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Ramesh Baller

Ramesh Baller

San Francisco, CA
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I am a hippie and l likez climbing big mountains.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 52.0mi
  • 4h 20m
  • 7,323ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on Who Wants It Most- Northgate Top To Ranger Station KOM


Distance 2,844.2mi
Time 219h 0m
Elevation Gain 185,883ft
Rides 49


Total Distance 28,208.9mi
Total Time 2066h 51m
Total Elev Gain 1,720,719ft
Total Rides 624

Recent Photos

  • It's been a while since I suffered with this bad boy and today is the day to do it ????????
  • Oh Skyline! How much have I missed you ???? Biking to work today after many months of slacking off... ????
  • A visitor enjoying the view of SF Skyline ????????
  • Taking pictures of the bridge never gets boring to me #shotoniphone6 ????????????????
  • Sailing home after a recovery ride from yesterday's #MarinCentury ????????
  • Driving to the start line for my Marin Century 200 KM ????????????????
  • Mile 40: Petaluma Cows ????????
  • Mile 70: Tomales Bay ????????????
  • Mile 94: Nicasio Horse Ranch ????????
  • Mile 107: At the finish line of Marin Century in San Rafael. Today I finished my 44th Century ride of my cycling career. w00t! ????????????????????
  • It's been almost 2 months since I have crossed the bridge because I have become FAT and a lazy goose! Today is a good day to ride bikes ???????? #lazysunday
  • Hello there fellas! Making some new friends on my way to work ????????
  • My morning commute crew down the Great Highway coast #sf2g ????????
  • #countryside
  • #meat
  • #wine ????????????
  • #Amtrak running really close to the Pacific Ocean near the Hwy 1 Coast in Santa Barbara ????????
  • Relaxing in the beach at the midst of the ride in Santa Barbara ????????????????????
  • Palm trees mean, we're in LA!!! ????????????????
  • Bar #3 Winters Tavern in Half Moon Bay - Barhopping and riding our bikes from Mountain View to SF #ridingunderinfluence #RUI #YOLO ????????????????
  • "Follow me to the Mothership". A quick 25 mile Friday lunch ride with my co-workers ???????? #tgif
  • Good Morning from Presidio! ????????
  • 2015 Official Bike to Work Day!
  • Woke up at 5 AM today to ride to Half Moon Bay today #alc2015 ????????
  • Beautiful Day! ????????
  • Big group today! #sf2g #commute ????
  • My weekend can't be over without riding across this man's greatest creation ????????
  • Lots of surfers in Stinson beach on this sunny Sunday ????????
  • Goodbye Mt. Tam! I had a lot of fun climbing you twice today ????????????
  • Mile 0: 2015 Spring Classic begins now on this beautiful morning from Southern California ????
  • Oh hello! Just hangin' out with some friends ????????
  • Oh Santa Cruz Mountains how much I have missed you! Just doing some Highway 9 workout after work #commute ???? ????
  • Mid ride photo break #alc2015 ????
  • After 80 miles, a ferry ride home with Jameson on the rocks is all I need ???? ????????
  • SF2 Sitting in a shiny double decker coach in my morning commute doesn't give me this view #biketowork ????????
  • hmmm... the last time when I climbed Hawk Hill there use to be a bridge named Golden Gate right ahead which is not here today #karlthefog ???? ????
  • phew... our bridge is visible now from the lighthouse #karlthefog
  • Another day another bike crash. Pain is temporary but giving up is permanent ????????????
  • Pedal till you PUKE!!! ????????
  • Spot the Sutro tower in SF
  • A beautiful day to suffer ???? ????
  • Home sweet home at the very distant! I have a long way to go before the sunset ????????
  • Climbing 7 Sisters was the hardest thing today #fatness ????
  • Climbed Mt. Diablo today to burn all the Thanksgiving calories :)
  • Exploring Presidio!
  • Few minutes ago, a man just stopped his car in the middle of bridge and jumped off the bridge to take his own life. Cops are all over the water looking for him. More than 1,600 people have committed suicide by jumping off the bridge since its inception. Life is short :(
  • I am thankful to live in this greatest city on planet earth a.k.a San Francisco :) #thanksgiving
  • 1/3 of the climb complete
  • Pacific Ocean with SF Skyline in the background
  • wohoo!! Finally reached the summit on this beautiful day with clear views. I haven't climbed Mt. Tam in more than 2 months and this view of SF Skyline from here never gets boring to me :)
  • phew... end of the ride. Time to enjoy a Gin and Tonic in the Ferry ride to Home ????????
  • Marion Farewell ride
  • Marion's last ride ????
  • First repeat done!
