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John Knotts

John Knotts

Evergreen, Colorado
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 70
  • 140
  • 210
  • 280
  • 350
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 43.2mi
  • 9h 24m
  • 8,512ft

Recent Achievements

  • CR on Upper Bear Creek Road Climb
  • 6th overall on Left Hand Fork Rd Climb
  • 9th overall on Richards Hollow TH to Cowley Junction
  • PR on Chimney Descent from Windy Saddle

All-Time PRs

  • 4:53
    1 MILE
  • 1:32:42
  • 3:41:16
  • 4:19:57
  • 10:15:04
    50 MILES
  • 12:39:20
  • 28:01:36
    100 MILES


Distance 2,203.6mi
Time 430h 31m
Elevation Gain 440,456ft
Runs 224


Total Distance 8,229.3mi
Total Time 1607h 42m
Total Elev Gain 1,442,674ft
Total Runs 899

Recent Photos

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  • Good morning! #sunrise #nofilter #trailrunning
  • exactly what I needed this morning
  • Good morning!
  • mountain running #selfie
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  • Garden of the Gods
  • I maybe should have worn full length tights today
  • #grateful
  • yes please
  • Section 16 love. #trailrunning #coloRADo
  • by the light of the moon
  • wreckage from a 1943 plane crash
  • endless
  • Baldy & Almagre Mtn
  • oh Blodgett, how I've missed your trails
  • "Can we do this every day?!" --my 7 yr old
  • He's 9. He's wearing jeans. Neither stop him from ripping up the trails above town.
  • run/hike with my girl. #love #nofilter
  • balmy on Pikes Peak this morning
  • night run above The Springs
  • new trails are always fun
  • chillaxin' in the park
  • spooky tunnel running
  • So good to be back. #thankful #colorado #nofilter
  • Bear detour. It was either that or yell "on your left" and go for the pass. #colorado #wildlife
  • this place is incredible. #mountain #running
  • my three little monkeys
  • bear!
  • made some new friends on today's run
  • Peaceful summit in the clouds
  • follow the cairns
  • Oh duct tape, is there nothing beyond your abilities?
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  • perfect day for a run up Bear Peak
  • a little closer to heaven
  • da bears
  • freaking bears
  • first light on this mornings trail run
  • 1hr 12min for 3 miles. At least I get to go down now :-) #trailrunning
  • Good morning Boulder!
  • long, cold, snowy day in the mountains with @RockyMountainRunners
  • really honed in on my run-ski/butt-luge technique coming down Fern Canyon today
  • super peaceful morning
  • Out of the box and straight to a 4hr thrashing on the local trails
  • Good to be out running again
  • hiking Mt. Sanitas w/ my favorite 8 yr old
  • a bit 'o lounging on the trail this morning
  • Happy New Year from the summit of Green Mtn! #trailrunning #rockymountainrunners
  • Always good to be in Oregon
  • Eldo
  • cruising with my little guy
  • good morning
  • Up out of the clouds. #thankful
  • mind blown #trailrunning
  • Travis ripping up the bike park!
  • mountain goat on Torreys Peak this morning
  • Good morning Mr Moose!
  • #thankful
  • NCAR
  • top of Bear, looking north
  • the high country beckons
  • It's good to be back in Bend. #mountain #running
  • #texas #trailrunning
  • because the last thing I want is my hair giving out on me on my next long run
  • sunrise over the Atlantic
  • a solid morning #trailrunning
  • Happy Place
  • soaking up Oregon
  • morning on the DRT
  • Not complaining one bit. #trailrunning
  • So this is happening right now. #trailrunning #snow
  • morning run @ Coal Creek Falls
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  • Good morning Taylor Canyon
  • colored rocks
  • Friday night lights
  • Mandy xc skiing like a boss until sunset!
  • my girl :-)
  • stream in winter
  • #thankful #nofilter
  • and the snow starts again
  • rock surfing my way home
  • river trail evening
  • #thankful
  • Finding my happy place on a dreary winter day
  • nobody likes to leave
  • stoked for winter
  • Mt. Bachelor above the clouds this morning