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Kate Powlison

Kate Powlison

Boulder, CO
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Kate Powlison is a cyclist from Boulder, CO. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 190
  • 380
  • 570
  • 760
  • 950
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 34.4mi
  • 2h 12m
  • 891ft

Recent Achievements

  • QOM on Valmy Sprint!
  • PR on Kilo to tree nursery
  • PR on 63rd - Andrus - 61st
  • PR on Kuitenbijtertje


Distance 4,813.7mi
Time 341h 34m
Elevation Gain 340,692ft
Rides 163


Total Distance 22,361.2mi
Total Time 1609h 16m
Total Elev Gain 1,509,613ft
Total Rides 903

Recent Photos

  • That's a good commute.
  • Morning run with @meghanbrooke89 #interbike
  • World Bicycle Relief/PeopleForBikes group run!
  • Bike racing, man.
  • First day of intervals. Last day of shorts. I ❤️ cyclocross season
  • Starting to get fiery up high
  • No hands. No cares. No plans. No problems.
  • Happiness is a maple creemee #rpnewengland
  • Maple heaven #rpnewengland
  • Today's ride to Denver was smooth...until it wasn't.
  • Now that's teamwork
  • Nice day to be up here.
  • Wide open roads at Rebecca's Private Idaho.
  • Scenic morning spin. The scent of smoke and sagebrush heavy in the stormy air.
  • Air Attack? More like Rain Attack!
  • Not every day you see a boat in the bike lane.
  • Whyyyy?
  • Fun ride on the @livgiant Lust
  • New @stravacycling feature: warm cookie delivery from @skratchlabs. Thanks @annievranizan!
  • Eucalyptus + fog
  • A taste of what's to come.
  • Canelés for lunch
  • Pedaling around my new European real estate investment.
  • Mid-run H&K stop. Totally worth carrying a bag of donuts for the last two miles.
  • These two are ready for #CXnats
  • Rolling with Continental Kanye and crew on a beautiful Colorado day
  • Goooood morning. ☕️ Woke up to these @tenspeedhero freshies. ????#tshresort ⛵️
  • @lizanneb rocking the dirt at the Rouge Roubaix. My smile turned into a twisted grimace by mile 90.
  • Post-race selfie: dirt caked forehead, giant cup of ice. Feeling a little bit like a monster.
  • #TJROC mini-reunion at @stravacycling's Boulder PR ride. Thanks @backbonemedia for including @peopleforbikes!
  • Ran into an illicit turkey fighting operation run by a buncha sketchy deer this morning up on Bow Mountain.
  • Coming home to these two goofballs makes my heart explode
  • Who needs rear suspension when you have shorts like these
  • It's a nice way to wake up.
  • Just in case you don't know where you are
  • These early morning dirt climbs are nutrition for the soul.
  • ☁️From one dream to another☁️
  • #rpmidwest afterparty
  • Signs of a successful weekend. @divvybikes
  • Dirt road riding in Steamboat is incredible. Thanks @mootscycles for showing us your roads! #takeyourbiketodirt
  • Katie Clouse has mad ponytail game. In addition to mad climbing, bike handling, ass-kicking game. She's one to watch for sure.
  • Avoided the rain. Bummed a hair tie from @lizannebb. Watched @mcroachbug shred shit. Post-work MTB success.
  • O.M.V.(entoux). Climb of a lifetime.
  • la porte rouge
  • La porte bleu
  • Les chiens du marché
  • Post-Tour blues on the Col de Chaussey
  • took the back way to the Madeleine
  • The Lacets du Montvernier are just as fun to ride as they are to watch on TV. Thanks @barlito for the killer route recommendation
  • Ride to Evan's. New roads. New bike. Tour de France. Michelob Ultra. So good.
  • @spectrumpowderworks nailed this paint job. Matched to Marc Jacobs' Midnight In Paris ????????
  • What are these knobby tires??
  • Look who I ran into biking around Chicago! #rideonchicago
  • Buster and Fern Stadel's barn quilt, a pattern called Cross and Crown. #rpmidwest #raphaprestige
  • Just can't get enough of these Midwestern farm roads. Some of the best riding I've ever done. #rpmidwest #raphaprestige
  • Prepping for a new baby (n+1)
  • The beautiful new @lelarose Zinnia kit from @velocioapparel was just what I needed to motivate for an early morning ride up Flagstaff. #kitdoping
  • An easy cruise with lots of smiles is just what the doctor ordered
  • Day 4 of #flagstaffweek and @barlito is still looking fresh
  • If this isn't happiness, then I don't know what is. #flagstaffweek
  • The best week of the year.
  • We made it!
  • Somehow today's 70 miles to Madison felt easy after the last couple of days. #rideonchicago
  • File under adorable. @find_sparky + puppy. #rideonchicago
  • Probably not the smartest day to ride Super James...
  • Get that gelato home safe
  • Left Hand Creek is bumping
