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Jeff Dickey

Jeff Dickey

Arlington, VA
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Scott Mountain Bike Team: or

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 140
  • 280
  • 420
  • 560
  • 700
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 40.7mi
  • 2h 17m
  • 912ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd best estimated 15k effort
  • 8th overall on Trafton Rd Climb
  • PR on Hains Point Critical Mass Sprint
  • PR on Union Dam climb


Distance 3,456.7mi
Time 250h 2m
Elevation Gain 204,633ft
Rides 211


Total Distance 26,754.7mi
Total Time 1969h 31m
Total Elev Gain 1,550,358ft
Total Rides 1136

Recent Photos

  • Beautiful day here in VT to be out on the trails
  • Running last 10 with Laura
  • Finish a race and handed a beer. That's the way all mtb races should end!
  • Rest day ride. Ran into the DH park that had lots of berms and drops
  • Hotel on the cone of the mountain (and top of the ski area) overlooking Liberec
  • Looking down to the 120 and 90 meter ski jumps at the ski area overlooking Liberec
  • Bike czech along the river in Prague
  • Heading out for some urban mountain bike orienteering practice on a hot afternoon
  • Some MTBO urban navigation training today
  • Totally cooked after a 1.5 hour Vizsla run and a 2 hour orienteering race. The dog needed to use my arm as a pillow on the drive home #vizsla #vizslaproblems
  • Tons of mountain laurel in the woods for today's orienteering event (mosquitos and thorns too)
  • The mountain laurel was not kind to me. Thrashed through acres of it and it bit back
  • Always impressed by the cherry blossoms. Near peak today
  • Lots of forest roads today in the Francis Marion National Forest
  • Checkpoints in trees
  • Burned forest sections - an hour spent looking for a point
  • Cypress swamps for hours
  • Slackline across deep swamp to a checkpoint high in a tree (glad I didn't take a swim!)
  • Done!!! Just over 10 hours of running, paddling and riding
  • Mango is totally cooked after a 3.5 hour orienteering race through deep snow, having deer, a fox and pulling me along #vizsla #vizslaproblems
  • Riding indoors - fueled by jelly beans
  • Slushy and slow mtb ride around the Arlington Triangle following in the tracks of Team Danish
  • God's Trail DH #ESF
  • Dickey Brothers Training Camp Day 4 - Mountain Laps
  • Over Grey Whale Cove
  • Top of Montera Mountain / Cave Trail
  • Grey Whale Cove
  • Cave Trail DH
  • Dickey Training Camp Day 3 - Redwood Forest
  • J&J
  • Dickey Brothers Training Camp Day 2
  • #ESF
  • Riding into the sunset on Russian Ridge
  • #ESF
  • Dickey Training Camp Day 1
  • Watching guys surfing Mavericks at sunset
  • Looks like this is the stopping point of this trail ride. Bowman club or not, 30-06 gunshots in the distance, hunting season and my white helmet don't mix
  • Glad I didn't go the other way either. These guys are across the street/trail from the bow club
  • Snow ride today
  • High risk riding with just a single operational brake
  • Been away from New England winter riding for a bit. Don't miss snow/ice fairings on my bike one bit...
  • That's the longest I've run in 5 years. Made it out mostly alive and was only lost for 15 minutes of the 3 hour run
  • Trail run with the dog #vizsla
  • Chain Bridge
  • Just past peak foliage
  • Squirrel!
  • 5:20 am roll out today. Hoping the trails aren't too messy and can get in the whole 135 mile loop
  • Chain Bridge meetup point
  • Running a bit slow this morning. I think the distillery closed, so this might be one of the last bottles for me
  • Early morning sunlight
  • Rode with Sunny for the last half of the MoCo loop
  • Rolling home in the rain
  • Nectar of the gods? Yes.
  • Lots of this today
  • Somewhere near Middleburg
  • Heading up Bull Mountain
  • I've been waiting for BBQ for hours...
  • Recovery beer. Gouden Carolus cuvée. My favorite!
  • Recovery drink for mommy too
  • Alternative line at Fountainhead
  • Flying at Fountainhead on Fathers Day
  • Running with the dog. He's a climber! #vizsla #vizslapuppy
  • Found in the woods
  • Sea of grass (and ticks)
  • New jump lines at Fountainhead
  • Rolling the big drop at Fountainhead
  • Trail hazard
  • Heading home with my XTR derailleur and chain in a bag. Thankfully it happened at the top of a 35 minute descent
  • Camp Juggernaut @ Leesburg Bakers Dozen. Waiting for the "talent" to arrive... #juggernautesf
  • Wishing I had some studded tires
  • Miles of singletrack all to my own
  • Ribbon of icy singletrack to ride today. Good for technical skills!
  • Snowy ride on fast singletrack
  • Heading out to ski with some ancient skis and wax I found from UNH & high school ski team days
  • Seen 30 feet after I nearly ended up as someone's hood ornament
  • Snowmobile network in our back yard where I got my mountain bike start
  • Some very off-trail Nordic skiing in the back woods
  • First chain break in 5+ years. Glad I carry a full size Park chain tool and a KMC master link to make a fast repair
