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Chloe Woodruff

Chloe Woodruff

Prescott, Arizona
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Chloe Woodruff is a professional cyclist on UA cycling from Prescott, Arizona

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 180
  • 360
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 120.7mi
  • 10h 3m
  • 12,385ft



Distance 5,917.4mi
Time 469h 52m
Elevation Gain 584,459ft
Rides 242


Total Distance 25,411.3mi
Total Time 1974h 9m
Total Elev Gain 2,157,776ft
Total Rides 973

Recent Photos

  • If you're at #interbike tomorrow come by the @stansnotubes booth (# 7223) for some giveaways and posters.
Wednesday, 2pm-3pm. #TeamStansNiner #Interbike2015 #winningisourjob #ridefox #valorneo #teamusacwmn #womenscycling #womenathletes
  • My final training session on course today was a little epic: cold and pouring rain. Dropped my tire pressure down a bit (17/18) and followed @shaumsmarch around the lap for a crash-course in selecting lines in this kind of slop. Love the conditions while riding, but not the cleanup. 
Pretty fired up for the big race tomorrow. Huge thanks to @stansnotubes @ninerbikes @usacycling for all the support this year. #MTBWorlds #TeamStansNiner #TeamUSA #teamusacwmn #crossishere #Andorra #vallnord2015 #worldchamps2015 #ValorNeo
  • I just realized how, without planning, I ride each new bike of mine up to the #SierraPrieta overlook and down the #whiskey50 descent. It's my way of saying, "this is your home and isn't it freaking awesome?" #welcomehome #bikeprescott #supersecret #TeamStansNiner #Ninerds #liveyours 
@stansnotubes @ninerbikes
  • Here's a shot from my ride today and one of my all-time favorite climbs. Anyone recognize this view? 
I won my first 'road' race as a Cat 4 on this climb, on my mountain bike with slicks because I thought I couldn't make it up otherwise. It was the final stage of The Boulder Stage Race and I also won the overall that year ('04?). I've always loved climbing mountains on my bike. It feels like an accomplishment. Every time. #keepexploring
  • It's always nice to mix in a few gravel miles on my road bike. More dirt = more fun! Plus I can run low pressures with my tubeless setup. #StansAlpha #RoadTubeless @stansnotubes
  • At least once every ride I stop and admire the view. Distraction can be a powerful tool--use it!
  • Today's ride: lots of new (to me) trail and a lot of alone time in the Prescott National Forest. Lovely day to ride. #keepexploring #bcbiketeam #meetthemoment #GraniteMountain @backcountrycom @ninerbikes
  • Fun times riding with @jzrinehart and Justin of @nicolletbike in Tucson. They continued on up to the #MtLemmon cookie cabin, which they will probably do 2-3 times a week while they're in Tucson. That's how they roll.
  • This is when @jzrinehart and I dropped our husbands on the #MtLemmon control road.
  • Sharing a box of @stansnotubes and @clifbarcompany goodies with @mtbshu and his @epicrides #whiskey50 course cleanup crew. Thank you race volunteers!!!
  • Evening light in the Prescott National Forest . Anyone recognize the spot?
#bikeprescott @stansnotubes @ninerbikes @clifbarcompany #TeamStansNiner #Prescott
  • Catching the last bit of sunshine in the Prescott pines. Today's ride was a short one with lots of intensity. TJ thought he'd test me with 15 x 1 min intervals. I think I passed. #MomentumEndurance #liveyours #meetthemoment #bikeprescott @stansnotubes @ninerbikes @verdebrandcomm
  • This little solar-powered pup hasn't left her bed today. The weather just isn't cooperating for #Majadog, with rain, rain and more rain falling from the sky.
  • While I love everything about miss @kayleeblev, I sometimes miss my short teammates.
Don't be confused by the body of water behind us, this photo was from the #uscupbonelli in California.
We were serious business back then.
???? @billfreemanphoto
  • These eggs are beautiful & tasty. I am sooo stoked we now have a local egg supplier. #organic #eatlocal
  • After a solid rest week @tj_woodruff and I enjoyed a #sundayfunday ride around #GraniteBasin. We even found some new trails with awesome views of #GraniteMountain. #bikeprescott 
#TeamStansNiner @stansnotubes @ninerbikes #meetthemoment
  • Had some fun on the new #uscupbonelli course today. Thanks to @billfreemanphoto for the great shot! 
The link to the live coverage is in my profile. Or just check out USCup.TV. The womens coverage starts at 11am tomorrow. The men race at 1:45pm. 
#TeamStansNiner @stansnotubes @ninerbikes @castellicycling @clifbarcompany @lazersport @maxxistires @fizikofficial @crankbrothers #wolftooth
  • I almost puked during my intervals today. Then I had to pull over for a minute when I was done because I was too out of it to coast down the hill.  Today's workout=success. I did 6 x 5 min efforts over LT, w/2 min recovery between intervals (which isn't full recovery so they get harder and harder). ???????? You too can do intervals like this if you work with @tj_woodruff as your coach #MomentumEndurance #training #TeamStansNiner
  • lea Davison sums it up.

