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Philip Mooney

Philip Mooney

San Rafael, California
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I love riding bikes. I also like looking at rocks and doing other fun things.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 110
  • 220
  • 330
  • 440
  • 550
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 48.1mi
  • 4h 12m
  • 4,232ft


  • 2nd best estimated 1k effort (3:32)
  • 2nd best estimated 1/2 mile effort (2:45)
  • 3rd best estimated 1/2 mile effort (2:45)
  • 3rd best estimated 400m effort (1:14)


Distance 2,950.8mi
Time 232h 17m
Elevation Gain 288,281ft
Rides 133


Total Distance 38,721.9mi
Total Time 2501h 5m
Total Elev Gain 3,050,282ft
Total Rides 1172

Recent Photos

  • First tracks run. Love the light in the morning.
  • @coffeeandeggs always knows where to find the good stuff (and has been caught 'grammin). Carson Falls is boomin'! There is a lot of water in Marin right now.
  • 6:30am and we made it to the top of Mt Tam. @a_goessling above the clouds.
  • I like living here. Hopefully this photo will help convince @a_goessling that he needs to move to Marin.
  • Picnic lunch high above @sonomastateuniversity at the Fairfield Osborne preserve. #classinanhour
  • Do the carbon rails on a Specialized Phenom saddle have a weight limit?!? Just cracked the saddle on a seated climb. Sorry @mathuemc!!! #notatraceweight
  • Sunrise over Marin on a morning Mt Tam summit run with @a_goessling
  • Ride bikes, bros! #shralptherad #gettingpitted
  • This is how I looked at the beginning of my ride with @h24cycling in @visitmammoth. After my ride I'm in the same position... but now exhausted, horizontal, and laying on the kitchen floor. Good day!
  • The king is dead, long live the king! Many thanks to @visitmammoth for replacing my favorite hat of all time.
  • Jet lagged and awake at 5am on the Mooney Farm. Dad drinking coffee while the hound chases some chickens. #indiana
  • We are leaving Barna tomorrow, but not going home yet! #americantourists
  • Mandy has an eye for geology. #thrustfault #rocks
  • All of the lights w/ #nofilter. Since this is my fourth post in a row, here concludes my #gramslam
  • Into the mist with @a_goessling
  • @mandub and her running buddy, Ruby, before their 5k with Girls on the Run in SF. (@girlsrunbayarea). #werunthepark
  • I helped @todibble eventually...but first I had to take a pic of his precarious perch.
  • Scoping out the hoods with @mandub.
  • Out for a hike with my wonderful wife and she found a friend, a California Newt. Warning: The skin secretions of the Newts of the genus Taricha contain toxins similar to those found in pufferfish liver. These are among the deadliest natural toxins yet discovered. A healthy adult will die from eating just one Newt. Care should be taken to wash hands thoroughly after handling Newts.
  • Bon Tempe hike with @mandub. My very favorite way to end the day.
  • Deer Park hike with @mandub. Perfect way to spend the evening.
  • Early morning SF bike riding.
  • Riding through the verdant hills around Straus Creamery in west Sonoma. Really makes me want milk/cheese/ice cream.
  • I work down there. The fence points directly at my office. It's a little nicer up here. #nofilter
  • Last of the sunlight over Sun Valley.
  • I was running on a trail to watch the sunrise and riding on a trail to see the sunset. Today was a good day.
  • Here comes the sun in Sun Valley.
  • Spent the day getting smashed by @oliviadill, @markhamconnolly, and @crwines. It was glorious.
  • After work China Camp run ending right. With sunsets like this I don't need a filter.
  • I like riding in Marin.
  • Goal of the run - Have some fun, beat the sun. Nice to explore well-known China Camp trails at a different speed.
  • Morning mist burning hike with @mandub. #yolandatrail
  • 5+ hrs. Best ride in months. #gravelbike
  • Eeking out the last few minutes of daylight for a trail run in China Camp. I love Marin.
  • Dipsea with the newlyweds. #katie&scott4eva
  • With extra sunlight and trails like this out my front door, I actually like running!
  • Run @mandub, run! The ocean is calling.
  • From the garden to my plate. My take on eggplant parmesan. Thanks for feeding me @chrislyman @carmlyman!
