
  • Going back to the You Yangs today was like visiting that great old friend you haven't seen in ages. Such a brilliant day. #GirlRideMEL #WYMTM #WYMTA
  • A day of pink lines on black backgrounds. #Womens100 is three days away. #WYMTM
  • #WOMENS100
  • What a bunch of amazing ladies. What surprisingly pleasant weather. #Womens100 #WYMTM
  • Had some adventures today, in the mythical sunlight. #WYMTM #Lysterfield
  • #Mateslyf is always the best, whether it's raining like this morning's #AdmiralSRLC or fine like #MelburnRoobaix the other week. M8s R T Bst. #WYMTM #Latergram #HillvalePhoto #NikonFM #KodakEktar #35mm #ForeverButtPhotos
  • I'm not gonna be the one to reveal the new #FondoButts before @FondoCycling does! #WYMTM #ForeverButtPhotos
  • This road. I haven't been out here in about a year, but it was great coming back. A little spot of country extremely close to the city. Which road? #WYMTA
  • A tour of Melbourne for @Usumaki815 wouldn't be complete without seeing Brunswick Velodrome. #fxdgrmlb
  • Shiny head #lightbro at the Cranwell Park CX the other week.
  • Some days in winter are still good for sitting and eating chocolate in a park. #WYMTA #WorldChocolateDay