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Arthur Alston

Arthur Alston

Manly, New South Wales, Australia
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 280
  • 560
  • 840
  • 1120
  • 1400
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 226.0km
  • 8h 11m
  • 3,796m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Kick on from Corky
  • PR on Start of Corkscrew to Bridge
  • 2nd fastest time on Marble Hill Poggio
  • 2nd fastest time on Cherryville mash


Distance 7,853.5km
Time 309h 21m
Elevation Gain 120,133m
Rides 152


Total Distance 46,083.3km
Total Time 1804h 18m
Total Elev Gain 597,619m
Total Rides 759

Recent Photos

  • Sunrise over Port Jackson
  • RG @just_fran: All matching and stuff. @jasmonoz @arthur_alston @dubonab1ke #cani_pazzi #coffeeracer #regramapp
  • RG @dubonab1ke: #canipazzi #ettalongloop #smashfest ferry back to palmy. Almost home !! @arthur_alston @dave_warno #regramapp
  • First ride of spring. Park-up. We took a gamble that we would miss the rain and so far we've been rewarded.
  • Coast To Toast ride - half way point.
  • Coast To Toast ride - half way point.
  • Recovery ride Kangaroo Valley style. RG @charlmarais1974 #regramapp
  • Recovery ride Kangaroo Valley style. RG @charlmarais1974: Following Dan up Berry Mountain #regramapp
  • Recovery ride Kangaroo Valley style. RG @dubonab1ke: Roads less ridden #rapharising #pioneergrimpeurs #ridingforroundels #brightcycles #cyclingphotos #wymtm #regramapp
  • Recovery ride Kangaroo Valley style. RG @charlmarais1974 #regramapp #rapharising #pioneergrimpeurs
  • Recovery ride Kangaroo Valley style. RG @jasmonoz: One of the 17% ramps #rapharising #pioneergrimpeurs #ridingforroundels #fromwhereiride #wymtm #outsideisfree #cyclistlyf #roadcycling #regramapp
  • If it's not on Strava and Instagram it didn't happen. #rapharising #ridingforroundels #pioneergrimpeurs @dubonab1ke @jasmonoz @charlmarais1974 comparing notes from the Jamberoo Mountain Lookout
  • My very own Rapha photo shoot - Kings of Pain RG @dubonab1ke: Foggy start in the valley. #pioneergrimpeurs #rapharising #ridingforroundels #wymtm #cyclingphotos #brightcycles #regramapp
  • RG @jasmonoz: Barrengarry Mountain tick. Off to Robbos pie shop. #ridingforroundels #rapharising #pioneergrimpeurs #fromwhereiride #outsideisfree #wymtm #roadcycling #cyclistlyf #regramapp
  • RG @charlmarais1974 #regramapp #rapharising
  • Great way to start a big day in the saddle RG @charlmarais1974: Barrengarry mountain #regramapp #rapharising
  • Last big climb of the day #rapharising
  • I looked up and saw this...sunrise over Queenscliff. #fromwhereiride
  • Everesting with a view. Stay strong fellas. RG @tom_wallis: Photographing the photographer photographing the 2 Crazy Dudes #Everesting Taronga. Beautiful morning for @shauny_b1 and @flammablethinker and you can never tire of that view even if you'll be going past it over 50 times today! Good luck boys, see you this evening. #rapha #attaquer #regramapp
  • RG @jasmonoz: A moment to enjoy the fruits of a tough ride "It Burns". #regramapp
  • Sunrise over my local beach. Best way to start the weekend. #nofilter #fromwhereIride
  • First sunlight hitting the cliffs below Middle Head at the entrance to Watsons Bay. Downtown Sydney in the background. Two Manly ferries crossing one another in the bay.
  • Southern Highlands putting its best foot forward. Perfect autumn day. #fromwhereiride #wymtm
  • RG @charlmarais1974 #fromwhereiride #wymtm
  • Across Barrenjoey Headlamd towards the Central Coast. Middle of winter. #wymtm #fromwhereIride
  • Sunrise over Barrenjoey
  • Lots of people out making the most of this warm autumn sunrise.
  • RG @jasmonoz: The lads #fiascocyclismo #outsideisfree #fromwhereiride #cycling #cyclistlyf #cyclingphotos #igerscycling #wymtm #prohours #regramapp
  • RG @jasmonoz: #fiascocyclismo #cycling #cyclistlyf #cyclingphotos #prohours #wymtm #fromwhereiride #cani_pazzi #regramapp
  • RG @jasmonoz: Yeah baby! #cycling #cyclistlyf #cyclingphotos #prohours #wymtm #fiascocyclismo @arthur_alston @tim_ransome #regramapp
  • RG @jnsbseoul: "Yellow leads the group"
#ATOC #amgentourofcalifornia #MtDiablo #Wiggo #TeamSky #ProCycling 
#CREAMseoul by #jnsb #regramapp
