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Ed Merritt

Ed Merritt

Boone, North Carolina
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 140
  • 280
  • 420
  • 560
  • 700
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 5.0mi
  • 0h 40m
  • 1,285ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd best estimated 400m effort
  • KOM on Bamboo Heights Climb
  • KOM on Rocky Knob backdoor
  • PR on Ridge Rd Climb


Distance 3,493.8mi
Time 225h 30m
Elevation Gain 302,405ft
Rides 123


Total Distance 20,906.0mi
Total Time 1374h 24m
Total Elev Gain 1,742,470ft
Total Rides 742

Recent Photos

  • Today's "track workout" brought to you by #rain #bobross #booneview
  • #foundart
  • #foundart
  • This guy. Winning. #Sagan #Richmond2015 #slovakia
  • Fall colors rolling down the mountains #bikerides #booneview
  • Sweet view. Light too low #bikerides
  • It is pretty quiet around here. #astana #bikerides
  • #ilivehere #nofilter
  • #Kansas mountain biking! Not an oxymoron #bikerides
  • Howard's Knob #rapharising
  • Top of Roan Mountain. 6000+ feet elevation. At least the 15 mile descent will be awesome!
  • Climb was so hard I'm seeing triple #rapharising #bikerides #booneview
  • #icanseeyourhousefromhere #creepyrockbear
  • @jacobtubbs @johnfkarrasch Can you tell that I've hardly lost any sodium on this ride? 1st ride like this in weeks!
  • Impossible to capture the heat and humidity. Ironically had to turn down the warmth setting on Instagram #GueydanRoubaix
  • I've landed in softer places #nofilter #bikerides #rocks
  • 1000' of climbing in less than 2.5 miles gets you here #bikerides #nofilter
  • #viaduct #bikerides #rideofsilence
  • Worlds hardest, no dumbest, crit course. #usac #collnats
  • Today's ride to Winston-Salem brought to you by temperature inversions and views
  • Tired of stopping. Grandfather hiding in the clouds
  • #nofilter
  • Classics season
  • Awesome climb!
  • A dumb idea. Where's the Instagram wind filter?
  • Almost makes running worth it.
  • Last mountain view ride for a while #viaduct #blueridge
  • Rural graffiti #inappropriagram
  • Zombie apocalypse training
  • No justice
  • Better come visit in the next 4 weeks!
  • Different kind of view
  • Ill advised nearly freezing creek crossing
  • Just a little rutted out
  • Turkey standoff
  • Dominant turkey
  • Beech Mtn
  • Spring climbing up the mountains
  • View from the peak
  • Not the peak
  • Pump track with a view
  • The Night Ride Rocks
  • Night skills
  • This road would be awesome to ride...if it was more than a half mile.
  • Hard to decide to enter the pain cave riding through this
  • Howard's Knob, Rich, Beech, Sugar, Flat Top, and Grandfather mountains all in one view.
  • I might not win the Shootout but I got the best view!
  • Smoke obstructed views from Linville Gorge fire
  • Linville Gorge fire last night- not my picture
  • Every island is a mountain, but now this mountain is an island.
  • #roadbikeproblems
  • Beer kid bmx lap races casualty
  • Pre-race
  • Beers after first lap
  • Thanks, Map!
  • No filter!
  • Anyone know what these are for? They're man made holes in the sides of mountains in the lower elevations in very rural areas. They're typically big enough to crawl into. This one had old pipes running to or from it.
  • Snowy Parkway
  • In Florida, there are warning signs for hills. Still haven't seen any warning me about crazy people though.
  • The Factor X Workout
  • Mountain baby!
  • Howards Knob, Grandfather, Beech, Sugar, Rich, Snake, and possibly Roan Mountains look tiny from here.
  • Rhododesian Tunnel. Jesse will get it.
  • Top of Hebron Falls
  • See Kevin, the trees are almost all green again.
  • Not great weather for riding but it makes the pictures nice
  • Baby on a pump track!
  • Super thankful that god made dog-bear hybrids friendly
  • Mountain Mama
  • New
  • Recommendation to get faster. Ride with one guy that is way better than you on the uphills, and one guy way better on the downhills.
  • Baby Horse!
  • Sunset with the neighbors
  • Almost to the top. #theascent #bikes
  • Bikelandia
  • Better
  • Longhorns in Oregon and headed to Austin tomorrow...weird
  • Find these even when I'm not trying!
  • New riding buddies