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Marc Marino

Marc Marino

San Francisco, California
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working class athlete /

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 160
  • 320
  • 480
  • 640
  • 800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 149.6mi
  • 9h 13m
  • 8,409ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on Prospect Velodrome Uphill Kilo (Charlie I finish)
  • 2nd fastest time on JK: z5 Vo2 Max 5" stretch
  • 2nd fastest time on My PP Loop
  • 2nd fastest time on Bowery blast


Distance 5,703.0mi
Time 371h 46m
Elevation Gain 335,853ft
Rides 230


Total Distance 28,228.5mi
Total Time 1792h 11m
Total Elev Gain 1,696,995ft
Total Rides 934

Recent Photos

  • You guys, let's name this Berg. I like "oops"
  • We're on a #visionquest, it's already getting real weird.
  • Don't worry bud, I didn't forget about you.
  • #teambionichamster gets ready for the last stage of the #ecmsr2014
  • well, at least it's not raining. #ecmsr2014
  • Holy Mountain. #fuckbrunch #thatssochalet
  • Ten years today, California. Probably the best decision I've ever made. ??
  • #crossfitiscoming #cadncmotion photo: @johndanielreiss
  • ninety minute warmup for a fifty minute crit #NASCAR #critlife
  • LA is OK! #wolfpackcrit
  • war is over! (if you want it)
  • #morningshift with JDR and Cadence, getting me up all kinds of early and riding around the wrong neighborhoods. #airflowcadnc
  • hometown adventure spin
  • current town line points ranking: Chas in the lead with 5, I'm in a close second with 4, and Dave Yoha in a respectable (but distant) third place with 2 points. We're also at In n Out at 10am with a touch over a hundred miles to go til Panoche Road.
  • 157 miles in 8 hours 40 minutes. Hey @nolifelikethislife I should have taken two of these cameras!
  • 63 miles north of Taft. Thank you based tailwind
  • 141 miles in 7 hours 10 minutes.  It was ridiculously hot, like 5 bottles an hour hot.
  • Today has been a rough, 6800ft climbing in barely 75 miles.  Meet us at the LA county sign on the 1 with beer hand-ups. Probably in like a bunch of hours.
  • "Dr. Christiansen or: How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Fixie"
  • #wafelwatts
  • wapahhhhhh #NASCAR #critlife
  • So lucky to have the the raddest network of homies and support.  Thank you Cadence and Mash for keeping me stoked since 2007.
  • Cadence Look Book, crashing the ride on Day 1.
  • Hey Ted.
  • Hey Evan, thanks for letting us ride with you today.
  • Friday Night Racing #sttb #NASCAR #tracklife
  • berg tour with Wilis
  • getting hot dog since 2011 #187 #teammurder
  • So lucky to have the best travel buds.  It's time to party.  #yahoos #fijate2014
  • Welcome to San Francisco!
  • look out!
  • number eleven
  • #nogarminnorules
  • Spotted Brue on his way to work this morning, shredding the other side of the rail.
  • say it isn't so #critseason
  • Beach day with Walt and @johndanielreiss
  • "dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.."
  • 8 hours, 9000 feet, 133 miles, Evan in a circle mirror.
  • Crashing the Foundation team camp.  124mi to go
  • It's February.  It's probably eighty degrees. I won $25 #selfiesunday #critseason #airflowcadnc
  • #bergs #circlemirrors
  • Caption contes: What is Chas talking about???
  • Seven years making coffee, and all I have to show for it is this lousy 'missed connection'
  • Hot Damn!
  • Saturday #critseason
  • Wednesday #critseason
  • Tuesday #critseason
  • Monday #critseason
  • A nice spin up San Bruno with Gabe and some not so nice five by seven by nines.
  • eat your heart out, camo.  #skrk