By @leaeatsalot "Love these ladies. We had a blast in Colombia and @usacycling Mtb women are ready for this season. @eehuck is indeed wearing a participation medal and @georgenka is missing because she's busy being the new mayor of Cota. And @evelynd11 is dealing with the crowd's wonder of the chinita of #boGOta #panamericans #teamUSA" via @PhotoRepost_app #teamusacwmn
  • I just added a link in my bio to my #USCup update, if you're old fashioned and still read blogs.

For the rest of you: I'm really happy with how #TeamStansNiner kicked off the year. It's awesome to line up on the start line knowing you've done your homework, done it well, and are riding the the best equipment out there and have the support of some great people (@notubesmaster, @tj_woodruff). Really. It almost doesn't matter where you place in the race at that point.

While I didnt do anything spectacular, last weeekend was quietly one of my best XC performances ever. I've been slowing improving for eleven years and it feels great to have commited to this bike racing thing for the long haul. @oakley #liveyours
@stansnotubes @ninerbikes @castellicycling @clifbarcompany 
Photo: @pbcreative
  • Here's my new @ninerbikes and @stansnotubes hoops in their natural element. Looks like I'm washing some bike tonight! #camobike
  • New Daffodil blooms and @clifbarcompany #EnergyFood make me happy. This Banana Beet with Ginger was surprisingly tart, and I loved it!
  • Ms. #Majadog is showing off her new @stansnotubes bandana and soaking up some #LakeHavasu sun.