  • Dear Hawk Hill, I am sorry that I missed you for more than a month coz I had a busy work schedule. My sincere apologies!
  • There is no city on Planet Earth that is more prettier than mine #sf #homesweethome
  • Are my water landscape pictures boring?
  • This band rulzzzz #cycling #adventures ????
  • True
  • Oh Tam boy how much I missed you...
  • Layers and layers of fog above the Pacific Ocean
  • Alone up in a peaceful mountain and enjoying the view ????
  • Ferry pictures never gets boring
  • Inspired to do a commute ride after watching Tour de France this morning :)
  • Climbed Mt. Tam just to eat this :D
  • phew... reached summit!
  • Alpine Dam
  • Calorical balance :)
  • On my way to explore that little island...
  • One day I wanted to buy a boat
  • What a wonderful world...
  • #ferry
  • #ferry
  • Spot the bridge
  • Foggy SF Skyline
  • Oh Karl...
  • Anyone know what this is?
  • Bay Bridge!
  • There was a fire in this Island in 2008 that burned most of the trees
  • Fire road
  • Mt. Tam yo!
  • Spot the baby deer! I wonder how they got here on a island?
  • SF
  • Inner loop and outer loop
  • 1 mile hike reach the summit
  • woohoo!!! Reached the Mt. Livermore summit in the island
  • One last picture of the bridge
  • SF Bay
  • Hiking done! Back to Cycling...
  • #america
  • Immigration Center
  • A beautiful day to get the hell outta home and ride my bike #homesweethome #lazysunday
  • Foggy day...
  • Karl The Fog!
  • woh000!! I am learning a totally new route to get to Tiburon today #adventure
  • Barway begins now!!!
  • On the way to Bar #3
  • #barway
  • #jortz
  • #selfie
  • Entering bar #5 DogHouse
  • Lina is fixing her #flat. 2 more bars  to go..
  • Jacky got tipsy!
  • Made it to SF! ????
  • #sf2g
  • Climb 1 done!!
  • Dan!
  • Adventure begins now!!!!
  • Pretty!
  • We just hopped over this gate illegally :D
  • That is Pilarcitos lake which apparently is a restricted area
  • Rebels riding along this ridge owned by SFWD illegally!!!
  • #flat
  • So, this is how it looks on the other side of the Crystal Springs Reservoir :)
  • Fire road..,
  • This is the only way to get through this gate and it was so much fun #rebels
  • Recovering from the adventure insanity...
  • 600+ riders for 20th Annual BTWD
  • On my way to Discover Butano!
  • Country side ???? ????
  • I love riding in the coast very very much ???? ????
  • This better be that mysterious Butano fire trail that will lead me to the Big Basin HQ. Now, excuse me while I have to jump over this gate #fingerscrossed #adventure
  • #adventure
  • So much in love with Santa Cruz mountains!!!
  • And this must be that abandoned ghost airstrip #scary
  • Enjoying the sunset
  • Good Morning San Francisco! ????
  • Hello Ducky!
  • No Petaluma cows! ????
  • yay! Petaluma cows :) #meat
  • #fuel
  • Returning back to SF...
  • Freedom for all. Great #America
  • Sunday. Fun-day. On my way to explore a new Santa Cruz Mountain...
  • The old new Devil's Slide is now open just for cyclists and pedestrians ????
  • All by myself here and there is no one around here #scary :(
  • Oh yeah, I sure will :)
  • I am in love with this baby ????????
  • Foot of Mt. Tam
  • 1/3 climb done! Can you spot Diablo?
  • Rain in SF means waterfall all over Mt. Tam ??
  • Pretty Flowers. Pretty Mountain. Pretty Ocean. What a Wonderful World...
  • Reached summit...
  • Mountains!!!
  • Into the woods...
  • Twink Peaks, you look like a dwarf! Guess where I am right now?
  • First time hiking in San Francisco
  • California, you are so beautiful!
  • I made a pit stop at a strawberry farm to buy these #cycling #fuel
  • Riding am bike to Santa Cruz #norcalspringclassics
  • Rode from San Francisco to Apple @ 2 hours and 13 minutes today - 8:12 AM #cycling
  • Not a great thing for a guy to say but I love shopping in Downtown!!!
  • Where is the bridge?
  • #sf2g #missioncycling
  • Today, I finished my 35th century ride by exploring a new place in the Bay Area that I have never seen before.
  • Does your city have a bridge like this?????
  • That is my city :)
  • Returning back to SF...
  • I rode to Limantour Beach today!!!
  • Where am I at?
  • On my way to the most beautiful beach in California...
  • Goodbye Limantour...
  • Weekend means adventure rides...
  • More moon
  • Full moon
  • #missioncycling
  • #missioncycling
  • #missioncycling
  • I need to go home now...
  • Adventuring... weeee!!!
  • Purisima yo!
  • Another day another solo Santa Cruz mountains adventure ride...
  • #fuel
  • Riding ma bike!!!
  • Morning commute on bike!
  • Festival lights
  • My favorite spot to watch the sunset
  • Returning back to SF hopefully before loosing daylight. Pacific Ocean in the background.