  • Josh was doing intervals, I was too busy eating and posing for photos.  Thanks Evan!!
  • Yes it is!
  • TCBrehs
  • Vision Quest
  • Merckx Monday!
  • 'not a thru street'
  • really stoked on a solid six hour ride to finish 2013.
  • Jeromy packing his 404s for a coffee ride.  #circlemirror #proteamcoldweatherkitfail
  • #notabadplacetopee @notchas @ericaaaashley @zebrakeys
  • merry christmas... shitter was full!
  • #roadbikesoffroad @notchas
  • Matt, Chas, Gabe, Dylan
  • I don't normally post pictures from Hawk Hill, but when I do FOG.
  • It was too cold to take any other pictures.
  • coconuts at hour six.  it was starting to get weird.  #partyhard #skydivedubai @storts @awefull_sf
  • 3.5 hours and I still have no clue where we are #partyhard #skydivedubai
  • Not enough hours in the day.  What's your favorite night and/or morning light?  1.. 2.. 3.. Go!
  • Ronde van Sausalito #skydivedubai #roadbikesoffroad
  • it's a #circlemirror gold mine up in these hills
  • Riding our own #rgr
  • The Bridge to myself.
  • It's official, because of @notchas my bike is way too awesome to blame for a bad result.  #redhookcrit
  • #skrk
  • Clear skies up on Tam.
  • Go with what (kinda) works.
  • Places to explore with @jeneemarie next month!
  • Spotted in Mill Valley:  Brue, getting his commuter on.
  • Stopped by Montano Velo in Oakland.  Haven't been here in years, stoked to see Jason still killing it.  This was my first "shop" kit purchase back in the day, and I was totally that kid asking about how heavy a B43 wheel build would be.
  • #bergermonday Hometown Edition p/b #coolguyyardsale
  • #roadbikesoffroad #nofilter
  • #seekthedevil
  • "September"
  • Lucky number.  #187 #teammurder #trainingbro
  • Familiar roads and summer in September.  Good to be home!
  • @awefull_sf surfing 404s in a gnar crosswind
  • soapscape
  • dOIS
  • Oh Tam..
  • Filtering to optimize tans.  @storts @7vchvry needs to clean his car
  • Vision Quest
  • This sums up today's San Rafael Twilight recon with @josephison
  • Is there a Blockbuster near by? #chillestrideever
  • team  @lowsf #teamchicasexy #hellyer
  • 39x28 at 50rpm.. The horrible horrible rhythm of #bergermonday
  • saving the track bike
  • Don't call it Frisco, and don't call this summer.
  • paging @prmooney ... #chillestrideever
  • one of the more memorable views of Berger Monday..
  • Showing off Marin's finest.  @rossspruiell #polerstuff
  • Stinson Beach tho!
  • I guess I'll go ride my bike now
  • I've seen worse public restrooms.
  • Where's @johnprolly ? #mudfootismurder
  • brehs, in the wild.
  • The Bridge, lurkin. #proteamcoldweatherkitfail #circlemirror
  • it never gets easier, you just go faster.
  • Treat yoself: to fancy base layers and lapping the field. #rapha #hellyer #trainingbro #187
  • Because @jeneemarie is a snack ninja and aced a dozen @skratchlabs recipes, @waltonbrush and I are well fed on this Wednesday night
  • This guy was #fixiefamous before hash tags.  #tcb #187
  • Camo... sorta.
  • down and around and up again
  • buncha yahoos #teamchicasexy #187
  • A little bit of re-routing with @jeremyddunn @garrett_chow @johnprolly
  • Berger Monday
  • Wednesday nights with @mamad_grinders #teampocari
  • pick your line
  • #morningshift with @johndanielreiss @tmbincase
  • 2011, 2012, 2013
  • exploring new routes
  • pink like it's going out of style
  • you're allowed to get naked in public after four primes and the win @waltonbrush
  • four hours, forty minutes, and eight thousand feet.  Hopefully these measly five hundred calories will get me up three more thousand in twelve-ish miles.
  • oops
  • #roadbikesoffroad so good to be home
  • The Giro!