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Jesse Anthony

Jesse Anthony

Thousand Oaks, California
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If you try to win you might lose, but if you don't try to win you will certainly lose. A little insight into the hardest 1 day race in the US.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 390
  • 780
  • 1170
  • 1560
  • 1950
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 141.9mi
  • 8h 14m
  • 8,698ft



Distance 12,442.7mi
Time 651h 14m
Elevation Gain 843,675ft
Rides 294


Total Distance 56,075.0mi
Total Time 2987h 13m
Total Elev Gain 3,715,325ft
Total Rides 1239

Recent Photos

  • The newspaper article that introduced my family and I to a lifetime of fun adventures, hard knocks, incredible experiences and countless friends through one of the coolest sports in the world. Just so happens this story was about one of my future closest friends who taught me more than I can remember about bicycle racing. #tbt #cyclocross #rememberyourroots
  • Running is really hard, that's why @jpows learned to bunnyhop. #fbf
  • It's a rainy day. #yogibear
  • #waybackwednesday sometime in the early 2000's my brother and I rode for the Saturn Development team and my mom made this sign for us to cheer on our heros on the pro team at the @phillybikerace This might be from 2004 when Mark McCormack won the national championship.
  • It's raining in Boulder. #SoCalSucks
  • This sticker reminds me that I'm a good friend. #knowyourroaster #avoidtheevilempire
  • #tbt a week ago with my big-hearted, smiley friend, Robbie. Thanks for all the good times that you lead us on @pedalersfork #ridewith10speed #wejustridebikes
  • I've been going through at least one of these an hour lately. The @clifbarcompany electrolyte drink mix, not the fire hydrants. Ok, been going through a lot of fire hydrants too... It's hot out there this summer. Don't get thirsty, my friends. #tricksofthetrade
  • Time to end this ride.
  • Stellar ride'n pint crew from @pedalersfork tonight. Is there such thing at too much fun? #ridewith10speed #wejustridebikes
  • Full moon tonight as @rsteers checks in.
  • Illumination courtesy of @lezyneusa
  • It's early. @kafanob
  • Mid-mtb ride USADA call. Didn't pee for 45 minute ride back home, and set a new record. Under 8 minutes start to finish. #efficiency #cleansport
  • #TurtleThursday. This dude just made it past halfway, then got scared. #icanstillseeyou
  • Happening right now. I don't know why I'm smiling. #busted @kafanob
  • #speed @brammosays @diamondbackbike  #vroomvroom
  • Doing work at the Joe Martin Stage Race. Short on results, but coming out of that weekend with many positives. Mostly, great experience with my @humanpoweredhealth teammates, and lots learned. Big thanks to all our sponsors for making these opportunities possible. @diamondbackbike @clifbarcompany @lazersport @sramracing @acura @borah.teamwear @hedwheels @kendatire @ismseat Kelly Benefit Strategies and everyone else involved.
  • Head cold therapy. ????
  • Uh Oh! @dzabriskie #stravaprooveit #wejustridebikes #805livin
  • @diamondbackbike can prevent forest fires.
  • I wonder what @optimuskline1 is doing up there. Bet he's having fun...
  • Some of the OG crew. @atomicoffeeroasters @stuthorne @paullyb Emily and Bro. #tbt circa 1998
  • Group ride with the juniors today! #itsforthekids
  • My reply to @gavin293
  • Ah! My thornproof tube finally got screwed. #punintended Haven't got a flat with these tubes in over a year.
  • How the pros work on my @diamondbackbike Thanks for the help @winswheels !
  • This is what 114,000 calories of @justins almond butter looks like. #humanpoweredhealth
  • #vdm training in progress with @mckay_vezina #vezinatrainingcamps
  • "You're gonna ride in this wind?" #socalwinterstruggles #805living
  • So many highlights at the Nosco Ride today, like hanging out with this little lady (and her attitude).
  • Happy Halloween! My @lazersport  helmet is finally in it's comfort zone. #pumpkinhead
  • Group ride!
  • Legs up. #sopro
  • I hope you enjoyed your bike ride as much as I did today. #cattlegaurd #dirtroad #mountains #joy
  • Big old moose just munching on  shrubs by the roadside at Brainard Lake. So cool.
  • It's beautiful up here in CO. Really enjoy spending this time of year in the mountains. ???? #blessed
  • When you train with @carterjones89 you recover like @carterjones89  #BBQ #owmylegshurt #nowmystomachhurtstoo #humanpoweredhealth @diamondbackbike
  • Watch out, we're using sunscreen today. #seriousbusiness #rudolf
  • #tbt Mike Friedman and I finished 1st and 2nd at Tour of Korea and we rode a 7 person bike on the podium stage.
  • Nice.
  • Incredible art on part of my tour in Philadelphia
  • Where I got my start. #tbt #rook @stuthorne
  • Pretty cool to be in the follow car watching @briewalle absolutely flying at #uspro TT. #humanpoweredhealth
  • Bro and I at the top of Westlake Blvd. =D
  • Occupational therapy during bike to work day on East Mountain Drive in #santabarbara #thegoodlife
