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Leo Romanovsky

Leo Romanovsky

San Francisco, CA
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Love playing outdoors and developing software at Strava.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 180
  • 360
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 3.7mi
  • 0h 24m
  • 0ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Bolinas Fairfax Rd Climb
  • 2nd fastest time on Sausalito Alexander Ave Kicker
  • 2nd fastest time on Bofax Last Mile before Ridgecrest
  • 2nd fastest time on Bolinas Ridge Trail Climb


Distance 3,344.7mi
Time 275h 55m
Elevation Gain 214,734ft
Rides 206


Total Distance 14,900.5mi
Total Time 1272h 0m
Total Elev Gain 1,044,705ft
Total Rides 936

Recent Photos

  • Troll face if I've ever seen it. Setting off for a two day ride to Madison, WI!
  • #bolinas
  • It's a trap! ;-)
  • Mountain bike + trail run duathlon, much fun.
  • Last few gasps of 25-29 glory.
  • summer phoot
  • Le test
  • Scary.
  • This photo is 600 miles in the making.
  • Crater lake selfie!
  • A tough climb up to the Rim but totally worth it!
  • A solitary tree somehow surviving atop a lava field.
  • When in Bend.. @drewrobb says I'm not welcome back until I ride Phil's.
  • #bonkface it's not all smiles and pretty mountains on the tour :-)
  • Looking a little less cool wearing everything I own. Picked up a pretty sweet hat too, mmmhmm.
  • Rainer hyperlapse.
  • A few more miles to go.
  • First lunch stop; cleaned out their produce. #????????????????????????
  • Eating our way through the city.
  • "Your puny state has nothing on Kalifornia"
  • Day two and going strong! Topped out at East Peak and heading to Point Reyes via the Bolinas Ridge Trail. We're spending the night at the PR Hostel off Limontour.
  • Taking my kid brother Greg on a bike packing trip. We're loaded up for three days of cycling and staying at the West Point Inn tonight!
  • The campsite was still closed when we biked in, so this is likely the first Instagram snap from the Lost Lake scenic point of 2015 ;-)
  • Mt. Hood beckons.
  • @kcoplin is on a wedding diet.
  • #portland
  • Planning on it! Rental bikes acquired.
  • Bars in #portland serve up local beer ... And vegan food :-)
  • On the way to a four pizza dinner :-)
  • Spending a week on the East Coast means trading the spandex in for... Nope, still wearing spandex. #nocomprises
  • #hyperlapsekelly #hyperlapsemakesmelookfast
  • Hyper, selfie? Getting the hang of this.
  • How many kids did I run over?
  • Little peppers.
  • #airbnb
  • "Why has your kind made me this way?"
  • Future venue?
  • Ranch party, cowboy boots required ????
  • Back in the Malibu Hills. Hippy lunch in Topanga :-)
  • Said hippy lunch ????
  • Getting an early start on a century day to Solvang. Sunrise over Morro Bay.
  • The coast is lush and green from the recent rains! Lots of cyclists are out today on the Monterey bike path - a group of Ironman TT types snapped a photo of us here.
  • Who brings smoked salmon on a mountain bike? @kcoplin
  • Most of the stream crossings were just 2x4's so felt like cheating!
  • Mendocino, a great view around every corner.
  • Mendocino, a great view around every corner.
  • Finally doing the dish hike!
  • Last sun of the day.
  • "About a bag."
  • Called it!!
  • #hyperlapseisfortubechanges I predict more flats in our future.
  • #hyperlapseisfortubechanges yep rocks are not for running over.
  • #hyperlapseisfortubechanges #boreddrew @drewrobb
  • Rolling with the crew from Clif Bar today on Napa roads.
  • The #hyperlapse was MADE for tube changes.
  • Kelly and I finally made it to the Flume Trail!
  • The pamphlet promised the best views in North America.
  • Can't believe how blue the water is. All those stickers must be working ;-)
  • The Chateau! The old kings lived well but at great cost to the nation. I'm unsurprised by the fate of Louis XVI.
  • I really liked the purple marble busts throughout the palace and had not seen them before.
  • Napoleon, looking for dinner. Maybe I'm just hungry.
  • It had rained all day today and we stood in the security line in it for an hour to get in. Luckily the sky cleared up into fantastic clouds as we left to tour the gardens.
  • On the road. Sleeping at high altitude tonight and looking forward to a hot meal at the cabin!
  • This painting was rare in its incredible resolution and detail. It depicts a scene from a general rallying troops for a defense of Paris.
  • Someone lost a KOM.
  • Eiffel Tower photo #378,563,221
  • Bonjour Paris! We are here until Saturday. Planning on laughing too loud and generally fulfilling Parisians' stereotypes of Americans :-)
  • @gregromanovsky, me and out MAC BIKES.
  • In search of windmills.
  • Picturesque Dutch towns. Drawbridges everywhere, of course.
  • Leaving Abcoude! #clearux
  • World's smallest car. Room for two!
  • Urban cycling heaven.
  • #proving that he can eat two waffles :-)
  • Amsterdam farmers market. Picked up some cheap and delicious "bio" fruits and yogurt.
  • Amsterdam is packed for Pride week!
  • So fancy! The river could be cleaner though, ha.
  • River-side beer garden during happy hour is hopping here!
  • English breakfast and swans. And ducks. #wehaveaccentsbutarenotfromrussia #seriouslynorussianshere