I just finished up my first race of the year and want to thank @mbaaraceseries for a great course. I think i finished 5th overall among the guys. Racing is fun stuff! 
@ninerbikes #TeamStansNiner
  • While I'm very happy that winter has finally come to Prescott, I miss having feeling in my feet. @stansnotubes @ninerbikes @crankbrothers @clifbarcompany @SRMPower #TeamStansNiner
  • Had a few fast wheels to chase in #Sedona today, including those belonging to @cpendrel. This place is unbelievably beautiful. #TeamStansNiner @stansnotubes @ninerbikes
  • Finished off the week with 5 hrs on my new #Jet9RDO @ninerbikes and a final push to the Sierra Prieta overlook. The DH and view are worth it every time. 
Now I'm hungry. 
@stansnotubes #clippedintocb @clifbarcompany #meetthemoment
  • Heard a weird noise outside and I found #Majadog playing with the wheelbarrow. What a goofball! #pitbullsofinstagram
  • A view of #Tucson from the #Tortalitas with my favorite kind of bike and favorite kind of cactus in the foreground. #Ocotillo #Jet9RDO
 @stansnotubes @ninerbikes @clifbarcompany @crankbrothers
  • Course is still awesome and mucky. Race time at 3:20pm, CST.
By @usacycling "Sam, Ally, Chloe, Katie, Jeremy. Riders on course for 20 minutes. #CXNats #usacycling" via @PhotoRepost_app
  • First snow accumulation in #Prescott this winter. We're all or nothin' in Arizona.
  • Took the @ridley_bikes on a little adventure today and encountered a herd of cows blocking the road at the farthest point from home. Mr Bull didn't want me anywhere near his ladies so I had to tip-toe way around the herd and not make him mad. After about 20 minutes, I was on my way and feeling happy completing my loop. #keepexploring #bcbiketeam @stansnotubes @backcountrycom @clifbarcompany @crankbrothers
  • A little rain turns our loose, rough Prescott trails into #herodirt! Great day to chase @mtbshu down some trails.
  • One of my favorite routes in Tucson, the Santa Cruz River bike path, passes by a dump, jail, wastewater treatment plant, a cement plant and more than one retired pit. It also passes by constructed wetlands, golf courses, a bike shop and some beautiful parks.
  • Thankful for many people and experiences and the joy that comes from exploring our world on two wheels. This morning I did a point-to-point ride and now I'm headed to Flagstaff with TJ. Riding into the #VerdeValley was incredible and I had to stop for a picture of Arizona's #VerdeRiver. #meetthemoment #bcbiketeam
  • Caught some of the last sunshine out today. #goatworthy #livefree @EF.o.gearhead #bcbiketeam @backcountrycom
  • And just like that I'm back from Baja! The interior desert was incredible and a place I'll return to some day with a mountain bike. Anyone know the name of the tree on the left? It's a close relative of the Ocotillo and only grows in #BajaCalifornia.
  • I've been mostly couch-bound this past month recovering from a knee injury but today I finally got in a #RideForVernie. But from the look of things, @pedalpics beat me back into the saddle! :)
  • Just one more evening mountain bike ride before @tj_woodruff and I pack up for the Grand Junction Off Road. The @ninerbikes #Jet9RDO + hero dirt sure makes for a great ride.  #bcbiketeam @backcountrycom @crankbrothers_
  • This morning's spin historic find: the Underhill Schoolhouse. @backcountrycom @ninerbikes @clifbarcompany @crankbrothers_
  • I am going to miss Vermont. We capped off a great week with a ride up #SmugglersNotch fueled by homemeade blueberry and blackberry sweets! #bcbiketeam @backcountrycom @ninerbikes @louisgarneau @crankbrothers_ @clifbarcompany
  • Podium time at the #CatamountXC! Thank you @backcountrycom @ninerbikes @clifbarcompany @louisgarneau @crankbrothers_ #bcbiketeam
  • The road trip of the year is underway. First up is #WORSCup in the homeland (aka @tj_woodruff's Wisconsin). Bike carrying capacity = 8 @ninerbikes & 1 #Majadog.
#bcbiketeam #backcountryathlete @crankbrothers_ @clifbarcompany
  • It's #biketowork day in Boulder, which is one of my favorite days of the year. I met up with my sis, @shannonforsman, for free breakfast at Ideal Market. Kudos to everyone that rides to work! #bcbiketeam #bikethere
  • Had a blast at the final #MBAA of the year in #Flagstaff. Raced with the Pro Men and finished 4th. The best part is that @hi_olivia_bye, Zoe and Phoebe have me a podium tiara for winning the unofficial Yavapai County Triple Crown.
  • Decided to take a mini-vacation to Sedona with @tj_woodruff. We finally rode the infamous Hangover Trail. Amazing views!
  • Wow! Super impressed with Zoe and Olivia for crushing the #Whiskey25 course today. Here we are at the #SierraPrieta overlook, almost getting blown off the mountain by 30+ mph winds. #AZDevo
  • It's #AZDevo Camp 2.0! We took the crew up Mt Union today.
  • Kept my eye on the prize today and the view was worth the climb. Even climbed way up the lookout tower. Looking over #PrescottValley and the #SanFransiscoPeaks 
#bcbiketeam #backcountryathlete @backcountrycom
  • It looks like my new @oakley #RadarLock shades match the blooms in my yard.
  • First ride in Tucson in awhile. Happy to see that #GatesPass is as beautiful as ever.
  • Todays ride was all about finding that perfect view.  Then fitting it into an Instagram square doesn't do it justice. #prescott
  • These two are up to no good. #Javelina #Prescott
  • Almost took an ice bath on my ride today. Really I'm just happy to find a little ice and snow in the mountains today.  It's been way too dry!
  • Here's my new town bike. I had to replace my 3-spd with something I could pedal up the #Prescott hills, leisurely. Added a rack and wire basket so now she's ready for errands. 
If you add a townie to the bike fleet and add some short trips by bike,  you'll find its both convenient and enjoyable. #commutebybike #bikeprescott #pedalthere
  • Presenting Arizona Devo and the best parental support crew a team could ask for.
  • 6.5 mi trail 'run' around Willow Lake today with this girl. She needs a rest day after her mountain bike ride yesterday. #traildog
  • Enjoying a cup of @grimpeurbros coffee this morning. Lil' Diesel Roast for the Amy D Foundation. #amysphotooftheday #ridewithamyd
  • Did a bit of exploring on my ride today and found a huge #mineshaft outside of Wilhoit. Anyone into crawling around these things besides my Dad? Yikes!
  • Evening ride to #SierraPrieta overlook. Last pedal in #Prescott until after Christmas.
  • When the mountains are snowy, ride in the valley. #Prescott #ChinoValley #GravelRides #scott2luvit #Scale700 @crankbrothers_ @bikeonscottusa
  • Pedaled up to Bells Summit above #Pemberton Trail today. The view is always worth the work!
  • Little run this morning over THE bridge with @tommycaldwell, Joelle and Tim. #Clifathletetakeover
  • Going for the win in the @clifbarcompany scavenger hunt today!  #clifathletetakeover
  • A little power testing this afternoon. Pretty much @tj_woodruff's torture session. At least it wasn't solo. Thanks for the company @andrewmyrick!
  • Another #chloesgiftpack! There's some amazing gear and tasty goodies in this one from @clifbarcompany. See my website on how to purchase raffle tickets! #DrinkClifShot 
Huge thanks to @crankbrothers_ and @oakley too!