  • Mountain laurel trails #esf
  • Cliff side trail. Risk = reward
  • Coastal ride. Pillar Point.
  • Riding through the back yard of the Ritz. Bagpiper concert happening
  • Mountains to the shore
  • Trail through the trees
  • Redwoods
  • Skeggs with Jon
  • Bridge time
  • Back to SFO
  • Mt Tam in the background
  • On the way up to Mt Tam East Peak
  • Mt Tam summit
  • Green gulch summit
  • Riding with Juggernaut West Coast Squad in the redwood forests
  • The pro field
  • With Jon in Half Moon Bay for the Mavericks surf competition starting ceremony
  • Heading home via the C&O. Glassy water and a nice sunset
  • Riding with a squirrel today. He had a traumatic injury early in the ride when his nuts got caught in his front wheel. Ouch
  • The long awaited bacon-hot dog aid station
  • Gorgeous trails today
  • Trying to eat 20 cookies on this 100+ mile mtb ride. 8 down, 45 miles to go...
  • Objective one accomplished. Met up with the guys on Chain Bridge. Glad I won't have to chase for 2.5 hours like last year...
  • 5:15am roll-out this morning under a full moon to meet up with Ian, Sunny and Mike to ride to the MoCo Epic
  • Ran into a teenager's party spot out in the woods completely stocked up with red Solo cups and a beer pong table
  • More new to me Arlington singletrack today. Linking it together...
  • Finding/exploring more new-to-me Arlington singletrack
  • First time jumping in the local stream. Won't be the last - he really enjoyed it! #vizsla #vizslapuppy
  • First ride on a Wolftooth 42T CX ring today. No dropped chains, runs a lot quieter and dropped a 1/2 pound off my bike #wolftoothcomponents
  • Glad Mango is home with us! #vizsla #vizslapuppy
  • Got my 44t drop stop chainring today from Wolftooth. Can't wait to test this out
  • A bit hot and dry for cyclocross. Much better day to be out on the trails on the mtb
  • Great trail conditions today!
  • Finishing up the mtb loop on the C&O. Glad it's not as crowded in the afternoon as it was this morning
  • At four weeks #vizsla #vizslapuppy
  • Laura says I can't eat my body weight in cookies on this ride today. I accept that challenge!
  • Reston Century with Laura today. Great day for a long ride!
  • So, we're getting a dog. Here he is at one week old #viszla #viszlapuppy
  • First ride on a Woolftooth drop stop 34T direct mount chainring today. Awesomely quiet!
  • Big rattlesnake on today's ride. He didn't like it when I picked him up and flicked him off the road!
  • Found some twisty new singletrack in McLean today
  • All new trails for me today!
  • Going to miss you, Elwood
  • Replacing the pain of loss with pain in the legs today. A temporary respite of switching thoughts to other things
  • Losing my left contact 20 miles into todays 100 mile mtb race resulted in poor depth perception on the rocks at Patapsco and eased my decision to pull the plug on the race after 67 miles
  • Scouting wedding photo locations. Lots of roses here!
  • Some cool singletrack cutting high on a ridge with a long drop to the river below
  • Welcome bags prepped by my parents. A bird theme runs throughout
  • Not as much singletrack today as fast sweeping fire road with bearmed turns
  • Sign on Laura's aunt's door. They decorated their house as part of the annual June lights nights and their theme was our wedding
  • Off to Laura's 15th high school reunion
  • Found miles and miles of single track today.
  • Meeting up with Sunny and Ian at the beer stop
  • Post ride beer. Ao good after 7 hours on the mtb
  • BBQ trail stop. Yum!
  • Thanks for the beer!
  • Start of today's Fairfax County Epic
  • Baby groundhog out in the 100 degree heat along the trail on today's long ride (plus two criteriums)
  • Mountain massacred. Great road race, though.
  • Memorial Day weekend riding in Deep Creek, MD area with lots of folks
  • Finish of the Tour of Tucker county after the 5 mile ascent of Sugar Lands at 10+ percent grade
  • Birthday ride with Mike and the US Military team
  • Water fill up halfway through a day of fast flowing trails
  • Bridge
  • Spotted a Black-crowned Night-Heron on today's ride.  Must have been confused as it was broad daylight!
  • Pre riding the Patapsco 100 with Mike
  • Lots of Great Blue Herons along the trail
  • Windy day on the towpath
  • Lots of snow today. High winds, 38 degrees and driving rain. A character building ride...
  • Heading up to the snow line.  A day after 65 degrees and sun -- snow riding
  • Finally a sunny and warmish day for a ride -- celebrated with a post ride drink
  • Post trail work ride. Practicing underpass riding....
  • Too cold for snakes today, thankfully
  • Took a bit of riding into a headwind to get there, but finally on some fun & dry trails
  • Early morning ride on frozen trails. Fast rolling!
  • Gorgeous night for a ride in mid-January
  • Rolling both tires means I don't have to remove them after the end of the cross season...
  • Saw this barred owl out on my mtb ride
  • Crossing the ferry on today's ride. Coldest section of the ride!