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Sage Canaday

Sage Canaday

Boulder, CO
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mountain/ultra/trail runner...a "MUT!"

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Monthly Activity Distance

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  • 100
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Jul 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 57.8mi
  • 9h 47m
  • 11,315ft


All-Time PRs

  • 3:55
    1500 METERS
  • 4:17
    1 MILE
  • 8:22
    3000 METERS
  • 9:00
    2 MILES
  • 14:29
  • 29:47
  • 49:01
    10 MILES
  • 1:04:32
  • 2:16:52


Distance 2,146.6mi
Time 265h 16m
Elevation Gain 160,003ft
Runs 271


Total Distance 8,470.9mi
Total Time 1299h 36m
Total Elev Gain 1,110,062ft
Total Runs 956

Recent Photos

  • This truck and its obnoxious anti dust spray did a number on my tempo run workout on Mags today. Everything was fine until it blew past me the first mile and made the road wet with a very foul smelling liquid. My nostrils and throat begin to burn and then I became nauseous. I get it though dust is annoying time I'll have to get up earlier and actually try to start my "morning workout" in the AM (and hopefully beat this truck and the heat!)
  • Sandi is building strength patiently after coming back from Achilles surgery...joined her today on her Birthday hike (first time back on the trails in months!). @ugobars
  • Every time I do an uphill workout at altitude (or any race for that matter) I always have to try to overcome a little Voice of Doubt that yells at me to "slow down! Stop! Sit down on the trail and cry!" I've succumbed to this voice before (most notably at mile 60 of the UROC 100 between minturn and Vail). But we do these hard workouts and races in order to overcome that voice and work through the pain (the pain that is always there!). We develop the self discipline and mental strength to only give in to that voice when we cross the Finish Line!! @hokaoneone @ultimatedirectionusa @julbousa @stravarun @vfuel @ugobars @compressportusa #hokaoneone
  • I believe downhill running (esp. On technical trails) is a learned skill. It is not something I do often because of the inherent risk involved, but it's how I got down Green Mountain in Boulder (via Gregory canyon route) in 16 minutes (@stravarun FKT still). Here you get a glimpse of what some of the trail is like as I test out the new @hokaoneone Speedgoats! As we address our weaknesses in training (mine being any type of downhill running) and capitalize on our strengths we need to be aware of how we are training our cardiovascular system, our skeletal muscular and neuromuscular system , and our mental/courage/spirit/stoke factor.  That is the #SageRunning way!
  • Great #trailrunning group run up Mt. Sanitas from#boulderrunningcompany with @hokaoneone this morning! Thanks for coming out! #hokaoneone #letsgo #trailrunning
  • The new @hokaoneone Speedgoat (Karl) trail shoe spotted in Estes Park, CO! Nice traction! #letsgo #hokaoneone
  • Nice n relaxed 22-miler at the Boulder Res today. Only saw 6 snakes! @hokaoneone @stravarun @ugobars @vfuel @ultimatedirectionusa
  • Got in a little bike ride and hike back in Boulder today . No running for another few days...but for sure an @averybrewingco Maharaja! (And more ice cream !)
  • First thing to pack for #bostonmarathon ...a fresh pair of @hokaoneone Cliftons! My race day choice. #letsgo
  • My sponsor @vfuel is holding a contest with a giveaway ! Check out their Instagram page and comment there with a prediction time (for me at the LA marathon this weekend) for a chance to win!
  • Little bit different views on today's morning run vs today's evening run! @hokaoneone #letsgo
  • Great run with Sandi yesternight! Cool rock bridge.. @hokaoneone
  • "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine (probably one of the most overused running quotes of all time...but it's so darn good!). Thankful to get in track session of mile repeats before the snow storm hits Boulder! @hokaoneone
  • Stay tuned! Tomorrow Sandi and I are launching a project we've been working on... @hokaoneone