  • Clear pores, full heart, can't lose. Or something like that. #raceday
  • The fleeting brightness of a new white jersey... @panachecycle
  • Crusher #1 with the 78-mile stare #buttergold
  • Crusher #2, just a little dirty
  • Retired pro cyclist problems: Cadel told me he forgot his water bottles and had to play cornhole to get one for the Gran Fondo.
  • Making cartwheels out of criteriums.
  • There are BABY SEALS on the bike path. BABY SEALS! And a free public telescope.
  • @kplegan raced so fast today that she gave herself convertible hair ???? #beepbeep #topdown #podium
  • Good times.
  • Today's sock/cap combo is getting me out of the ???? and on to the ????
  • Some rides just need to end with a beer run. And a giant bowl of queso.
  • Coreeeeeeeeey!
  • When visiting San Francisco...
  • This hotel is so comfortable and well designed (and bike-friendly!). Be sure to check out the @brannancottageinn if you are in the Napa Valley.
  • #kitspiration from wallpaper at the @brannancottageinn
  • So happy to revisit old roads and introduce @spino_powerlegs to the filtered light, twisty climbs and can't-help-but-smile descents of California road riding.
  • @spino_powerlegs up to his old tricks again
  • The criminal
  • The crime.
  • Mountain biking in mid-December. I'll take it. #chocolatecharlie
  • @untappedmaple syrup stop on Logan Mill
  • These two have immediately proven themselves cyclocross supahfans. Must be the Wisconsin blood. #weinerheckles
  • Cyclocrossing at the rodeo!
  • Loving the @girocycling Westerly wool glove for cool mornings like this. Lots of dexterity and grip; surprisingly warm and less than 20 bucks.
  • Fall Freeride with Friends and a Frosty Longs
  • Who rolls with a vintage cut-off Salsa jersey? This guy. #FreerideFriday
  • Another sunrise ride
  • Early am commute miles with @lizannebb. Sunrises are worth the dark alarms.
  • One of those mornings
  • I forgot how much more enjoyable fall is with a mountain bike. #FreerideFriday
  • Up early for one last taste of nature before spending the week inside a casino.
  • My badass friend + coworker @njavurek just got her first road bike!!
  • Highly appropriate fortune for new bike day. But I think they mean two.
  • The last leg of today's triathlon of Boulderness: a dawg hike with Cori
  • Dear @girocycling New Road, thank you for saving me from yet another dentist visit in spandex.
  • Found some hops on the top of Sunshine. Sadly no beer. ????
  • First set of intervals in a long, long time. Almost done, one more 55-second stretch to go. The climb I'm on crests just past where the interval will end, so I decide to stop looking at my Garmin and just blast to the top. I crest the hill, spent from the effort, and all I see is this rainbow. Perfect timing.
  • Old and new
  • Good morning Paris!
  • So good I had to go back on my ride this morning.
  • Riding around a quiet Paris on a Sunday morning, seeing all the sights and none of the crowds. What freedom.
  • Up early to fit in a gorgeous ride with GC rider @matthewcbeaudin through the gorges of Grenoble.
  • dwarfed
  • Not every day you see a castle on your bike ride.
  • Ride rule #97: Always stop for lemonade.
  • Bike packing.
  • Yep, we got passed by a runner up on Flag this AM.
  • See, #notabong.
  • This one rocked it up and down Flagstaff today. @powerofbicycles
  • Finally got my hands on these sweet @rockymounts bottles! Thanks guys!
  • @velonews' @caleyfretz: Grand Champion of Mosaic's Flagstaff Week. His prize? A bottle of Crown Royal.
  • Clean @sramracing drivetrain to start Day 2 of the #rideonchicago. Huge thanks to @josenrs!
  • @find_sparky stretches while @jamiekripke finds his Zen place
  • Just a little dirty out there. 126 miles down for day 2 of the #RideOnChicago.
  • Orange you glad @stravacycling is along for the #RideOnChicago?
  • Rainy ride with these two. Kansas City here we come!
  • "Let's go get milkshakes." - KP after a real junkshow of a race. #keepingitreal
  • Having a good race feels good. Working perfectly as a team feels even better. Another happy Koppenberg, with @kristenp1122 taking the W!
  • Wipe the face, then the shoes. @kristenp1122 keeping her @girocycling kicks fresh.
  • Traffic cone orange must be the color of the moment in the bike world. @girocycling @stravacycling
  • 'bout goddang time!
  • Everyone flatted so these guys won.
  • This road claimed about 10 tubes in a stretch of three miles.
  • Low light on Hawk Hill, this time on the other side of the night. Thanks @hoodisgood for the ride!!
  • Low light and steep roads. Beautiful ride with Annie from @stravacycling this evening
