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Dan McCombs

Dan McCombs

Epping, NH
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Dan McCombs is a cyclist from Epping, NH. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 80
  • 160
  • 240
  • 320
  • 400
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 24.6mi
  • 4h 37m
  • 804ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on 111+27 to Exeter Center
  • PR on Hampton-Roubaix
  • PR on Exeter RD Rt 1 to Guinea
  • PR on Buffalo Stampede


Distance 1,305.0mi
Time 77h 18m
Elevation Gain 32,224ft
Rides 63


Total Distance 12,518.1mi
Total Time 831h 20m
Total Elev Gain 555,000ft
Total Rides 514

Recent Photos

  • #bugeyes
  • Dion snowshoes, Altra lone peak trail shoes and their accompanying gaiters work well together.
  • Time for a little snowshoe running.
  • My view for stage 4 of the Tour of Sufferlandria.
  • Running in a winter wonderland...
  • Some (blurry) new kicks.
  • That post snow run selfie.
  • A little more snow in Candia
  • But nothing in Manchester
  • Not a bad view for randomly exploring
  • Away we go.
  • Getting some sunshine.
  • Not a bad view at the halfway point on my street legal rocket ship.
  • Noooo. They've logged the southern trails. Apparently trying to contain hemlock beetles.
  • Uh. What's this detour all about at SHP?
  • Not a bad view.
  • The path ahead.
  • Lucas pond
  • Another stop along the rail bed
  • Fog across Onway lake
  • Fog on Onway lake
  • Well, that's inconvenient.
  • Quick detour.
  • Another rough commute.
  • My lovely wife.
  • It's great to have the bridge open again.
  • Hey look, Maine!
  • The route ahead.. Tough weather conditions ;)
  • A short break at the beach
  • Quick stop at the beach
  • Cruising along on a Dyn training ride
  • A beautiful day for a ride along the coast.
  • Stop and go traffic on the coast -glad I'm on a bike at least!
  • Heather and Betsy at Stratham Hill Park.
  • The one and only Betsy McCombs with her very stylish shredly shorts.
  • Riding an old rail bed to cross an active one.
  • Not a bad morning commute.
  • The downside of drafting in the rain.
  • These turkeys had to be shoed of the road so I could pass...
  • Snowy field but clear roads.
  • A beautiful day for a ride.