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Joshua Rogers

Joshua Rogers

Rocklin, CA
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Joshua Rogers is a cyclist from Rocklin, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 90
  • 180
  • 270
  • 360
  • 450
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 40.9mi
  • 2h 44m
  • 2,278ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on English Colony Tunnel (Southbound)
  • PR on Wildcat Sprint before W Stanford Ranch
  • PR on Canal Rise to 2nd St
  • PR on BB South


Distance 2,464.6mi
Time 164h 56m
Elevation Gain 128,691ft
Rides 110


Total Distance 6,947.3mi
Total Time 471h 54m
Total Elev Gain 371,453ft
Total Rides 327

Recent Photos

  • Riverside trail run with Jonny boy. #richmond2015
  • Caught grammin' #richmond2015
  • I was a tad nervous, but I was still #betterthanKip. thanks @simonmottramrapha for helping me to include @hotkarate in the #richmond2015 festivities
  • Cowbells sound like dub step beats in slo-mo. #richmond2015
  • Sometimes you show up for the ride and Rob has a @bijuthechef level stir fry for the pre-ride. @allenskratch would be proud.
  • Chubby bob cat chasing a sunset  #teamdreamsunsetchasingteam
  • Rise and grind crew at the Pink Box Donut for Rob's birthday. Happy birthday, Rob!
  • I got home from a short ride to find the playroom full of gym rats.
  • Two of @hannahbellini 's talents are visual arts and gift giving. We are so lucky to have her in our family.
  • I had to be away for a while, but I can definitely see beauty in the desert now.
  • The real desert beauty, my darling Valentine. @stacie6 , I love you!
  • Great having @hotkarate out for some NorCal riding.
  • Worth the spin. Thanks to G and the @missioncycling crew.
  • We could see all the way to Diablo. Stand up guys in the scrum today.
  • So great.
  • Brigham hosting an early morning literature session for his younger brothers.
  • I got overtaken by the biggest group ride ever on my short ride this morning.
  • I had only planned on a one hour ride, so I could only hang with these guys for several miles before I had to fade off the back and turn around. Much different from the normal group of three or four guys I ride with. One of the guys said that it is the biggest group ride in the western US. Estimated 1000 riders. I don't know if there were 1000, but it was a huge group.
  • Sometimes the feeling of unity with your friends hundreds of miles away is the last bit that gets you out of bed.
  • Earned it on Ridge Road.
  • Morning ride stop #1: Rapha ride shop.
  • Stop #2: Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Top of Park
  • I go ninja, Jeff goes school photo smile. Like a boss.
  • Fruits of an early morning ride.
  • Rob shows the less glamorous side of the peloton
  • After work ride with John Hancock. I hope I can still roll like him when I am 55.
  • @stacie6 didn't care much for my sock selection, but they were just what I had worn to work. I think they might be regulars on the ride...
  • Flophouse sleepover.
  • On walkabout down by the billabong. #battagliainmontagna
  • Billabongs and sheep. Maybe I should be headed to Australia for my birthday instead...
  • Ridge Road and Indian Hill are a part of a well balanced breakfast.
  • Heart breakers. We call this "gooter pants."
  • The couple that sweats together stays together.
  • 5:30. Time to make the donuts.
  • AZ mornings are clear and bright.
  • Training for Mission Impossible style rubber masks.
  • This morning's ride menu by @skratchlabs and Trader Joe's.
  • Pre-dawn ride up toward the sunrise.
  • Post ride donut run with the yellow-headed ninja.
  • The whole neighborhood is on the trampoline.
  • New flooring day! We left our mark on the old stuff before it gets covered up.
  • Christmas list item, or a way to make my wife insane through Instagram? You decide @rapharacing #oneoftheseplease
  • Flooring is almost done.
  • Simon sits, pleased, atop Noah in the first of many wrestling bouts. I may have helped Simon just a bit on this round.
  • You guys, the ride was super cold this AM. I MAY NEVER FEEL MY TOES AGAIN.
  • This portion of the Festive 500 is brought to you by your friends at Skratch Labs. "For when you get thirsty at 5AM and it is 30 degrees out and you are riding a bike wearing tight clothes and why are you doing this again?"
  • Then sings my soul #wymtm
  • A special place.
