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Chloe Woodruff

Chloe Woodruff

Prescott, Arizona
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Chloe Woodruff is a professional cyclist on UA cycling from Prescott, Arizona

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 180
  • 360
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 605.5mi
  • 53h 36m
  • 70,046ft

Recent Achievements

  • 3rd overall on Camí Pont del Prat Bosc Climb
  • 5th overall on CG-4 Climb
  • 6th overall on Cg 4 Climb
  • 7th overall on Half Violence...


Distance 5,435.8mi
Time 430h 29m
Elevation Gain 534,961ft
Rides 217


Total Distance 24,929.7mi
Total Time 1934h 45m
Total Elev Gain 2,108,278ft
Total Rides 948

Recent Photos

  • I just realized how, without planning, I ride each new bike of mine up to the #SierraPrieta overlook and down the #whiskey50 descent. It's my way of saying, "this is your home and isn't it freaking awesome?" #welcomehome #bikeprescott #supersecret #TeamStansNiner #Ninerds #liveyours 
@stansnotubes @ninerbikes
  • Here's a shot from my ride today and one of my all-time favorite climbs. Anyone recognize this view? 
I won my first 'road' race as a Cat 4 on this climb, on my mountain bike with slicks because I thought I couldn't make it up otherwise. It was the final stage of The Boulder Stage Race and I also won the overall that year ('04?). I've always loved climbing mountains on my bike. It feels like an accomplishment. Every time. #keepexploring
  • It's always nice to mix in a few gravel miles on my road bike. More dirt = more fun! Plus I can run low pressures with my tubeless setup. #StansAlpha #RoadTubeless @stansnotubes
  • At least once every ride I stop and admire the view. Distraction can be a powerful tool--use it!
  • Today's ride: lots of new (to me) trail and a lot of alone time in the Prescott National Forest. Lovely day to ride. #keepexploring #bcbiketeam #meetthemoment #GraniteMountain @backcountrycom @ninerbikes
  • Fun times riding with @jzrinehart and Justin of @nicolletbike in Tucson. They continued on up to the #MtLemmon cookie cabin, which they will probably do 2-3 times a week while they're in Tucson. That's how they roll.
  • This is when @jzrinehart and I dropped our husbands on the #MtLemmon control road.
  • Sharing a box of @stansnotubes and @clifbarcompany goodies with @mtbshu and his @epicrides #whiskey50 course cleanup crew. Thank you race volunteers!!!
  • Catching the last bit of sunshine in the Prescott pines. Today's ride was a short one with lots of intensity. TJ thought he'd test me with 15 x 1 min intervals. I think I passed. #MomentumEndurance #liveyours #meetthemoment #bikeprescott @stansnotubes @ninerbikes @verdebrandcomm
  • Evening light in the Prescott National Forest . Anyone recognize the spot?
#bikeprescott @stansnotubes @ninerbikes @clifbarcompany #TeamStansNiner #Prescott
  • This little solar-powered pup hasn't left her bed today. The weather just isn't cooperating for #Majadog, with rain, rain and more rain falling from the sky.
  • While I love everything about miss @kayleeblev, I sometimes miss my short teammates.
Don't be confused by the body of water behind us, this photo was from the #uscupbonelli in California.
We were serious business back then.
???? @billfreemanphoto
  • These eggs are beautiful & tasty. I am sooo stoked we now have a local egg supplier. #organic #eatlocal
  • After a solid rest week @tj_woodruff and I enjoyed a #sundayfunday ride around #GraniteBasin. We even found some new trails with awesome views of #GraniteMountain. #bikeprescott 
#TeamStansNiner @stansnotubes @ninerbikes #meetthemoment