  • Napa street art. Inspiring me to moooooooove after I crushed myself on the bike (which didn't take very long).
  • 5 minutes before this he crashed twice on Hummingbird trail. 1 minute before this he was stung by a bee. 30 seconds before this he hit his bars and went off trail. When this crash happened I was ready with my camera!#pannierschaefer #crossiscoming #mikesbikes
  • Me and the hound adventuring through the goathead jungle. #livinglikealyman
  • #LT100 run prep with @herbalife24
  • Nice day to be on top of a mountain.
  • Today is a beautiful day to @visitmammoth. Fitting that this ride ends in the town of Paradise. #bikemammoth
  • Have I mentioned I love Mammoth Lakes? Shooting a commercial for @visitmammoth with this gorgeous background. #bikemammoth
  • China Camp bike ride with my new neighbor! It's nice out there.
  • Tahoe dirt with my brother! Photo credit to @a_goessling.
  • Delicious breakfast. Great MTB ride. A jump into the lake. About to take a nap. And later I get to marry @mandub!!! Today is a good day. #mooneywedding2014
  • Jesse humped this big bike all the way to the top of Yogi trail outside of Truckee. It was worth it. That trail is rad.
  • Her first ever mountain bike ride. It was a hoot!
  • The rock monster of the Alabama Hills is coming for my bike!
  • Signs like this are not a deterrent when I'm searching for new routes to commute to work.
  • Oh Tule Fog, I think you're a cool phenomenon but I haven't missed you. I hope turbulent air comes in to break you up quickly because I like sunshine and my hands are cold.
  • What is in here? Reminds me of those scary worms in the movie know the sweet Kevin Bacon movie.
  • I wish this picture could demonstrate how stinkin' windy it is up here. Tailwind home! Wooo!
  • My last Sonoma County bike ride while living in Petaluma!
  • Lovely Pennsylvania.
  • Riding bikes in Amish country. 5 carriages. 15 bike riders with funny hats.
  • G to the H to the E to the T-T-O
  • Am I the only one that thinks this is funny?!?
  • Nom Nom Nom. I challenge all comers to a pit spittin' contest!
  • Reading Soft Pretzel factory. I bet this place hasn't changed in 50 years. So cool.
  • New York City's idea of a bike path. Lovely.
  • I found the one nice road in NYC!
  • A good thick coating of disgusting New York street grime. #rainride
  • World Trade Center building in progress.
  • @agstall - I took this picture in NYC a couple years ago. Looks similar to the one you just posted!
  • Bicycle racin'!
  • To all my Brooklyn...
  • I found where the wild things are.
  • From the channel to the lake.
  • Sand dunes with the little dude!
  • It was a good wish!
  • 'Cleaning my bike' is very different than 'I'm cleaning my bike'.
  • This is my happy place.
  • This is what John looks like 2 seconds before going over the bars. Don't worry, he wasn't hurt and bounced back like a champ!
  • He is Iron Man!
  • Good to be back in the city!
  • I want one.
  • Gnar
  • @ryanparadiso 's bum looked amazing in that dress. Ha!
  • East Bay Schralping
  • Went for a nice Mike's bike ride with #tmbcx
  • Poetry
  • Fall colors in Sun Valley, ID. So nice up here.
  • Schralping the rad with The Mammoth. I-D-A-H-O. ????????
  • @henryscholz @waltonbrush
  • I want this dragon fence to scare away evil-doers.
  • A fair bit of sunshine over green fields is a welcome sight after the weekend storm.
  • It's way warmer up here than down below!
  • The police are out in force helping us this afternoon. Nice of them.
  • Me thinks there's a storm a brewin' over San Francisco.
  • Hella sweet scraper bike cruisin' through Oakland.
  • @andygoes1 #kickflip
  • @andygoes1 dropping in. #kickflip
  • Happy bike to work day! #biketowork #bikeforwork
  • Up up up to the crow's nest! Over 120ft up in the redwoods of Sonoma. #treehouseofdreams
  • This is what it looks like when you ride the last 50m of the USPro TT. Except more people watching when you're really racing.
  • I tend to be pretty cavalier with my approach to trespassing in search of cool new roads...but perhaps I'll go the long way around this time.
  • Road biking. Pshah!
  • For some mind boggling reason, this was a new road for me and my @jamisbikes @jamiscx rig today.
  • The legend, @waltonbrush.
  • The new whip! So stoked to be cruising around on a Breezer in Marin County.