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Arjan Hulsebos

Arjan Hulsebos

Amsterdam Zuidoost, North Holland, The Netherlands
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Anything Anytime Anywhere For No Reason At All

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 380
  • 760
  • 1140
  • 1520
  • 1900
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 180.5km
  • 6h 23m
  • 121m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Fietsbrug over A2 richting Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
  • 2nd fastest time on Tolhekke hooiweg sprintje
  • 2nd fastest time on Binnenweg sprint tot Binnenhof
  • 2nd fastest time on Halve Hoep


Distance 9,597.2km
Time 359h 34m
Elevation Gain 33,640m
Rides 204


Total Distance 77,578.9km
Total Time 2823h 45m
Total Elev Gain 218,028m
Total Rides 1632

Recent Photos

  • Memories of a party...
  • Liquid-cooled bridge...
  • Pancake country
  • Aan de andere kant eenzelfde bord. Welkom voor jezelf, zeker...
  • Time for a piccie...
  • Waiting for Le Tour...
  • Spoiler alert!
  • And they're gone...
  • Wilnis
  • Addicted? I? Just sporting new kit...
  • Spengen, my favorite road.
  • No, honestly, it's the new kit!
  • Better late than never...
  • Typical Dutch view.
  • Bridge at Vrouwenakker.
  • De Rotte
  • Ransdorp
  • When the levee breaks...
  • Gonna be late...
  • Building bridges.
  • Enkhuizen
  • From the old land to the new land past the land that never was.
  • Crappy birds
  • Lone sandblasted tree
  • Hondsbosche duinenrij?
  • A bit misty up there
  • I'll dtop anytime in a descent for a view like that
  • All kittened up.
  • New bike, new kit. Rock 'n' Roll!!!
  • The finished product. Only some minor adjustments to be done.
  • One happy camper!
  • Wassenaarsche laagvlakte :-)
  • Make up your mind, please...
  • Zig-zag bridge...
  • There's a similar train in Lelydorp... Equally mobile.
  • Dutch mangroves?
  • Boes, Boes!!!
  • Clear skies, so let's ride!
  • Korte Diem
  • De Diemen
  • Kort Weesp
  • Kort Weesp
  • Vecht, with an old water screw in front of it.
  • The wind mill that used the water screw to pump water out of the polder.
  • De Vecht.
  • De Angstel where the train used to cross it. The white house on the right was part of the rail infrastructure.
  • De Angstel.
  • De Aa.
  • De Angstel just south of Loenersloot with a view on Kasteel Loenersloot.
  • A remnant of de Angstel.
  • De Winkel.
  • De Oude Waver.
  • De Holendrecht.
  • De Gaasp.
  • No idea what the purpose of these concrete circles is...
  • I've been riding past this for, what, 25 years or so, but until today did I never see these are bunkers...
  • Walden.
  • Early afternoon fog...
  • No use begging, I ain't got no bread for ya, fellow.
  • Hilversums Kanaal
  • Fort Spion
  • Former military penitentiary in Nieuwersluis.
  • Hollands landschap in Utrecht...
  • Wijds landschap
  • Boven de rook van Amsterdam
  • Blik op oneindig.
  • Strandragger v2.0
  • It takes getting used to.
  • Four flats explained.
  • ... and now we wait.
  • On the way to the top of the Galibier
  • Quite a descent from the top...
  • Les Deux Alpes in the morning.
  • On the Col de Sarenne
  • View on the Sarenne
  • On the Glandon
  • #RideForOphelia #Vanderkitten
  • The center of the universe, and the machine that runs it.