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Galen Burrell

Galen Burrell

San Anselmo, CA
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San Francisco Running Company ( sponsored runner based out of the trail running paradise of Mill Valley, CA. You'll generally find me romping around the slopes of Mt Tamalpais or the Marin Headlands, or anywhere else in the world where there is a steep climb and beautiful views. Although hill and mountain running are my specialties, i like to get out on the roads on occasion to keep my legs honest. My proudest achievements are winning the Pikes Peak Marathon in Colorado, placing 5th at the Jungfrau Marathon, and winning the Mt Tam Hill Climb. More here:

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 70
  • 140
  • 210
  • 280
  • 350
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 43.4mi
  • 6h 27m
  • 7,928ft

Recent Achievements

  • CR on Gunsight Fire Road Climb
  • CR on Loma Alta Fire Road Climb
  • 2nd overall on White Hill Rd. - SG Ridge to B17
  • 4th overall on Oak Manor Hill Repeat

All-Time PRs

  • 31:55
  • 2:33:35
  • 3:26:04
  • 6:39:56
    50 MILES


Distance 2,009.3mi
Time 293h 53m
Elevation Gain 322,211ft
Runs 248


Total Distance 9,999.0mi
Total Time 1445h 15m
Total Elev Gain 1,583,104ft
Total Runs 1120

