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j Mac55

j Mac55

Sonoma Cty, California
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 60
  • 120
  • 180
  • 240
  • 300
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 51.6mi
  • 6h 8m
  • 4,896ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Hershey Squirts
  • PR on Chur
  • PR on Head Hunter & False Lake Meadow
  • 2nd fastest time on Tour de Neighborhood


Distance 1,389.9mi
Time 176h 19m
Elevation Gain 195,587ft
Rides 78


Total Distance 9,162.1mi
Total Time 1046h 31m
Total Elev Gain 1,203,907ft
Total Rides 453

Recent Photos

  • How do YOU spell Labrynth?...
  • Rode hard. Put away wet. Hung out to dry.
  • Long shadows. Getting late.....
  • February. Really.....
  • And yet, sometimes, pedal to the metal don't look back! ~rabbit~
  • Drop'n IN!
  • Labirynth....?
  • Still hang'n with the rabbit! So fun!
  • Got 2 of them out on trails! Woohoo
  • The BAR!
  • Lee and his new gal Ruby!
  • Pooooof
  • Trail SSsssteward
  • My last 26" Retro Ride.
It's 4 Sale on Craig's btw
  • Mt. St. Helena
  • West Boob Vista
  • Rode hard. Hang"n up wet!
  • Action Fig' Tree
  • SSweet SSummit Bag'n
  • Boob stormage
  • Action figure tree
  • Vast
  • Cold layers...
  • Drastic changes from yesterday, bike and weather.
  • Nippyy
  • Morning
  • Helen with Helena in the distance.
  • SStop and SSmell the roSSeSS
  • Ed topping errrr tappung out....:)
  • Topping out onto Pine Mtn from Alpine via Oat Hill and Old V roads .
  • Your Pedestal.....
  • Bolinas Lagoon with Ocean Beach beyond
  • JetSStreamSS
  • Lunch maybe....
  • SShe'SS SStill SSleeping
  • Equalizers. Whatever I need to do....
  • Heading in.....
  • HorSSe Power....
  • YeSS. SSteeper than it lookSS.
  • Catlike proweSS
  • Venturing out of boundSS
  • Pacific Vista
  • Ed getting' his Bald on
  • ChaSSing daylight
  • Tight SSqueeze
  • Well lit canopy
  • AbySS
  • Big E goin away.....
  • Big E phone home
  • Feel the FLOW. RIDE it don't SLIDE it!
  • Top of Marshall Wall overlooking Tomales Bay
  • Distant layers
  • Come in Houston, do you have a copy. over.
  • Tis the Season!
  • Heading out with a friendly monkey on my back
  • Lots of holiday traveler jetstreams above
  • We're going over there!?!?!
  • Staging.....
  • Cool cloudSS today
  • Peeking out of SSpin Class windows. New views  around every one of them...
  • AbySS
  • SShe"s SStill SSleeping.
  • SSpin CClaSS
  • And sometimes increasing speed can make more of the moment.....
  • SStalking. SSilently....
  • "RED DAWN!"........
  • East overlook bench
  • 650B babu
  • Dorra
  • Nothing feels better than a fresh set of rubbers
  • CriSSp....
  • Boobidge
  • Trying out new WTB 650Bee Line tire
  • Ed. Tipping out.
  • Ed gets the Boob the hard way
  • She's named the Sleeping Lady. I swear she's had one eye open, taunting me the whole ride.
  • UC Santa Cruz tanks got nuthin on these here in Fairfax!
  • The Lady above Kent Lake, sleeping still.
  • Late for The Party!?!?! Wtf....
  • Finally on The Loop
  • On the Knoll
  • Finding Solstice on Truck Trail....
  • 680 @ Sleepy Hollow Ridge
  • I'm late but I'm off.....
  • Heading out on my Marin Appetite Seminar
  • Bruno's whaaaaa?
  • Bubble vision
  • Layers
  • Embrace the Force
  • Fall Magic Carpet Ride
  • SSimply SSingletrack
  • SStalking SSngletrack. SSilently......
  • SSpinning out yeSSterdaySS migraine cobwebbSS......
  • Too pooped. Too late.
I missed it. Slacker...
  • Looks AWESOME!! ed....
  • Single track siloutte
  • Mid November fusk
  • Into the abyss of the Enchanted Forest
  • Blast Off!
  • Singlettack selfy
  • Essess
  • Where's Waldo?
  • Snake in a Bunch of Grass
  • Hansel undt Gretel showing me the way?....
  • Entwined
  • From where'st I was....
  • Singletrack stalking.....
  • Still stalking....
  • Summit hunting.
  • South Loop entrance
  • South Loop intersections line of sight opened up
  • Group Shot
  • Arbor Day??
  • CASA HS trail work day with REI
  • Evening layers
  • Poof......
  • sSilouette
  • Trademark jetstream
  • Poof. And it was over.....
  • I don't mind this monkey on my back...
  • Ground zero during ride....
  • Cove Trail
  • Lake is level......
  • Backside view of Lake Sonoma dam.
  • Can you say Old Growth?
  • Committed and dropping in
  • Entrance closed. Guess I won't be staging for ride here.....
  • Time to go
  • HP Ridge
  • Evening light
  • SShadowSS
  • Get'n me SSome 2Quarry
  • Fall?.......
  • SSerenading Anna
  • SSecret meadow in a secret place