Gear includes #OakleyRadarLock, #crankbrothers Candy pedals, @Kleankanteen & more!
  • This little piggy got dropped from the herd. Javelina sighting on my ride today.
  • Cross isn't all rain, mud and cold. Lovin' a little sun in Tucson today. #addictcx #AZCross
  • Just posted another #chloesgiftpack! This one is for the guys and had some great gear from @crankbrothers_ @oakley @clifbarcompany and @lazersport. Check out for info!
  • Thanks for the support @procyclingtech & #WD40Bike!! Great to see you out there.
  • Hello #gluten & #Nutella, I love you.
  • Yikes! I brake for #tarantulas.  Other than this guy the only other wildlife I saw on the trails were packs of high schoolers. #bikeprescott
  • First outing while in San Francisco for the @clifbarcompany summit: beach run. #Amysphotooftheday
  • Uh oh, it seems a fire is bring near #GraniteBasin in #Prescott.
  • Always on the top step #AmyD.
  • There's a beautiful tribute to #AmyD out at the #ValmontBikePark.
  • The #Chequamegon forest is pretty magical. Glad I can appreciate it today. Next weekend is gonna hurt! #Fattire40 #ChequamegonFatTire
  • Up early enough to beat today's racers to the trail for a pre-ride of the #grandshenanigans start. Now pist-ride coffee at #LaughingDog!
  • So that goat-trail is the #grandshenanigans race course. Not kidding. How cool is that?
  • Good morning #grandshenanigans! #GrandJunction is beautiful this morning. Good luck to today's racers!
  • I met Ben & Roark out on course today. These guys are working hard for racers and @epicrides! #ScottBikes #GrandJunction #40Grand
  • There's enough exposure on course so that watching the trail is going to be a challenge (I don't like to miss a good view!). #40Grand #GrandJunction
  • Chocolate recovery is back from @clifbarcompany! Here's an easy tasty post-ride smoothie: 8oz milk (almond, rice, soy, coconut, hemp or #REALMILK), #ClifShot recovery mix, 1 cup frozen berries & zuchinni. #DrinkClifShot #ChequamegonFatTire
  • Pumped to try the new @ClifBarCompany drink mix on my training ride today. #DrinkClifSHOT
  • I am so relieved I found a little critter in the yard that Maja WON'T eat. #saynotoescargot #snailsarecute
  • The Sierra Prieta Overlook near #Prescott. #ScottBikes #Spark700
  • The @raceclub11 front and center in a downtown #Missoula window display.
  • This is becoming an all too familiar sight in AZ and CO. This plume showed up in just over 2 hours. Not a pleasant way to finish up a ride but relieved we didn't head to #GraniteBasin today. #DoceFire #PrescottFire #ForestFire
  • Shredding some fun trails in the Bubble. Thanks @BoulderBMA for the work on the link trail! #singletrack #Boulder #lalaland
  • Hello #Fizik #AlianteLS, you are comfy, sleek AND silly light. This might just be my #1 pick from here on out.
  • The light was so pretty I had to stop for a pic. This #Scale700 is my zippy race bike. The #Scale900 is my workhorse. Love 'em both! #Scottbikes
  • View from West Spruce Trail. #Mingus #Prescott #PrescottMTB
  • I wish I knew what this was about. #locks #bridge #Prague #Czech
  • Chatted with these two a bit. They are pedaling from #Holland to #Istambul. That's pretty cool!
  • What are the chances of seeing this jersey on the bike path in #Prague? It's a souvenir from a year spent in #Tucson as a foreign exchange student. #BearDown #UofA #Arizona #UACycling
  • Finished up my ride with a little pedal through #Prague. What a beautiful city.
  • Well that didn't go we'll. At least I woke my legs up. Thanks to Michel and Gully for the support!
  • This is me getting eliminated in the first round. #Eliminator #albstadt #mtbworldcup
  • A little mucky today. #Scale700 #ScottBikes #Albstadt #MTBWorldCup
  • Checking out some singletrack for this Sunday's #CycloFemme ride in #Prescott. Come ride with us at Pioneer Park at 9am. Meeting spot is at #MethodCoffee.
  • These two are my roomies for the weekend. Hayduke (left) and Maja (right). They are Tucson Desert Dogs.
