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Brian Gorby

Brian Gorby

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
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Hamburg / San Francisco. Engineering at @GoZwift. To run is natural; to ride is human.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 150
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 88.7mi
  • 4h 21m
  • 2,041ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Surf's up. Head's down.
  • PR on Sprint till it burns
  • PR on seapoint to goldenwest
  • PR on Donkeypunch Drive


Distance 5,142.6mi
Time 276h 44m
Elevation Gain 237,657ft
Rides 210


Total Distance 25,070.2mi
Total Time 1576h 56m
Total Elev Gain 1,495,515ft
Total Rides 937

Recent Photos

  • @yoannroman's mom's Gaufres keeping me out of Bonksville today
  • Kiawah Island triathlon
  • Low-country marsh
  • A lot of going up today
  • OC
  • American-sized cinnamon roll. Edge 1000 for size comparison
  • Apparently this is also Los Angeles
  • Smiles everywhere today
  • Nice morning for a spin down PCH
  • Morning sprint to the pier
  • I cropped the rear end to maintain his dignity
  • 12 kilometers of sheep and ????
  • Will it fit?
  • Santa Monica mountains
  • Palos Verdes
  • Zwift office loaner
  • Corfu
  • The Ionian
  • The office
  • Obligatory
  • Much better weather today
  • Almost to the most intense crosswinds ever
  • The Puttgarden Bahnhof sucks
  • Friday night testing in NYC
  • Worth the allergies
  • My feet are on fire ????
  • Bathroom break
  • In one, out the other
  • Good posture
  • Not a good way to start a ride
  • Split selfie
  • Bathroom break
  • Riding trikes with Laurens ten Dam this morning on @gozwift
  • Kept the orange for just a few laps today in a field of almost 80
  • Rode with @iamtedking for a lap today
  • I found Karl outside of Nicasio
  • Little bonkaroo to Point Reyes today. Back by 11!
  • Hopefully this one won't fly over the bridge
  • Spreading the love
  • The good kind of jet lag
  • There's no Neapolitan word for "city-planning"
  • Castel dell'Ovo
  • Veselfius
  • Starting the day off right with a power hour at @athletelabLDN this morning in London
  • One of us opted for a warmer ride this morning. @yoannroman's first ride in @gozwift
  • Short cruise with 30 other folks playing hookey this afternoon.
  • Chatting it up with Jacques this morning
  • Nothing quite like the real thing
  • The view from my trainer
  • New toy day
  • Copenhagen central
  • No snow today
  • Didn't keep this for too long. I'm a mountain goat in a power-climber's world @gozwift
  • Happy to be drifting in the snow
  • I've been riding / beta-testing @gozwift for a couple weeks now, and man, is it a fun way to get a workout in early in the morning
  • Snow and shorts
  • Sunrise!
  • Too many gloves on to take a decent selfie
  • Five minutes before roll-out, @yoannroman decides to overhaul his bike
  • Sunburn at 0 degrees
  • Apparently we're susceptible to hurricanes here, too
  • Zwift
  • Yoann in Sintra
  • This old chestnut
  • SF
  • No longer have to wear Rapha when running
  • Sun doesn't get too high around here
  • Cambridge
  • Vitamin-D
  • Cuddling cows
  • These farm roads are pretty peaceful
  • Can you guess which one is flat?
  • Red on yellow, deadly fellow
  • Clear and cold
  • Hamburger Winter Sonnencreme
  • Not sure that climb was worth this view
  • Blue reservoir
  • Second major reservoir serving Mallorca
  • This bike is so goddamn heavy
  • Almost home. Out of swear words.
  • Home
  • Like California but with cheaper beer, and better drivers
  • Weekly market in Andratx. I bought a half kilo of Spanish almonds for €5. Almost bought a half kilo of gummy bears too
  • One last spin before @yoannroman goes back to Hamburg
  • First hill @yoannroman has climbed since July
  • Rabid sheep
  • Cloudy morning in Palma
  • Tramuntana
  • Valldemossa
  • Andratx
  • Andratx
  • Ready for Mallorca
  • I wonder if there's a Chipotle in the US consulate
  • Alster rowers
  • Finally unpacked the BreakAway
  • Moin
  • Yoann might just get a tan today
  • Baaaaaaah
  • Not sure I really left SF
  • Hello neighbors
  • Enjoying the new view
  • Die Alster
  • Moving day
  • Neue Wohnung!
  • Not a bad view
  • Goodbye Winterhude
  • Working hard so you don't have to
  • My new Polo Fields
  • To IKEA!
  • Friday rush-hour in Hamburg
  • Deciding to spent a few less miles in the saddle, and a few more on the feet this fall. Ankle mobility is suffering considerably
  • Flyby with this guy on a cloudy day
  • This feels about right
  • Squamish bound
  • Made it to Squamish. Checking up on @yoannroman via the Ironman live-tracker
  • Downtown
  • And back
  • Hors Catégorie all in my face
  • New kicks
  • Bloody amazing view at the Peaks this morning #calisucksdontcome
  • Warm up top
  • Great company in the way home from CdP
  • And a good morning to you, too #stravaproveit
  • @linebrake capturing that well-earned view on dirty-cross Sunday #stravaproveit
  • Can't get enough of the 1
  • #aidslifecycle
  • Kind of early
  • Really early
  • Otter pop stop #aidslifecycle
  • #aidslifecycle
  • @yoannroman made us do a second repeat after this
  • Day 4 in the books #aidslifecycle
  • Julien is ready to attack today's climbs
  • Hiding from that marine layer outside
  • Yep. #aidslifecycle
  • My favorite coffee spot in Lompoc #aidslifecycle
  • @owen checking out the digs outside of Ventura
  • #metagramming with @yoannroman
  • Ice cream selfie in Paradise Pit
  • This is why I ride
  • Belvey