  • Hello Monday
  • RG @tim_ransome: My last ride in Sydney! #fromwhereiride #wymtm #outsideisfree #cycling #roadcycling #cyclingphotos #igerscycling #cyclistlyf #regramapp
  • RG @charlmarais1974 #regramapp
  • Life behind bars
  • What a day to for the maiden voyage of my new @tubulartommy  #fiascociclismo cycling kit. Three hours of rain out of the five hour ride.
  • Brumko looking much cooler than me in my kit. #fiascociclismo #POC #Rapha
  • Tough day at the office
  • Sunrise over Palm Beach. Sunday morning ride. #outsideisfree
  • And a slightly different angle. #fiascociclismo
  • Blessed with a great end to the year and start of the next. #strava
  • Happy cycling stats for 2013. Now to decide what the cycling goal will be for 2014.
  • Finished #festive500 in top 2%
  • Great end to the year #strava
  • I'm impressed. Easy to set up. Worked out of the box. No fiddling. First ride this morning was flawless. Only drawback is the price.
  • Firefly #231 spotted in the wild for the first time.
  • Not a sight I see on a regular Monday recovery ride #RamblaInBarcelona
  • First ever 1500 km month on the bike
  • Sometimes it helps living Down Under #strava #theextender #itwillnotlast
  • Sometimes it helps living Down Under #strava #vueltaskelta #itwillnotlast
  • Lovely day for it
  • That's what I'm talking about.
  • Torture device or a cyclist's best friend? #triggerpointtherapy
  • These views never get old #outsideisfree
  • Adding a ferry trip to make a new cycling loop.
  • Adding a ferry trip to ride a new loop. All the rivers around Sydney make loops very difficult. #outsideisfree
  • Good service. Reminds me of all the bike stands in Majorca.
  • 11km winding road - one of the most frequented cycling roads in Sydney
  • Another sunny recovery ride in mid-winter
  • Apparwntly I missed the whales this morning.
  • Obligatory post-ride coffee photo.
  • ...followed by obligatory navel gazing cycling accessories photo #okthatsall
  • Danger. Wildlife on road.
  • Good old West Head Lookout with Palm Beach visible in the background. Very popular route here on Sydney's Northern Beaches.
  • Recovery ride day
  • And back home at my local beach
  • Hard to believe there are ~30 km of beaches like this north of Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • When the brochure from the real estate agent says "water glimpses" this is what the imply - but never mean.
  • Hard to believe its the middle of winter #outsideisfree
  • One of my favorite Sydney beaches - Saturday afternoon spin #outsideisfree
  • View across my new beach after riding my new recovery ride loop. New place in the distance. #newnewnew
  • Lets hope it stays clear. I've been soaked too often the last couple of weeks. #outsideisfree
  • Sunrise during my morning ride. The quality of the road surface here is poor - but it's a case of looking up to compensate for it. #outsideisfree #nofilter
  • Enjoying the Sydney flat white at one of the more popular after ride coffee shops
  • ...and the sun is back - so much better than the swim I had on the bike yesterday
  • ...and a nice view for a post-ride stretch #outsideisfree
  • I didn't know Sydney had roads like this... #outsideisfree
  • Waiting for the ferry - misty morning #outsideisfree
  • Bike path across Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Iron Lung #outsideisfree
  • Good to catch up with some  old mates with @martinhaswell
  • This ain't Basel no more
  • Solitary confinement after being dropped by a rampaging bunch #firstbunchrideinSydney
  • Great place to have a stretch after a ride
  • I'm blown away by how popular cycling is in Sydney. This is just one of many large groups I saw this morning.
  • Taking the ferry across to Manly to start a day of house hunting. #icons
  • Enough to make anyone religious - the old monks sure knew how to pick the good spots.
  • I looked back and saw this. Unfortunately the iPhone didn't quite capture the scene.
  • I never really appreciated engineering and road construction techniques like switchbacks until I started cycling. #outsideisfree #scalextricforbikes
  • One of my favorite spots in Mallorca. The whole Orient Valley is just magnificent. #outsideisfree #scalextricforbikes
