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j Mac55

j Mac55

Sonoma Cty, California
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 70
  • 140
  • 210
  • 280
  • 350
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 10.4mi
  • 1h 35m
  • 2,030ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Gold Hill Fire Rd Climb
  • 2nd fastest time on Howarth warmup
  • 2nd fastest time on Down into the Abyss-Powerline to Woodley
  • 2nd fastest time on North Burma UH - Live Oak to W.P.R.


Distance 1,122.1mi
Time 142h 52m
Elevation Gain 164,383ft
Rides 62


Total Distance 8,894.3mi
Total Time 1013h 4m
Total Elev Gain 1,172,703ft
Total Rides 437

Recent Photos

  • Long shadows. Getting late.....
  • February. Really.....
  • And yet, sometimes, pedal to the metal don't look back! ~rabbit~
  • Drop'n IN!
  • Labirynth....?
  • Still hang'n with the rabbit! So fun!
  • Got 2 of them out on trails! Woohoo
  • The BAR!
  • Lee and his new gal Ruby!
  • Pooooof
  • Trail SSsssteward
  • My last 26" Retro Ride.
It's 4 Sale on Craig's btw
  • Mt. St. Helena
  • West Boob Vista
  • Rode hard. Hang"n up wet!
  • Action Fig' Tree
  • SSweet SSummit Bag'n
  • Boob stormage
  • Action figure tree
  • Vast
  • Cold layers...
  • Drastic changes from yesterday, bike and weather.
  • Nippyy
  • Morning
  • Helen with Helena in the distance.
  • SStop and SSmell the roSSeSS
  • Ed topping errrr tappung out....:)
  • Topping out onto Pine Mtn from Alpine via Oat Hill and Old V roads .
  • Your Pedestal.....
  • Bolinas Lagoon with Ocean Beach beyond
  • JetSStreamSS
  • Lunch maybe....
  • SShe'SS SStill SSleeping
  • Equalizers. Whatever I need to do....
  • Heading in.....
  • HorSSe Power....
  • YeSS. SSteeper than it lookSS.
  • Catlike proweSS
  • Venturing out of boundSS
  • Pacific Vista
  • Ed getting' his Bald on
  • ChaSSing daylight
  • Tight SSqueeze
  • Well lit canopy
  • AbySS
  • Big E goin away.....
  • Top of Marshall Wall overlooking Tomales Bay
  • Feel the FLOW. RIDE it don't SLIDE it!
  • Big E phone home
  • Distant layers
  • Come in Houston, do you have a copy. over.
  • Tis the Season!
  • Heading out with a friendly monkey on my back
  • Lots of holiday traveler jetstreams above
  • We're going over there!?!?!
  • Staging.....
  • Cool cloudSS today
  • Peeking out of SSpin Class windows. New views  around every one of them...
  • AbySS
  • SShe"s SStill SSleeping.
  • SSpin CClaSS
  • And sometimes increasing speed can make more of the moment.....
  • SStalking. SSilently....
  • "RED DAWN!"........
  • East overlook bench
  • 650B babu
  • Dorra
  • Nothing feels better than a fresh set of rubbers
  • CriSSp....
  • Boobidge
  • Trying out new WTB 650Bee Line tire
  • Ed. Tipping out.
  • Ed gets the Boob the hard way
  • She's named the Sleeping Lady. I swear she's had one eye open, taunting me the whole ride.
  • UC Santa Cruz tanks got nuthin on these here in Fairfax!
  • Late for The Party!?!?! Wtf....
  • The Lady above Kent Lake, sleeping still.
  • Finally on The Loop
  • On the Knoll
  • Finding Solstice on Truck Trail....
  • 680 @ Sleepy Hollow Ridge
  • I'm late but I'm off.....
  • Heading out on my Marin Appetite Seminar
  • Bruno's whaaaaa?
  • Bubble vision
  • Layers
  • Embrace the Force
  • Fall Magic Carpet Ride
  • SSimply SSingletrack
  • SStalking SSngletrack. SSilently......
  • SSpinning out yeSSterdaySS migraine cobwebbSS......
  • Too pooped. Too late.
I missed it. Slacker...
  • Looks AWESOME!! ed....
  • Single track siloutte
  • Mid November fusk
  • Singlettack selfy
  • Into the abyss of the Enchanted Forest
  • Blast Off!
  • Where's Waldo?
  • Essess
  • Snake in a Bunch of Grass
  • Hansel undt Gretel showing me the way?....
  • Entwined
  • From where'st I was....
  • Still stalking....
  • Singletrack stalking.....
  • Summit hunting.
  • South Loop entrance
  • South Loop intersections line of sight opened up
  • Group Shot
  • Arbor Day??
  • CASA HS trail work day with REI
  • Evening layers
  • Poof......
  • sSilouette
  • Trademark jetstream
  • Poof. And it was over.....
  • I don't mind this monkey on my back...
  • Ground zero during ride....
  • Lake is level......
  • Cove Trail
  • Backside view of Lake Sonoma dam.
  • Can you say Old Growth?
  • Committed and dropping in
  • Entrance closed. Guess I won't be staging for ride here.....
  • Time to go
  • HP Ridge
  • Evening light
  • SShadowSS
  • SSecret meadow in a secret place
  • SSerenading Anna
  • Fall?.......
  • Get'n me SSome 2Quarry