  • Can't. Stop. Fondoing! In Santa Cruz with @kcoplin.
  • The sunset is crazy tonight!
  • Sunset! #nofilter I promise! Ok just a little vignette..
  • The phone doesn't do it justice.
  • I like Tahoe :-)
  • Another time.
  • Patagonia commercial.
  • Forward!! After a nearly 4k descent, we've arrived in Gateway, CO on our fifth day through the San Juan Mountains. Everyone is in good spirits and we're just a short sprint outside our destination in Moab.
  • @kcoplin owning the rock
  • Plotting our adventures.
  • Walking my bike up a short, steep pitch, a passing tourist pedals smoothly by me and asks if I "have a flat tire or something" ;-)
  • Exploring Salt Lake City. This is city canyon, a beautiful climb just of town limits.
  • Training day. All the saddle bags.
  • The long climb ahead... On a beach cruiser :-)
  • Fresh strawberries from the Petaluma farmer's market.
  • @kcoplin brand contract stipulates that photos must include at least one piece of renewable energy.
  • A little company on tonight's run.
  • Fondo day! In Pescadero, Alpine bound.
  • Vermont.
  • Just got my first box of cricket bars from @exoprotein ! can't wait to share them.
  • Hey, it's a Joshua Tree!
  • The San Andreas fault in all it's glory.
  • Oasis. Looks just like in the cartoons.
  • Kelly appreciating dessert flora.
  • High above Malibu.
  • We like to bike, but also learn.
  • The Yale-Lululemon team kit.
  • The wedding party.
  • #caughtinaninstagram The new thing to do.
  • Kelly's home!
  • Fun!!
  • "Hey, check out that dude's stem." #granfunslow
  • No competition today.
  • I can't feel my face.
  • The orange crew is rolling 8 deep this morning.
  • Little town on the far side of Maui. A banana bread stand kept us fueled at mile 35.
  • First we ride the bike, then we eat the coconut.
  • Ran into this older cyclist on the road today with what I judge to be pretty epic calves. He's retired and on Maiu to 'drink, screw and party.' Here we look to the road ahead.
  • Earth's best defense!
  • Stopping to take glamour shots with @kcoplin. Also: there will be no filters this week, agreed?
  • Three short and steep miles earned us a new view of Tam from Lucas Valley.
  • Nobody said QOMs come easily.
  • Power meter from @stagescycling
  • @kcoplin: QOM pirate
  • Bike #5 acquired.
  • Winter in Santa Barbara.
  • Welcome home!
  • The crew.
  • Above the clouds.
  • Headlands sunset #hazylens #thanksbacksweat
  • Photos don't do it justice.
  • Saturday club ride, keeping up with the Yale team. So fun.
  • Green!
  • First New Haven group ride - fun night.
  • Sunset over New Haven, in reflection.
  • Sufferface.
  • Scenic Lake Sonoma. Next stop: Gwen and Andrew's wedding!
  • Photo number 5 in my series: "@kcoplin's ponytail on a mountain"
  • @kcoplin's been working out.
  • @kcoplin and I are hiking along the villages of the Cinque Terre today. Seriously - the prettiest place on Earth, please travel here.
  • All the beach goers left us a nice clear running path :-)
  • Pancakes at West Point Inn, and only one way to get them =)
  • Don't let the smile fool you, I don't think Michael was sold on Glass.
  • Down-hiller in the making.
  • Tuolumne Meadows, one of my favorite places.
  • A classic! #yosemite
  • Top of Tam, on the way to the mountain play.
  • Camped out on the top Diablo.
  • Being fancy bikers.
  • All of it.
  • 25 mi and counting. #wearestrava?
  • Biking awesome trails in NYC.
  • Yale!
  • A little rain but otherwise a perfect ride on Mt. Tam.
  • On top of Pacifica with @kcoplin. Beautiful mountain biking out here.
  • Enjoying the outdoors year round #iamstrava
  • One more day of XC.
  • One more day of XC.
  • Two hours to get this view. Luckily @kcoplin was here to carry me up the last half #weaksauce
  • 40,000 calories. #iamstrava
  • Celebrating the release of the new mobile apps with the @chhh, @aaybes and the rest of the team.
  • It's sunny in the evening again! Get out to ride, run and enjoy the day.
  • Half Dome, even prettier in the winter. #nofilter, obviously
  • Some people drink Cytomax... #iamstrava
  • A windy and fun day to take the 2013 kits out for a spin. #iamstrava
  • A windy day to take the 2013 kits for a spin with @alex3780 @chhh @mark_r_shaw and Travis.
  • Ending our Yosemite trip with a walk through Mariposa Grove. It's filled with ancient sequoias, some of which are more than 1800 years old!
  • Relaxing, and foggy, morning spin.
  • Relaxing, and foggy, morning spin.
  • Photoshoot at Hawk Hill this morning - they must have known I was coming. #missioncycling
  • Photo break :-)
  • Made it to the lookout.
  • Tearing it up!
  • Strava crew
  • Kona to South Point today - stopped along the way for banana bread.
  • A stop at the southern most coffee shop in the USA.
  • Kelly being totally epic.
  • Hippies! Not a lot of love for big ag here.
  • One follows the other.
  • Infinity.
  • Never doubted it.
  • Spotted: a wild Kelly in her natural habitat. #nofilter
  • Looking out to the ocean from the Dipsea Trail.
  • @kcoplin and caught some beautiful clouds at the top of Bobcat Trail #nofilter #mtb
  • Japanese Garden
  • First mud.
  • Trouble.
  • SF in the distance.
  • Good morning Stinson Beach.
  • The way up was tough but you can't beat that view!