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Johnny O'Mara_1888BAGHOUSE.COM

Johnny O'Mara_1888BAGHOUSE.COM

Laguna Niguel, Ca
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Team Baghouse, Specialized, Rock n Road Cyclery, ESI Grips, Rokform, Baja Fresh, Monster Energy, Ojio Sport, The Mainline Coffee Co., Scorpion Bike Stands, Rockshox, Swagman Bike Racks, Stance Socks, WTB Saddles, Oakley,, Red Ace Organics,

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 170
  • 340
  • 510
  • 680
  • 850
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 27.7mi
  • 2h 24m
  • 4,256ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Lizards - Parts 1 & 2
  • PR on Lizard Initial DH
  • PR on Lizard DH to rock
  • 3rd fastest time on Bottom Creek to Top of Mathis


Distance 4,956.1mi
Time 454h 28m
Elevation Gain 772,818ft
Rides 222


Total Distance 31,897.8mi
Total Time 2844h 49m
Total Elev Gain 3,964,977ft
Total Rides 1357

Recent Photos

  • This climb never gets easier! 8 mins on rev limiter! #alisowoodscyn
  • It's been one of those days! Thanks @musclemonster for some quick recovery! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @monsterenergy @rokform @esigrips @boldbajafresh @redaceorganics @oakleymotorsports @rockshox @rocknroad @ojiosport @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @swagmanracks @pilocr @barflybike @stancesocks #wtbsaddles #RS1 #sworks
  • So cool to see my best friend RC suit up for the Legends race in Indiana! The dude still hits the throttle harder then anybody in the business! Simply amazing still to watch! #bestofalltime
  • Pretty but hot out today in Cali. @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroad @musclemonster @rokform @esigrips @redaceorganics @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @boldbajafresh @oakleymotorsports @barflybike @swagmanracks @rockshox @stancesocks
  • Got our National Champions together at our main Baghouse Headquarters in Corona Ca yesterday! Thank you to all my very strong teammates for digging very deep this season and always a special thanks to @csmarte at Baghouse for making this all possible! #5nationalchampionships @iamspecialized @esigrips @musclemonster @monsterenergy @rocknroad @stancesocks @rockshox @boldbajafresh @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @ojiosport @oakleymotorsports @rokform @bryflybike @like_the_wheel @papayafactory #industrialsheetmetalcompany
  • Mint conditions on my training trails from the rain! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroad
  • Pre riding the National Champs XC course in Mammoth Ca. Yesterday with my new @360fly camera! So cool and easy to use! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroad @rokform @musclemonster @monsterenergy @oakleymotorsports @boldbajafresh @ojiosport @stancesocks @esigrips @rockshox
  • I think I've ridden by this lake 1000's times and have never stopped to really look at it! #lagunaniguellake @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rocknroadln @rokform @redaceorganics @esigrips @rockshox @oakleymotorsports @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @stancesocks @boldbajafresh @ojiosport @musclemonster @monsterenergy @360fly @jeremymartin6 #wtbsaddles @barflybike
  • Repost @rocknroad Me and my little guy did this today together! Also with my Beautiful daughter & wife.
  • It's always good to support local races and have fun with your friends, and the @quickndirtymtb races in San Diego are always a good time. Head out tomorrow and you can even score some cash! Sorry I won't be making it personally I have my daughters 5th grade graduation happening! And plus I'm till a little banged up from a crash a few weeks ago w/ my shoulder!
  • Get over to @themainlinecoffeeco to have a chance to win over $500 of epic product for your Dad for this Fathers Day.
  • @pilocr got my training bike back in running condition after hitting the ground pretty hard last week! I'm just missing my RS-1 Brain fork really bad! No comparison over and standard Sid fork! @rockshox #RS1 @rocknroad @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @rokform @redaceorganics @musclemonster @monsterenergy @esigrips @boldbajafresh @stancesocks @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @ojiosport @oakleymotorsports @jeremymartin6 #wtbsaddles
  • A minor tuneup @pilocr @rnrbikes and by bike felt like a million dollars today! @team_baghouse @iamspecialized @esigrips @rokform @musclemonster @monsterenergy @boldbajafresh @oakleymotorsports @redaceorganics @themainlinecoffeeco @scorpionbikestands @swagmanracks @stancesocks @jeremymartin6 @ojiosport #sworks #maxima
  • Here's one of my recovery secrets! #musclemonster @musclemonster #perfectproteinratio @monsterenergy