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Chris James

Chris James

Washington, District of Columbia
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Chris James is a cyclist from Washington, District of Columbia. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 160
  • 320
  • 480
  • 640
  • 800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 21.7mi
  • 1h 46m
  • 589ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Hyattsville CX 2013
  • PR on 11th St NW from FL to S St
  • 2nd fastest time on Maple Ave, Takoma Park
  • 2nd fastest time on Piney Branch Rd. to Maple Ave.


Distance 4,610.3mi
Time 291h 50m
Elevation Gain 215,223ft
Rides 202


Total Distance 15,814.9mi
Total Time 1052h 10m
Total Elev Gain 755,282ft
Total Rides 825

Recent Photos

  • DC ain't so bad.
  • #openers
  • Lets go for a bike ride! Its a crossy kinda day!
  • Canal cruising. #bikeDC #recoverysohard
  • #lavuelta #harrisonburg
  • That time I crashed in a field by myself and put my knee into my wheel. Almost pulled a @jarednieters .
  • #sharp #vandessel #hellafaster
  • The "new" #hainspoint #crossiscoming @brcire where are youuuuu?
  • #recovery done right
  • Post work "work"
  • Nope.....
  • Winter miles. Summer smiles
  • Its all about the layers. #hiviz
  • Productive Sunday planned @bcroker8
  • Skratch Labs slushies today
  • Trainer time and UCI CX
  • Interval sunset #bikedc
  • My. Head. Is. Not. In. It.
  • 50 on Christmas I'll take it
  • 45 minutes in the pain cave. 3x5 mins and 5x30 seconds
  • Best way to start any day #bikedc
  • #bikedc #dcmtb
  • Angry water
  • Happy Friday recovery ride.
  • Riding dirty. C&O Canal #BikeDC
  • Another ride another week gone. Old kits being brought out.
  • Monday Monday.....
  • Ride a bike.
  • Junkie I am.
  • Fixin thangs
  • 20 miles before work. Espresso at Java Shack Friday is going well thus far.
  • HUMID!
  • 3x12 minute intervals....not used to this humidity yet.
  • #BikeDC no filter green springtime
  • #BikeDC #gravel
  • Thats a surprise. Lost 7lbs somewhere in the past 4 weeks....
  • Beautiful day in the district for a ride. #BikeDC
  • Steady spinning and active recovery.
  • Beet, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, soy milk and flakseed. Tastey recover drink.
  • Lord of the rings?
  • Fucking tropical storm. 6 x 45 seconds inside ugh.
  • Beet, Apple and Raspberries post 30 mile ride @shenandoahmountaintouring #dcmtb
  • Holy tabitas Batman.....humid
  • Recovery ride done properly. @stickyfingersdc donuts acquired.
  • New kit ride! #jbvcoaching #cxsome #cyclocross
  • Home finally. Living in the drivers seat for the past 5 days. Philly to mid South Carolina to Virginia Beach and back
  • Still cleans up okay.
  • 6x5 min L5+ intervals complete can I die now?
  • Land on hip at 3 the colors are really starting to show.
  • Tubular gluing job passed the test. Remounts are rusty.
  • A little yellow. A little bit metal. @twinsix_ryan @twinsix_brent
  • Ride your bike #bikedc beautiful out
  • Oh how I've missed you. The good burn @madalchemy
  • # DCCX practice #hup #hup
  • Run up.....
  • Laps at Hains point.
  • Lunatic asylum?
  • I'm sure of it....
  • 2x12 L4 into L5 short on time rollers
  • The only sport drink I want to drink anymore @skratchlabs love this stuff!
  • 4 days off legs are cranky.
  • I've become a junkie for this company. #breakfastsnob
  • #DCCX
  • Why aren't you open yet? O'dark thirty
  • Recovery laps
  • Where's Tom Hanks?
  • Taking way to long.....
  • 2x20 windy and cold outside aka I'm to soft @laxon3
  • Oh I've missed single track.
  • So I hear this stuff is pretty good? @skratchlabs
  • Hup Hup Buttercup # cyclocross
  • #FML
  • Trainer time.....UCI cross via YouTube 2x20s on tap
  • Let's try and not crash though the coffee table
  • Go west youngish man...
  • Bare legs in December I'll take it .
  • Gotta love old DC pipes #DIY #whatsthatsmell
  • Rollers and Prometheus this could be a deadly mix.
  • Rollers are better then a trainer I guess. No structure just steadily peddling.
  • Desert before dinner
  • Back on track after around a month of rest bring on 2014
  • 3 x 10m with 15s on 15s off, 5m rest between sets. I've missed you coach!
  • 2x20 freaking suck inside
  • 15s on 15s off repeat for 10 minutes follow up with throwing up on the top tube.
  • Brrrrr I have missed the outdoor rides.
  • 3 hours me myself and my iPod #bikedc #basemiles #whatdoesntkillyou #imapopsickle
  • Pain cave time
  • Off to work we go. Thank whoever for admin leave. #moneymoneymoooooney
  • Well that was fun 2 x 20 inside that's a first #paincave #everythingisnumb #comeonapril
  • 7 mins on the bike leads to stretching when your heads not in it.
  • Oversleep? No worries do intervals on the lunch break.
  • Great Falls on the MD side still some snow down there.
  • Raw spinach and roasted sweet potatoes good combo.
  • Ninja mode
  • Break a chain? Forget your chain tool? Beat it with rocks and a flathead #cavemanstyle
  • Wee bit nippley out there today. #basemiles #iceicebaby #gorideyourbike #bikedc
  • When you dump your bottles in the sink and that comes out you know it's cold outside.
  • Indoor recovery sweat-lodge to much. No #freshies for this guy.
  • "Fun"
  • UCI women's Mount Saint Anne race and 90/90/90
  • Who needs fenders?
  • Wet intervals today. Beats a trainer....
  • Realllly need to wash it. Winter base miles make for a nasty bike.
  • View from the bike path.
  • Winter tan lines #basemiles #bikedc #doworkson
  • You upgrade to #cat1 @francojfp ? Getting in solid time this winter it's scary
  • More snow......
  • Race week easy spinning.
  • Destroying headsets I sweat droplet at a time. Southern Virginia Shootout weekend! #paincave #raceweek
  • Skyline was beautiful today #bikeoutsidedc
  • Gravel cruising recovery spin
  • Come on spring time!
  • Feeling good today!
  • Waiting.....#mtb #niner #dcmtb
  • I thought we were over for the year. #paincave fun not
  • 1st place duo 2nd place overall at 6 Hours of Saunders in Richmond Virginia @lazersport @helmeterChris @guenergy
  • Come on Mother Nature I had to dig this stuff out let's get on with warmer weather @madalchemy
  • This is gonna hurt
  • Yard sale top 5 to I don't even care. I finished.
  • Swiftwick merino fours and Mavic Furys. Winning shoe sock combo #comfort is king
  • Race day!
  • Greenbelt race? Smeh legs climb this hill 7 times in a row. #trainingtweet
  • Things found on bike rides. #DOA
  • Reddish is big.......
  • It's so green in the park
  • No pressure.....
  • Hottest day of the year? Yea lets go climb skyline drive.....
  • Someone bring me a beer.....
  • Hour 3 of MTB endurance practice jerky and coke stop.
  • 4 hours in the book. Fairfax Epicish ride
  • 30 miles in
  • Sugarloaf mountain
  • Death via foam
  • I do believe #burnout has been reached, guess who's riding his mountain bike tomorrow?
  • #DC via #bike #nofilter #cxsome practice and Tabitas at Hains Point
  • #cyclocross season #recovery
  • Doing work at night