Recent Photos

  • Mt. Tallac in the Desolation Wilderness.
  • Finally got a chance to extend an LA work trip to get up into these beautiful mountains! 4500ft climb up Mt Wilson only 35 minutes from downtown. Love it here!
  • Mornings on Baldy
  • Visiting family in Michigan = Date run! #stravaphoto #stravarun
  • The trails are getting so crowded in Marin! A few top 10s at WS100 in this pic. Can you name them?
  • Banner day on the trails. @mariofraioli
  • When you're dedicated, the payoff at the end is huge. Happy new year to all! 
@dylanbo tagging #100 for the year.
  • I was told recently that I will never be a great runner because I'm too "emotionally balanced." While this could be construed as a compliment, I refuse to accept its logic. Instead, I'm motivated more than ever to confront my demons (and believe me, I have those!) in other ways and cultivate joy and intuition as fuel for greatness.
  • Great to be back in the hills that I learned to run in. Green Mtn from Bear Peak. Never been better.
  • @1jorgemaravilla doing what he does but with both feet on the ground for once!
  • Lounging
  • Diablo
  • Sunbathing.
  • @sfrunco and @mariofraioli enjoying a perfect sunrise.
  • Point Reyes splendor
  • Start of the Mill Valley Skyrace! aka Mt Tam Hill Climb. Starts at the Town Square and climbs 2500 ft to the summit.
  • Top of the hill climb! Such a great crew. Bragging rights for the rest of the year: 1. me 2. @afvarner 3. @sfrunco
  • Gathering of the tribe for @fernandodss bday summit. Birthday boy had a beer on top!
  • Great to be back charging the hills with these characters on the @sfrunco group run!
  • I ran 34 miles on this trail today, through tunnels of oak and maple trees, past corn fields and pig farms, and through sleepy country towns. Best part is...I didn't get lost.  I love the mitten state.
  • There's a race tomorrow?
  • The interface between fog and sun is a magical place. @fernandodss
  • Once in a while there is a payoff for insomnia
  • Never gets old with this crew.
  • The cold and foggy mornings make the bright and sunny ones that much better.
  • The eastern Sierra
  • It's hard work being a bro on the mountain.
  • Banner day on the mountain!
  • @sfrunco leading the morning charge up the mountain.
  • Nice coming back up an old favorite. This one never gets old.
  • Recovery run to Muir Beach in the Hoka Conquests, which are only slightly less cruisy than those mountain bike wheels.
  • Hollywood trails
  • "Training". When non runners find out how much I run they imagine lots of gnashing of teeth and gutty determination. I hate to break it to them...
  • If there are trails to be found in a city, I will find them.
  • Glorious day on top!
  • Great to be back with my toddler and mountain. (Toddler still sleeping)
  • Trail running in Rome.
  • Running tour of Rome with @kgburrell. #dateweek
  • Running the River Mur in Graz
  • Good to back on the run commute.
  • Inaugural run in Central Park did not disappoint.
  • When you can't sleep, may as well run up the nearest mountain.
  • Running into the clouds
  • Up the Fox Trail - one of the burliest climbs in the headlands - on the @sfrunco Saturday run.
  • Proof that our Tam summits are not just about the views.
  • Summit sunrise
  • When motivation is lacking, time to go to my happy place!
  • Happy 1 year birthday @sfrunco!!
  • Stellar morning run with the @sfrunco gang!
  • Great to be reunited with the local mountain goats on the summit!
  • Great to be back in the trails photographing random strangers
  • And it begins again.
  • Flying down the mountain
  • On the 29er
  • When the the running legs fail, time to find a new way up the mountain. Back in business!
  • Passage of time
  • Coit tower lunch run
  • Hello Colorado. Where else would I go on my first day back?
  • Blustery and atmospheric morning on the top o tam with @sfrunco
  • Extra "easy" up the widowmaker this eve. Saving up for tomorrow's epic duel with @davemackd
  • Running to the Tahoe Rim Trail with @kgburrell
  • Tahoe blue from Freel Peak (elev 10,886 ft) part of 26 miles on the TRT
  • To the summit with @davemackd and the fog monster. Nice hat.
  • Independence!
  • Someone didn't have their coffee this morning. Apparently the views weren't good enough.
  • Mirror lakes
  • Post family run swim
  • Next stop Yosemite!
  • Brooding clouds on the summit
  • Redwood Creek trail
  • Mt Diablo
  • Good day to get high
  • Shanghai streets
  • Morning run.
  • Pipeline Trail #stravarun
  • Cruising Blithedale ridge on the #runcommute
  • The Temelpa Trail as viewed from the Widowmaker. Happy Mothers Day!
  • Charge!! @stravarun
  • Going coastal with @rickeygates
  • There are now confirmed reports of fog overtaking Mill Valley, a bastion of sunshine in Marin County.
  • I regret to inform you that the city of San Francisco was wiped off the map this morning by blanket of fog. I hope all my friends are safe.
  • Citizens of the city were seen running up Mt Tamalpais at alarming speeds, presumably to escape the fog.
  • Woke up early, may as well run up the mountain. I wasn't the only one!
  • Finally caught the sunrise. Mt tam summit #18
  • Sunday summit. Warm but peaceful morning on the peak.
  • Tam summit #16
  • Sunrise Tam summit with @sfrunningco and @mjlaye
  • Great day for a bike commute! #strava runners can riders too!
  • Couple of old timers. Tam summit #15 with Dave Mackey.
  • Muir Woods
  • @kgburrell smoking her race to qualify for #pikespeakascent A wave!
  • At mile 3.5 running 5:30s! Grammin' on the run! #iamgoofy #iamstrava
  • Team @sfrunningco ties for 1st sub 1:13!!
  • Marin Half!
  • Run commute
  • Peace out, city, I'm heading home! #runcommute
  • Beautiful cemetery. Still, glad I'm not dead.
  • Blithedale ridge to the summit! #widowmaker
  • The most feared downhiller this side of the Atlantic.
  • @kgburrell topping out on Bobcat!
  • Team @sfrunningco at Rodeo Beach 30km
  • Mt Tam summit #11
  • Chinatown. Not the hood to run thru if you're concerned about pace. Not me!
  • $0.99
  • Playing tourist on my lunch run
  • Racing down mt tam this morning. Accidental shot but I like it. #puregrit
  • The league of 4 (plus me).
  • Cataract falls @maukarunner
  • Ran 17 miles to work this morning and this is what I brought. #essentials #tmi @udhydrates
  • Tam summit #8 via the widowmaker with @sfrunningco @mhbreadbutter @maukarunner and @tgaylord. Sweet!
  • A fresh perspective from the run commute
  • Red slippers know how to make a guy feel special.
  • Sunrise demons
  • @sfrunningco Tam Tuesday. Summit#7
  • Run commute
  • It's here!! @sfrunningco
  • Can't get enough... Love this light. #filterschmilter
  • Pine needly
  • Mt Tam
  • Recipe for success on a long bike ride
  • Party in a can
  • Eggs benni
  • Chillin'
  • The Mist Trail in Yosemite. One of the finest short hikes in the world.
  • Tenaya Lake at 8150'. Where rock climbers meet mountain runners meet standup paddle boarders. Perfect place to end a run.
  • Another day, another Tam summit.
  • Bike commute
  • quote of the day: "I take my #coffee black, just like my men" - little girl in the movie Airplane
  • Commute.
  • #mttam #dawnpatrol
  • What's up Diablo? #mttam #dawnpatrol
  • Things are looking up.
  • Evening commute
  • Bike commute theatrics. #fogassault
  • Autumn announced today that she will now be charging $ for photos.
  • The fog machine has temporarily lost power. It will resume operation shortly. Thank you.
  • Harvest
  • Tunnel of color: trail running in Michigan.
  • Enchanted Forrest
  • Commute
  • Sunrise ferry commute
  • Welcome back, standard time.
  • Sitting Bull Rock, always a nice place to pause on the way up #MtTam.
  • Run commute.
  • Seeking shelter on a rainy lunchtime run
  • Kind of him to leave a note. At the Fort Mason toilet block.
  • Playing in the rain
  • Christmas morning run on country roads
  • Where there be giants #redwoodtrail #ontherun
  • #ferncreektrail #mttam
  • Inspired by yesterday's sunrise photos by @peterduyan @sfrunningco and @larissa3963 I brought  my camera on this morning run. I was rewarded with this incredible sunrise.
  • Another day in paradise. Going coastal with @peterduyan
  • Top of #Tam with @sfrunningco @gusgibbs
  • Racing to catch the sunrise on Mt Tam @sfrunningco @gusgibbs
  • 'Gramming
  • Run commute. #heavilyfiltered #lookednothinglikethis