  • Rode for 5 hours, which meant lots of layers to stay warm, which means way too hot later. #wymtm
  • ???? Smoooooooke on the waaaaater ???? I miss living by the river. #wymtm #festive500
  • She is heard often saying "I love being Hannah." I can see why. I love @hannahbellini
  • She is the one who gets me through the 28 degree, 5AM, pitch black rides. She pulled solo duty with 5 kids so that I could get the rides in. I can't do anything without her support, especially this challenge. Thank you for your support and love, @stacie6! This one was for you. #festive500
  • High hopes for Hyrum's first pinewood derby tonight.  @rapha
  • Coronado's first bike gang.
  • Couldn't wait any longer. Cast or no cast, I am back in the saddle.
  • Oh say can you see?
  • I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world... Virginiatown Road, Lincoln, CA. @rapha #tothesun
  • Two alarms always, just in case. This is not too early, and not too cold. CA is such a great place to be a cyclist. #fridaygroupride
  • My wife picked out nice floors.
  • The grazing sheep are back to control overgrowth and to freak me out when I forget why there is the sound of a rowdy crowd behind my house.
  • This song is etched into the subconscious of every American child. But he is cool so that's okay.
  • Let's go Hi-rise!
  • 1.5 mile commute, still get a flat.
  • Pancake #pro
  • This guy tried to mug us on our nightly walk.
  • @garrett_chow is a stand up guy. @hotkarate, wish you were here.
  • This man saved my bacon after a major bonk. Thanks @sshiotsu!
  • My run with Sir @bradwiggins! Photo credit to @sshiotsu
  • Not the most convenient place to run out of all energy and water.
  • Rob and I at the Mt. Diablo summit. Photo cred to @johnprolly
  • The most insane ride/hike up the back side of Diablo for the Rapha Club Ride.
  • Camping is the best
  • These dudes.
  • Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!
  • The Dagwood sandwich calls to me in my dreams.
  • This was before we set out for what would be an epic day at stage 3 of #atoc2014 #caughtgrammin
  • Thanks @wtfkits! Three cheers for new friends.
  • Ex duris gloria. A reminder from my ride this morning
  • New kit day is always a faster day. High fives to the brothers in AZ.
  • Soaked from sprinklers and covered in Drumstick. #yolo
  • Last day of school! Hannah wasn't too happy to be included in the picture, but she softened up. She started the year at public school and transitioned home, and is reading at the 10th grade level. Hyrum is a good example and leader, and Brigham has become a great creative writer/story teller. I love these kids and am so proud of their hard work. Summer is going to be a blast!
  • The grassy field behind our house is shrinking, but at least we get to watch the earth movers.
  • The lady has some new hardware.
  • Good morning ride with a good friend.
  • Napkin with a button hole. Genius.
  • Fire trucks putting out a roadside fire on the ride this AM. The smoke really added to the climb.
  • The view could be a lot worse. #outsideisfree
  • 6AM waiting is the longest type of waiting. #letsgoguys
  • Wide skies this morning. #wwytm #lightbro
  • Not a bad week, view-wise.
  • It is a stretch to call this a café, but consider it raided. Shout out to the guys riding the #RGR.
  • Non Emissions Vehicles, not Nevada.
  • This cap is my I ❤️ NY shirt.
  • Good morning.
  • Labor day labor. #wwytm
  • Soccer opening day! Both Rogers boys are up and in uniforms before I got home from riding at 7am. #gooooooooooooal
  • Nursery time is stressful for her, but I love to see the beauty (and the plants too).
  • My great great grandmother, Maud Smith Mckellar, had Pharrell Williams' hat in 1938. It is from this woman that I get my steez.
  • David Moroni Spilsbury, my great great grandpa, and a total boss. He was married to the lady with the Pharrelll hat.
  • This #kitgrid is brought to you by getting up at 4:50 and fearing that I would forget something.
  • While laying out my #kitgrid the night before helps me not to forget anything at 5 o'clock in the morning, soothes my OCD, and lets meet geek out, I think that the most beneficial part is that I am less likely to sleep in because all of that stuff is waiting for me.
  • Halloween #kitgrid
  • The @wtfkits to top it off.
  • Bambi was surprised to see me out of bed.
  • Sometimes you just need to watch a baby coo in a blanket.
  • Afternoon break meant bike rental was possible.