  • These @diamondbackbike Podium Optum team edition bikes are so fast, even I can sprint on them...
  • Ride partners yesterday for @amgentourofcali l'Etape du Cali. "The Enforcer" @timjohnsoncx , "Gritty" Chris Malloy, "Teammate" Courteney Lowe and the crew.
  • Team meeting before our ride in San Jose today.  #humanpoweredhealth
  • #NorCal
  • A few tired faces on top of El Diablo, the brute of @amgentourofcali #humanpoweredhealth
  • MTB morning in Dos Vientos. That's Spanish for "Two Vientos". #freetranslation
  • Like Robbie said, we live in paradise. #805livin
  • Pre-ride moment with my cute little pal.
  • Does Spidertech still have an effect after you take it off?
  • 3 men on a mountain. @bozbros @dzabriskie
  • Gideon loves riding in peanut butter. "The perfect combo with @10speedcoffeela "
  • Shoot, @10speedcoffeela mocha and scone are gone. @pedalersfork is kicking me back out into the rain...
  • Let's go to the beach! @saltcoskateboards living the #socal dream. #handmadeskateboards
  • Group ride with some friends, NBD...
  • And here, ladies and gentlemen, are the pelvis bones of a skinny cyclist. #dudeeatsomefood
  • Light shining down.
  • Tape that twinge and ride on.
  • This @diamondbackbike is powered by Shep.
  • Post ride carton of gelato is my #stravaproveit moment of the day. Life is short, make it sweet.
  • @bozbros warming up for mtb session. Now get in there and let's ride!!
  • Biking with Bro!  Good times bringing back great CX memories.
  • Ignore the kid in front of me with carbon wheels, he was ahead of his time. 7 speed and mtb shoes were still totally cool for road bikes.
  • Uncle Jesse again! Can't wait to ride bikes with this little guy.
  • Merry Christmas morning, everyone! It's a beautiful day, and I hope you all enjoy it.
  • Wow, I can't wait to go home for Christmas tomorrow. Got a new nephew to meet. =D
  • Finishing up a bit of a doozie today, pretty awesome view off the final descent.
  • How's your day going?
  • Auction is almost set! @pedalersfork
  • #pedro #threefeetofair
  • "Mountain" biking.
  • @kafanob explaining the territory.
  • Good lookin' group. @jacknosco @dzabriskie @The805local
  • The sun is trying to come out!
  • Legendary awesome dude.
  • What switchbacks? @sramracing WiFli is my favorite friend these days.
  • Why haven't I been using this until now??? @sramracing WiFli opens up so many options for canyon riding. =D
  • Dang, snap, crud, blast, stink, crap....! As long. You don't say @/$%{+#>
  • Into the clouds.
  • Happy Movemember, everyone.
  • Just stay on the trail..
  • The face says it all on this handsome birthday boy. Happy 17th, @bozbros!
  • My new friend, Tyler, was so rad on the Simi ride today.  #inspiration
  • @iamtedking needed a break.
  • Incredibly beautiful day, how did I get so lucky to do this and get paid??
  • Pro-Wreck  vs SoCal-Sagan. Who do you think won? Find out on @stravacycling
  • Just got my butt kicked by SoCal Sagan aka @mckay_vezina  And you think the Slovakian guy has good handling skills?
  • There is Fall in SoCal!!! Except it's 90 degrees today.
  • @bozbros snapped a quick one of me just now.
  • Just another weekend on the Rockstore.
  • Crazy this is just a couple of miles from my house.
  • Kinda crazy burn out in the ravine.
  • Well, he picked a good place to go, think I'll join him.
  • Thing about mtb riding, you get high fast.
  • Yeah, a camel.
  • Only 7 days in, this might be a scratchy month..
  • And the scenery is alright.
  • On the road again.
  • Oh yeah, that's why I moved to California. And riding bikes again is awesome. =D
  • Saddle up for a trip to the grocery store, this is real green fuel transportation.
  • Thanks for the heads up, @strava
  • Gasp! Pretty awesome having a @strava finish line.  Wish I had these on all my rides. =D
  • Start with a 15k climb, finish with a 95kph descent =D
  • Yosemite
  • Good thing I'm not pulling a trailer.
  • Holy hailstorm!!! These things sting!!!
  • Now that's a hailstone!
  • It keeps hailing harder!
  • Well that escalated quickly.
  • Adventure!
  • Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
  • My airport ride in Bend, this week is starting off fast and loud!
  • Oh, that thing is real.
  • Rockstore.
  • Does the hair explain my ride?
  • Are the sunsets always like this in Westlake?
  • Water stop on a beautiful day in Malibu.
  • From the creative geniuses at @urthcaffe
  • Finally a sunny day in Spain!
  • Happy to be working today.
  • Killer views from the castle, kinda glad I didn't have to pour scalding hot oil on anyone.
  • Finally my ride escort showed up.
  • VIP ride to finish off camp.
  • Beautiful sunny California =D life is great.
  • PCH
  • Yeeeup.
  • Sisters
  • Upon accepting our invitation to the Tour of Utah, I am ready to begin my altitude training.
  • Mt Bachelor looks a little reluctant to host us this morning.
  • Getting the leadout train ready for tonight.
  • A little bit of history in this room.
  • They just don't make them like they used to in 1967
  • Arches National Park - Moab, UT
  • Moab, UT
  • Supertuck
  • JRA