  • Here's a view from the summit of the #Whiskey50 #mountainbike course. This will be hard to enjoy while racing so I had a little picnic here today.
  • Lunch break in #Jerome!
@kjarchow #Itrainforbrownies
  • Last time on #MtLemmon before leaving #Tucson for the summer. Zero to #WindyPoint effort today. #throttled #scottbikes #carbongenius #scottCR1
  • Found a few #dirtjumps in the #Pantano wash today. Makes me wish I could huck my bike off stuff. Someday I will. #Tucson
  • Found a little forgotten pathway today too. #Pantano
  • It's been awhile #fantasyisland. Just a little Lone Cactus Loop for the day. Three of us girls out there pedaling w/no guys in sight!
  • When I return from #Bonelli #ProXCT the desert is going to be in full bloom. Love the #Sonorandesert spring!
  • Discovered the #chapelita in the old #FortLowell historic district on my bike ride today. I love exploring on my easy rides!
  • New colorful kicks from @Pearlizumi! #Pearlizumi #Sneakers #Trail
  • First timme to the summit of #Tumamoc with TJ and my mother-in-law, Joni. Beautiful evening! The walk kinda kicked my butt.
  • Anywhere else is fair game, I guess. This is #arizona.
  • #SSAZ
  • Sabino wash. #wetfeet
  • New #ScottBikes CR1 Contessa. Light little pedaling machine with the sweetest #Fizik Vesta saddle ever. Need more climbs. #GatesPass
  • Between Lovers Ln & Heart Lake
  • Leaves are falling.
  • Pumpkin soup to celebrate fall.
  • Then my pumpkin sprang a leak.
  • Squint and you can see how my name is associated with high-fashion in the concrete jungle of Las Vegas.
  • Railroad bridge in Boone, IA
  • Hello training, I have so much to do and I can't get off the couch. I just ate lunch and now I'm hungry. #bigproblems
  • Beautiful trail out at 50 Year this morning.
  • Trailside moment.
  • Can't wait to try this cup of coffee. Thanks @Melavito and @Prolavito for the home roasted beans!
  • This is the kind of this that can trick me into being a morning person.
  • Multi-million dollar view.
  • Tucson Foothills
  • It's cold in Traverse City today. There was even ice falling from the sky.
  • Warmed up by the fire place at Timber Ridge Resort. Now I feel better...
  • Urban ride.
  • The pieces needed to complete a bike for #ElGrupo. It's like a box of fun.
  • #Crankbrothers cockpit and a little bit of red on the #ElGrupo bike.
  • Add a little #Crankbrothers #RaceClub bling to an #XFusion fork and it's starting to come together.
  • The cuteness is holding up the #ElGrupo #Crankbrothers bike build!
  • Mega-ab roller kicked my butt this morninng.
  • Some really cool things fall from the trees in #Laguna Beach.
  • Spinning out the post-Christmas legs in the Berkeley Hills. Grizzley Peak Rd.
  • Only one flat today out on #Milagrosa. Great to ride with @jzrinehart again!
  • I have had so much fun on this bike lately. I'm looking forward to #2013 on board #Scott bikes. Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • I just might follow these two up tp the top of Mt #Lemmon tomorrow. The giant cookie at the top is calling my name. @NicolletBike @jzrinehart
  • Cleaned up my bike with WD-40 Bike. It even smells good!
  • Today we're experiencing some sub-freezing temps in #Tucson. Maja and I bundled up for our walk.
  • Watching my sister's bouldering team at #TheBLOCGym compete. What a tough sport!
  • It was great to meet up with @Melavito this morning for some coffee and pedaling. Nothing beats some girl-bike chitchat.
  • One last ride on Mt Lemmon for @jzrinehart and Justin. Lovely day for some climbing practice!
  • Whoa doggie! Sometimes I stop and greet the neighborhood pets...
  • Here's a rare shot: @TJWoodruff poses for a picture mid-training ride. #MtLemmon #WindyPoint #Tucson
  • I love mustard and this is the best I've found. I bought a couple in #SunValley this summer & now it's almost gone! #mustard
  • Mmmmmm
  • Just a little morning patch job. I'm stalling the training as it's gonna be another wet day!