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Christopher Harland-Dunaway

Christopher Harland-Dunaway

Palo Alto, California
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Christopher Harland-Dunaway is a cyclist from Palo Alto, California. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 260
  • 520
  • 780
  • 1040
  • 1300
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 598.8mi
  • 35h 23m
  • 43,760ft


Distance 7,309.6mi
Time 407h 28m
Elevation Gain 589,498ft
Rides 212


Total Distance 40,601.3mi
Total Time 2371h 9m
Total Elev Gain 2,987,365ft
Total Rides 1125

Recent Photos

  • Openers with @wmyersx - but first document a stupid face. @spyoptics still look fly though. #kaliprotectives #jakroousa #ridelife
  • @wmyersx doing a long leg-opener for Berkeley Hills tomorrow. New bike day on his #giantbicyclesusa TCR Advanced! And dang, our @jakroousa kits really pop too.
  • Tuscany or East Bay Hills? Having too much fun to care! #kaliprotectives #spyoptics #jakroousa #herbalife24 @smccycling
  • Barnus Partius. @joeywithoutcoke @devoflynn
  • Got my #mavic #furies on. But I ain't mad though. #herbalife24 #jakroousa
  • What a relic, high up in the hills.
  • Stokage factor: high. #spyoptics #kaliprotectives #jakroousa #ridelife
  • Fear looks like: an empty plaza this morning. #ridingeyeballsout
  • Neigher? Is that you riding thermals off the top of Mt. D?
  • Today's workout: 5 x 3min VO2, 3min of documenting wildflowers rest. #ridelife #herbalife24
  • Awwww yeahhh, #marcproplus in the mail today!! I'll be in another league of recovery for 2015. Thanks @marcpro @meadedrock !!!
  • Some top notch exploring today.
  • Icarus flew too close to the sun. And I flatted.
  • #diverge
  • Priorities.
  • Prius vs Maserati. Who wins? Pretty sure Prius does. #doepicshit
  • @j_radness vs tequila sunrise. Who will win?
  • Nice evening in Moraga before leaving for Nationals.
  • Great group of guys, we all had a go at it - couldn't win, but a nice podium finish and 5th place Nationals medal. #marcprostrava #stravaproveit #themarcpro #giantbicycles
  • A national title is being fought for. Right now. #marcprostrava
  • Mt Shasta was substantial. #marcprostrava
  • Riding along when suddenly... Cloudburst... Then suddenly... Large hail. While my #mavic helmet defended my dome, I fishtailed to a stop in the shoulder and jumped into the foliage of a stunted juniper. Bend, OR is an impressive place. #marcprostrava
  • Yo Adrian!! Rocky and Jules at the end of today's big ride.  Don't box a fallen madrone log. #marcprostrava #stravaproveit #themarcpro #giantbicycles
  • Taking a cup o' tea to the beach.
  • The Old Fart Ride this morning. These guys all raced in the 60's! I'm thankful they invited me.
  • Riding with Dave Brink on Sunday. Tour of California stage winner in 1971. He took the leaders jersey before the race headed to the Sierras. Still throwing shoulders into his buddies, track standing at lights, and smiling like he just discovered cycling.
  • I know where #zebracar lives now.
  • Jen and Keith found a really nice spot for their wedding. #jkabouttime
  • Some moonrise on Gilman last night.
  • Tim Rugg(ed). @timothyrugg #marcprostrava
  • It was a pretty productive 4th of July for Justin. #marcprostrava #stravaproveit #themarcpro #giantbicycles
  • Thank you @themarcpro for keeping my legs fresh and ready during this super long road trip to #tourofgila
  • Golden hour at the top of Montebello at the end of tough ride. Does it get any better?
  • March flowers and March showers... Time to deploy my @mavic rain jacket for this unexpected precipitation. #marcprostrava
  • A lotta @marcpro happened last week. All told, 32 hours of training odyssey on my bike. Obviously, recovery mattered a hell of a lot.
  • So shattered after Aggie Training Camp Day #1.
  • Ran into a #powercouple on Stage. #precioushammerfest
  • Rolling out on my new #GIANT. Even when your legs feel crappy, the bike feels awesome. Looking forward to 2014 so much. #marcprostrava
  • They grow flowers here but the field is dormant right now. So are my legs.
  • The spigot at Tripp & Kings has lessened over the months to a trickle. Pretty sure this is related to the absence of rain.
  • Temporary post-hammer respite going out from #jakroo HQ.
  • Overlooking the bay with the guys on #Jakroo minicamp day 2. #marcprostrava
  • #marcprostrava minicamp. #hugs
  • Found a very affordable new place in the mountains. Nearby great riding, constructed entirely of redwood - jump on it quick, it's gonna go fast.
  • Peaceful beginnings to Montara Mountain... @neverdos beneath the cypress.
  • Hey buddy.
  • The only remotely warm place to ride today.
  • If I'm wearing a baselayer, 2 jerseys, wool armwarmers, and a longsleeve thermal and I'm still cold, then this guy's cape is insufficient.
  • Well look who I ran into. A newly minted pro and an "old" one... Sunbathing in post-scone lethargy.
  • Some huitres on ice.
  • My dad after kicking Marshall-Petaluma's ass.
  • My brother rocks Paul's kit better than he did.
  • I was thankful that this gated road was so sick and required so many calories to ride. Great Thanksgiving ride.
  • Keith was also thankful for my enthusiasm to document everything.
  • Today, Keith was thankful that we rode up a hill through that grass into a dead end.
  • Never seen Crystal Springs so glassy.
  • Which way? Towards the angry mountains or sun? Angry mountains.