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TJ Woodruff

TJ Woodruff

Prescott, Arizona
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TJ Woodruff is a professional cyclist from Prescott, Arizona

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 360
  • 720
  • 1080
  • 1440
  • 1800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 283.9km
  • 14h 4m
  • 5,943m

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on up hill chipmunnk to 271
  • 2nd overall on iron horse meltdown
  • 2nd overall on Mark Twain to Iron Horse
  • 6th overall on Iron Horse


Distance 10,849.4km
Time 490h 19m
Elevation Gain 188,692m
Rides 221


Total Distance 70,111.8km
Total Time 2988h 11m
Total Elev Gain 1,022,112m
Total Rides 1419

Recent Photos

  • I found some great little farm roads in the valley during today's explorations.
  • It's a good day to be in ore country. #oretoshore #michigan #raceday #momentumendurance
  • Drops and jumps for everyone!
  • I probably could have let go of the bar before I was dragging my pinky across the rocks... Glad I was wearing full finger gloves! #committothedrift #rideitout #almost
  • There ought to be more roads like those in Jerome.
  • Mount Union never disappoints. We do altitude training camp year-round in Prescott. #helipad
  • Put in some quality uphill practice with @nickynickt today. The second time up Spruce was just for fun. #momentumendurance #azdevo
  • Maja had fun riding the Lunch Loops today too! #majadog #grandshenanigans
  • Harsh conditions sharpen the focus.
  • The Wednesday #azdevo ride is my favorite of the week. Today we rode the 307 loop on Spruce Mtn. Moving three downed trees out of the trail was all part of the fun!
  • The #azdevo guys all finished on the podium in the junior #whiskeyoffroad 30 Proof. So awesome! All were in the top 8 overall. @epicrides #momentumendurance
  • This does not get old. Congrats to @chloewoodruff for kicking off the @epicrides #whiskeyoffroad crit!
  • Ronde van Jerome.
  • What line do you ride? Les & I got ours  dialed in today. @epicrides @pivot_cyclesusa #whiskeyoffroad #lovewhatyouride #yournextbike #LES27.5
  • Our Prescott training camp was a hit with #azdevo. We logged 80+ miles of trail in two days & I even learned how to capture an eight person selfie! Proud of this crew.
  • It's hard to beat #newbikeday, but I've also confirmed entry to the @epicrides  #whiskeyoffroad & #grandshenanigans today. The stoke is real! Thanks to @pivot_cyclesusa.
  • Got in a good one today. The Apache Trail ride is legit!
  • @chloewoodruff & I got out for a little sendoff ride w/ @howardgrotts this am. He's en route from Durango to San Diego. Nice to have him in town for a day.
  • The sun has set on my final singlespeed preperations for this weekend's @epicrides Tour of the White Mtns! #firedup #TOWM @backcountrycom #BCBikeTeam @ninerbikes
  • Found some incredible "roads" out there today. Awesome riding here in VT.
  • I could get used to this VT way of things. Post ride maple ice cream at Palmer Lane!
  • I love this forest. #pinesandclimbs #PNF
  • A little super moto inspiration on the @ninerbikes One9 for tomorrow's @epicgravelrides Chino Grinder. #BCBikeTeam #BackcountryAthlete @backcountrycom
  • After an incredible race weekend at home a couple of mellow days in Sedona ought to be great. Hi Line this evening to kick it off.
  • Found some fun singletrack here in Lake Havasu for tomorrow's MBAA race. Great to rip some new trail! #insaneline
  • The Carter Lake ride always brings me back to '05 training camp w/ @chsova & @schoutentristan when we finished in a snowstorm. It was smooth sailing today.
  • The Carter Lake ride always brings me back to '03 training camp w/ @chsova & @schoutentristan 
when we finished in a snowstorm. It was smooth sailing today.
  • Atop Sunshine Canyon Rd.
  • White Spar is Prescott's most euro-esque roadway.
  • Made a little ride to downtown Skull Valley today. The bike doubles as a time machine...
  • Our trail run takes us up and above Prescott's #woodstovelayer this morning.
  • Few things beat a good dirt road cruise in the Bradshaws. High road or low road?
  • Happened upon this just as three high schoolers were crawling out.  Thankfully everyone was okay. #seatbelts
  • Maja's been soaking up all the rays she can get lately. Living the good life w/ a clear titer!  #fall
  • Sunset on Granite Mountain. Pedaling singletrack and remembering Amy D this eve.
  • Race ready! #oretoshore #gotime
  • Went big in search of dirt today. #cxbike #smashmode #prescott
  • Nice ride and plenty of green out in the Williamson Valley today.
  • Getting the sworks prepped for some east coast flavor with the help of today's monsoon rains. #usmtbnats #pa #prescottAZ
  • After nearly three months in Prescott, I'm still finding new trails. This one includes a secret passageway.
  • 60 minutes of riding in the pines & zero problems remaining in the world. Well, at least temporarily that was the case... #singletrack #Prescott
  • Hard to beat singletrack in the pines. Rode up, down, & around Spruce mtn today.