  • One of those "my bike up against a wall" pictures. Nothing to see here - move on
  • Espresso time #scalextricforbikes #outsideisfree
  • Another beautiful square for lunch
  • I guess we're not the first - nor the last - cyclists to stop in this square. Pretty impressive to see how the island has embraced cycling. #scalextricforbikes
  • Who are these fit looking characters sponsored by Sky. With funny names like Stannard and Bosen-Hagen?
  • Ok. Last one for the day :)
  • Postcard cycling #scalextricforbikes
  • Day 1 in Majorca. Weather so-so, but the riding is great. #scalextricforbikes
  • Breathtakingly beautiful and cold today #wintercycling
  • Breathtakingly beautiful and cold today #wintercycling
  • This is as warm as its going to be today - best get going
  • It's a cold one today. Most southern tip of the Black Forest visible in the background. #wintercycling
  • This sets the bar pretty high for a Sunday afternoon cup of tea view point :) Great day out in Grindelwald with Paul (this is the norther face of a very famous Eiger mountain. Also known as the Troll. Famous for many people dying in their attempts to conquer it.
  • Didn't think my guns would see sunlight for another two months. #sneakylunchtimeride
  • Must make the most of this unseasonably balmy day. #sneakylunchtimeride
  • Ok. Lets get going. #lifestooshorttowasteasunnywinterday
  • Nearly at the top of the first big climb of the day.
  • Decisions decisions
  • "There is no such things as bad weather, only bad clothing" Sir Ranulph Fiennes. A very wet affair this morning. But the ride was made bearable with all the right gear.
  • Healthy food for cyclists
  • Today's big climb -La Berarde. 19km average gradient of 6%
  • This is the climb that the cyclists described as inhumane the first time Le Tour went over it. I found it extremely hard, beautiful mixed with agony.
  • Feeling humbled, elated and privileged to have ridden up the most famous of all Tour de France mountains. It's fair to say that every famous cyclist of the last century have ridden up here. A climb that is steeped in cycling lore.
  • At the foot of the Giant of Provence - Mont Ventoux. Exactly a vertical mile of ascent from this town - the classic ascent up and also the route that the Tour always takes.
  • At the top of Mont Ventoux. Probably the second most famous of all the Tour de France mountains, after Alpe d'Huez. Unmistakeable moon landscape at the top. Known for being a tough climb. Today we had wind gusting up to 100 km and it was 5 degrees at the top. It took me the whole descent of 30 km to warm up again - in a jacket. I've rarely battled so many elements at the same time. But it was absolutely worth the pain.
  • Another day another trip up Ventoux. Again the 100km/h wind an freezing conditions made the ascent tough. But I learn my lesson from the day before and wore better clothes.
  • Taking in the sights and sounds at the start of the Tour of the Falling Leaves - Tour of Lombardy. The traditional season end of the cycling Pro Tour.
  • Getting back on to the bikes after the coffee stop.
  • The toughest two kilometers in world cycling? Two k's at an average of 17% gradient. And it tops out at 24%. And yesterday the pro's raced up here. Don't know how they do it.
  • Not much beats catching the sun rise on a crisp autumn morning. Even though my hands were so cold I could hardly take the photo. Temperature barely above freezing during the whole ride.
  • Self-portraits on the bike are difficult!
  • This morning's self portrait. I'm determined to get this right! More tricky than I thought it would be.
  • Friday morning Assos addiction rolling rehabilitation session.  Sawyer showing signs of Castelli - the man needs some guidance. Godfrey fully compliant.
  • Morning ride photo. Still lots of snow left after the first fall on Saturday. One of the many castles surrounding Basel visible on the ridge.
  • Taking Ged on the compulsory tour around the Cape Peninsula.
  • Turned out to be a great ride. Considering its Jnauary and the averag temperature was 1 degree Celsius #2wheeltherapy
  • Good start to the week. Turbo training has its own special appeal and becomes quite addictive.