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Craig Hicks

Craig Hicks

Berkeley, CA
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The Kappa Prays For Rain

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 470
  • 940
  • 1410
  • 1880
  • 2350
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 301.1km
  • 14h 2m
  • 5,513m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Camino Sobrante to Mira Loma
  • PR on Orinda Way to Lake Cascade
  • 2nd fastest time on Olympic (Newell to Reliez)
  • 2nd fastest time on Danville Blvd from El Cerro to Stone Valley


Distance 16,482.5km
Time 743h 42m
Elevation Gain 288,575m
Rides 211


Total Distance 53,291.6km
Total Time 2421h 36m
Total Elev Gain 980,637m
Total Rides 706

Recent Photos

  • Surly Cross Check
  • just the GPC century part, for the record
  • view from Mo'chum-dake peak, Yakushima, Japan
  • Mo'chum-dake peak
  • Movie Credits
  • Part3 - Girl kisses turtle, he turns into an aging prince
  • Part 2: Girls meets cute turtle and falls in love
  • Original Anima Film - Manenokohime  Part 1: Girl (Princess Manenoke) is raised by turtles on Yakushima Island
  • Lighthouse on Cape Nagata-saki, Yakushima, Japan
  • How about when running, swimming, or riding a bicycle?
  • Thousand Petals Waterfall
  • Rare spotting of a grizzly bermaid, Yakushima, Japan
  • grizzly in a tea field
  • yakushima unsuikyo
  • Training Response Curve - x=days, y=form
  • 1
  • 2
  • temple of pure & wholesome virgin white innocence
  • The last tree prays for rain
  • San Francisco Swamp
  • roast leg - HUNGRY?!
  • Grizzly Peak Cyclists tues nite ride (Mark A subgroup)
  • wetlands
  • southern pacific bridge over suisun point channel
  • carquinez bridge from semple point
  • amaterasu no oomikami
  • sunshine woman
  • waiting for rain
  • a magic leprechaun in forest of giants
  • a magic leprechaun in forest of giants
  • a visit to Laputa in the clouds
  • from this gate you cannot escape
  • Modest, reliable, beautiful Tamalpias
  • ichirosan no makiba de e-i-e-i-o
  • usagi rabbit
  • hokori ari ondori - proud rooster
  • gacho - goose
  • buta - pig
  • tamannai apple pies - tamalpias
  • you can just make out the red bullseye of TARGET to the right of the hill
  • life is a bed of roses
  • June rose trellis sky
  • Tamalpias like a small breast against the sky
  • aaahhhh - the beautiful smell of
  • lovers toilets
  • hesitation
  • coming down sierra road
  • ooh the steepness
  • view from sierra road
  • where the grizzly bears used to roam wild
  • enveloped in fog
  • son of sun
  • Mt Tamalpias
  • View from Juniper on Mt Diablo
  • Miss Diablo
  • Another foggy cold summer day in Berkeley
  • ?
  • View of San Francisco from Grizzly Peak
  • June chugging electrolytes in preparation for Tunnel Road
  • Why did the turkey cross the road?
  • June munching down a Vegan Gluten Free Gooey Brownie in prep for Tunnel Road charge!
  • Grizzly Peak - Me and June
  • At the Seabreeze on the Bayshore Path
  • At the Seabreeze cafe by the bay
  • view of goledn gate bridge from tunnel road
  • June to the rescue
  • Turkey family
  • :)
  • More fog on grizzly peak