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Scott Thigpen

Scott Thigpen

Helena, AL
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I run, I ride and I run some more.  

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 150
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 9.3mi
  • 2h 16m
  • 0ft


Distance 2,153.0mi
Time 213h 39m
Elevation Gain 66,407ft
Rides 253


Total Distance 17,149.6mi
Total Time 1604h 12m
Total Elev Gain 890,866ft
Total Rides 845

Recent Photos

  • Nice n cool this morn. #guntersville #triathlon
  • #neverforget
  • Feet are 10900% frozen but it was a fun day in the snow.
  • Brr...
  • Can anyone drop me off a fat bike?
  • "Its warm!" they said. "You should ride your bike!" they said
  • Operation "hunt and kill Elsa" has begun.
  • A new pony emerges. #triathlon
  • Going to give #breadworks a try. Looks delsih
  • Cooling down off another tough @entelechycoaching trainer ride, watching my heart rate drop on the @mioglobal - pretty damed accurate.
  • @entelechycoaching is trying to kill me. #ouch #kickr
  • The streets of Belgium need some work, Vero.
  • Brainstorming some ideas for the next @uabdigitalmedia assignment. It's a pretty day and I love coffee at Lucy's.
  • Little project I'm working on
  • I little side project I'm working on for #cahabacycles
  • #purefix n coffee
  • Power output, heart rate monitor and cadence all through my mac using the @wahoo #kickr #training

#warm4days #trainerroad
  • Three months with a $22 IKEA hacked standing desk. Still like it and have enjoyed the correction in posture.
  • Crowie workout. I'm dying. #haganstrong
  • Frustrating first world problems. Garmin hrm unstitched.
  • #iceskating
  • Fun night.
  • Because I forgot my lock, I had to improvise. #hipsterbikelock #secretcombonation
  • My first brioche. Its the first bread I've made that slices well! Will have happy family! #breadlife #sherrycanttouchthis #sweetestchef
  • At #uab doing forensics school! Fun!!
  • Magnetic brush for forensics
  • I now can be a detective! #uab
  • Getting my fingerprints did!
  • We've found the criminal!
  • #printie
  • Uab is like a ghost town today
  • Just thought I'd give my virtual xmas card to all. #happyholidays and be merry with this #animation done in #aftereffects
  • I made Zopf which is a Swedish egg bread. Too bad there's no smell o vision for Instagram.
  • I got my step daughter a present that includes artificial turf. Its driving her nuts to know what it is
  • The best Christmas card from the best people!
  • Now this is service. My favorite bike had a crack in it. @cahabacyles not only fixed it, they added in a bottle opener to boot!!?
  • Lunch, gym clothes, work clothes, 200 zillion things of paper, computer, drank and a printer. I should start a delivery service. #purefix #chromeimdustries
  • UAB rec center got one of these. Its like the merry go round of doom!
  • Time for @entelechycoaching #plyometrics and #Pilates at the UAB rec center. Nothing has put definition in my body like this short and intense workout.
  • #magiccityttain
  • #magiccityttain
  • #magiccityttain
  • #magiccityttain
  • #magiccityttain
  • #magiccityttain
  • #magiccityttai
  • #magiccityttain
  • Another illustration from my book
  • Warning... Watch for hand tarantulas.
  • I hate this machine. #pullups #flabbyarms
  • Hope I don't endo...
  • Plantzilla attacks #UAB!
  • Fun weekend. Now back in the saddle with #entelechy training.
  • Make legs strong like bull
  • One weekend waffle burnt off Kate Gates
  • Quick fix ride
  • Giddy up!
  • Splish splash
  • Quick errand from uab to the museum then back. Brr.
  • Right next to my monitor at my office. Thanks @mikedion #ridethedivide
  • I guess its time for torture with @tarastiles
  • Pretzel pose is a go! Wait.  I'm stuck. Oh god. How do you get out of this??? #yogafail
  • The uab rec center is my favorite place to workout.
  • This is probably my favorite thing to use when working out. The TRX system is ace
  • Monotonous yes, but at least the rec is safe, temp controlled and it gets the job done. #speedwork
  • Ouch. That hurt. I think I lost 30lbs in sweat. #entelechy #findyourstrong #speedwork
  • At the yacht club
  • King's chair here we come.
  • King's chair
  • Tiny lake
  • Tiny lake
  • John,  this happened.
  • So I get to work and find I get to unwrap my keyboard, mouse, headphones.. even my hand sanitizer is wrapped. 
Gee... What coworker could have ever spearheaded this project. :p
  • Ah air conditioned spinning. #triathlon #training
  • Its a uab twerk off! #run #5k
  • Bam! Thanks coach (Heather) for cheering me on and overall tips. And thanks Heather M for the hill tips! #5k #run
  • Once again we start in soggy weather. Bit sunny skies are on the horizon
  • Meeting is underway.
  • Meeting.
  • First leg done
  • Break room
  • Mile 75 and lunch! Wonderful weather!!
  • King's Chair #omsp
  • King's chair #omsp
  • Check out  what UAB Rec is doing! Cucumber water! Mmmm! #nutrition #gymlife
  • Nice ride
  • Kah boom!!!
  • Oh snap getting sideways! #trailmarshalllife
  • Warning!! Fuchsia Alert! We have a rogue cyclist! In hot pursuit!
  • Zip up that jersey mister! This is a kid friendly race dammit!!!
  • The Long arm of the law is in that bag #trailmarshall
  • Confiscating possible alcoholic beverages. #trailmarshalllife #seriousbiz
  • Making sure the water proof socks work... They do!!!
  • Trail marshall will take ur epos!!! #donthasslethemarsh
  • Quarry road
  • Ride of love
  • Next leg starting
  • This was painful
  • Thank you Paul
  • Kiss me I'm part Dutch and part English (of origin) ... Close enough, right?
  • Intervals, Hundy - that's all my legs have left for the day....
  • Zogmbies!
  • Always looks like the scene from walking dead
  • Now for intervals...
  • Cooked it!
  • Getting ready for skyway at ihop
  • Pancakes carnage skyway
  • Small bike trip with my Lil man. Ur pride hot cocoa at oatmeal
  • Small bike trip with my Lil man. Ur pride hot cocoa at oatmeal
  • First time in under 5 hours! Where these legs at Southern Cross!?
  • Cash money, you!
  • Valentine ride
  • Intervals plus endurance
  • Monotonous spinning....
  • More Tour Divide training. 250 miles this week... Already netted 50 last night aiming for 70-100 today
  • That's a wrap. Time for some calories!
  • Me and the Lil man spinning
  • Me and the Lil man spinning
  • Spinning like forever
  • Training training training
  • Angry owl is angry and is watching who!
  • "It's beginning to look a lot like CX-Mas"
  • Pretty lady.
  • Hiking on the pinhotti
  • Questioning my sanity by saying this but thank goodness for some cold winter weather so I could test some TourDivide gear. Stayed relatively warm for once.