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Robert Verfurth

Robert Verfurth

San Diego, CA
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Robert Verfurth is a cyclist from San Diego, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 160
  • 320
  • 480
  • 640
  • 800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 73.6mi
  • 4h 48m
  • 3,157ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Donkey Punch
  • PR on Nardo Climb
  • PR on 56 Bike path - short hill rep
  • 2nd fastest time on Carlsbad North Hill-Upper Part


Distance 4,533.8mi
Time 314h 51m
Elevation Gain 328,271ft
Rides 126


Total Distance 25,844.9mi
Total Time 1689h 28m
Total Elev Gain 1,882,156ft
Total Rides 662

Recent Photos

  • Ready for another Sunday ride
  • Only 2 riders for the Recovery Ride
  • Geoff descending Questhaven
  • Selfie on Questhaven Road
  • Start of Descenders Recovery Ride
  • Start of Descenders Recovery ride
  • The boys at the top of Artesian
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  • MTB trails explore-T1, McGonigle Canyon, BMR, Miners Ridge
  • Hodges sweeping the Descenders crew.  Dirt trails at Ysabel Creek.
  • Sheehan tops Crestwind
  • Top of Crestwind
  • Skive Ride start-Dave and Tony
  • Lake Wohlford stop
  • Sheehan and Tony heading to Woods Valley
  • Coffee break-birthday boys
  • Chasing Porter on Darkwood Trail
  • More chasing
  • Porter on long run
  • Pacing Porter on long run
  • Another video clip of Porter on long run
  • Regroup at Waterfalls
  • Turnaround at Waterfalls
  • Pacing along with Porter
  • Almost done
  • Top of Powerlime
  • MTB boys in PQ Canyon
  • Top of Waimea climb
  • Selfie while Tom explains his ride
  • Karl at top of Goat Hill
  • Mike on Goat Hill
  • Mike and Jim-beer time
  • Post ride beer
  • Great ride, time for beer
  • At Paddy's Skive Ride
  • Sheehan made it to Bandy Canyon
  • Regroup Selfie at Bandy
  • KC Butler on Bandy Canyon Road
  • The boys on Bandy
  • Jeff Langley on Bandy
  • Coffee and Almond Crossiant
  • What Lake Hodges?
  • Cresap on La Costa
  • Bob Proulx on La Costa
  • Selfie on La Costa
  • Jeff Cresap on water break
  • Need a water break-Bob Proulx
  • Selfie in RSF
  • Bob and Jeff at top of Three Witches
  • Obligatorrey photo
  • Torrey Pines beach-beauty day
  • Regroup at SPP and 67, cameo from Ernst
  • Group selfie at bottom of Mussey Grade
  • Top of Mahogany Ranch
  • Start of Skive Ride-HVR
  • PQ Canyon pacing Porter
  • Porter running in PQ
  • Turnaround at Sycamore Canyon
  • Checking out Crestwind.
  • Coffee break in San Elijo
  • Misuraca boys on PQ Canyon trails
  • PQ Trails at sunset
  • Tour of Palm Springs in the books-pool time
  • Cruising along bike path
  • Obligatory Torrey Pines
  • Steve and Peter in TP inside
  • Beauty beach
  • Crystal Pier
  • Coffee break
  • Start of Skive Ride
  • Sheehan, Bob and Todd on HVR
  • Regroup at Bandy Canyon
  • Tony and Sheehan on Bandy
  • Tony on Bandy
  • Coffee Break
  • Long Run in PQ Canyon
  • Porter long run
  • Mike Misuraca escorting Porter on her run.
  • Dad on MTB chasing Porter
  • Wine fields and horse trails
  • Lone Jack Explore with Bob P
  • Squaw Peak-Barbie and Dusty ashes dispersed from rocks
  • Start of Recovery ride-mostly MTB riders
  • Bryan and Ernst climbing switchbacks
  • Bryan and Ernst climbing
  • Cresap on switchbacks
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  • Break at top of Crestview
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  • Bottom of Roller Coaster
  • Girls chillin' on rock
  • Daddy-Daughter shot
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  • Coffee shop in Ramona-Recovery Ride
  • Coffee Break
  • Descenders at Torrey Pines
  • Oceanside Harbor
  • Larry and Rob at cafe
  • Cafe stop in Oceanside
  • Group start
  • Recovery Ride Start
  • Coffee break in RSF
  • Start of Descenders Recovery Ride
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  • Descenders Recovery Ride
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  • HVR Climb
  • More HVR Climbing
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  • Nature Call for Tony
  • Last ride for Movember Beard
  • Thanksgiving hike at Torrey Pines
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Descenders post Thanksgiving  ride
  • Bike Path to Del Mar
  • Hodges, Bob and Bryan at start of Recovery Ride
  • Boys on Lake Hodges Trails
  • Selfie on 56 Bike Path
  • Start of Skive Ride
  • BWR Training on Lake Hodges Trails
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  • Coffee break
  • Descenders Recovery Ride
  • Tour de RSF
  • Hanging out in RSF
  • Top of Artesian
  • Herman and Sheehan on Artesian
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  • Gang on top of Mahogany Ranch
  • Start of Skive Ride
  • Herman Schafer in The Heritage
  • Top of Medieros Water Tower
  • Peet's coffee break-Len and Bernie
  • Skive Ride start
  • The Yellow Deli Skive Ride
  • Exploring dirt roads
  • Could not make it
  • Pedal the Cause 170 mile weekend ride
  • Top of Torrey Pines
  • Torrey Pines Beach
  • Descenders Recovery Ride
  • Del Mar ride
  • My best Chris Horner look
  • It's getting hotter.