  • Photo credit: adorable old man from senior tour bus.
  • Morning in the Presidio
  • Four Barrel and Flanders to kick off the day
  • Yet another shit-eating-grin-inducing ride. This time with some strong and lovely women from the @rapha_n_america SF Cycle Club
  • Post 5-hr ride bliss
  • These boys
  • California descents have a way of forcing a big fat toothy grin, the kind that leaves your cheeks sore.
  • Post-work ride with this lovely face.
  • Always a good sign when you are eating one of these on a ride
  • Got heckled for wearing matching blue his-and-hers @rapha_n_america jerseys on today's ride. At least @evanfry was there to make it a trio. #soepic
  • Those bike rides where you totally would turn around if you were riding alone, but then fun trumps sensibility and eventually you're pedaling road bikes through snow.
  • On a snowy morning like today I'm grateful to have an awesome indoor training facility and cool folks to ride with. If you're sick of the Boulder snow too, check out Apex Coaching's training center at Rally Sport.
  • #revetour EVOs united again. This time for the first road race of the year!
  • Who run the world?
  • Thanks @stravacycling for pushing me to #proveit to myself with pre-work rollers rides every day this week. #sweatitout
  • It's open!
  • I'm usually a huge ninny about riding in the cold, but today was a good day to rally. Thanks @jeredgruber and @caleyfretz for organizing a fun group!
  • My #stravasuffer cave involves three cozy dogs
  • My sanity well is open again, just in time too.
  • Only in you go to a city park and find two world-class road racers circling a pump track on road bikes. Love these boys.
  • The new pumpkin seed bread from @curedboulder is some of the best bread I've ever had. Beginning to think that crumbs are an indicator of deliciousness. So messy yet so good.
  • @joshcwhitney soaking in the post-race glow
  • Looks like I won the 'Park Like A Jerk' award at today's race. #morecaffeineplease
  • Adult advice: always keep a good bottle of champagne in the fridge for when life gets awesome (or you simply forget to celebrate dates like your anniversary.)
  • Not a great way to start a ride, but it was the way we started our great ride. Thanks Aaron for rescuing me and @lizannebb so we could keep riding!
  • Thanks, Daimo.
  • Crazy avian stamp on our front window. No bird though...hopefully he's okay.
  • happy hour
  • Not a morning dog.
  • I think this calls for a post-race cheese party.
  • After the flood comes the green. Hang in there, Boulder.
  • #saddleboner #ouch
  • Discovered an orchard on today's ride! I no longer have to travel to Central New York or New England for a proper cider donut. Still no Macouns though...
  • Whether you lost your favorite training rides or a whole lot more, hang in there, Colorado.
  • Some of our bike paths are still under the mud.
  • Woke up early and took a trip down the Strip on my @iamspecialized Crux.
  • @daimowrench teaching proper technique for beer feeds. Hey @johnswah, is this part of cracking the code?
  • All ready to go!
  • It's here! Fall can start now.
  • First 5+ hour ride in a while. Ouch (but I needed that.)
  • Today's ride bars: puffed grains, almond butter, almonds, coconut, chocolate. @skratchlabs
  • Sadly, wearing between-the-boobs bibs does not turn you into an Assos lady. These things are strange. Like a wedgie for your chest.
  • Peacocks!
  • The Wall of Pain welcomes @johnswah to Boulder.
  • Riding part of today's TDF course. Beautiful views of Lake Annecy. @stravacycling
  • Wherever you are in the world, nothing beats a cold lake and a cold beer after a long hot bike ride.
  • The descent off the Col de Sarenne is the craziest road I've ever ridden. Can't even begin to imagine what it will take to race it tomorrow.
  • Hey @jenniferjean0 @heidiswift @kymbo75 @kristenp1122, look who I found!
  • Pie!
  • @whscheider and I got dad a real bike. He's a natural!
  • Anchors.
  • In heaven. Also, in barley.
  • Elated to be back riding the roads where I first started riding. @stravacycling
  • @spino_powerlegs approves.
  • Not a good day for my seat bag.
  • We got soaked up in Ward, then raced the rain back to town. Of course I had cleaned my bike this morning!
  • Sunshine wheelies
  • Fitting way to conclude a mellow Saturday ride.
  • First ride in @girocycling Empires. All I can say is wheeeeeee!!!!
  • @barlito crushing it up the dirt climb to P2P. Love riding with this kid.
  • Haaay @303jimp.
  • Valmont Road piggies are out!
  • blueballed
  • Poorman's is in fine shape. @panachecycle
  • Time trials hurt. Had to take the bus home.