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Travis McKenzie

Travis McKenzie

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Travis McKenzie is a cyclist from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 260
  • 520
  • 780
  • 1040
  • 1300
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 5.4km
  • 0h 30m
  • 44m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Science World to Cambie
  • PR on False Creek Segment
  • PR on Granville St. Bridge to Burrard St. Bridge
  • 2nd fastest time on Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine


Distance 1,940.0km
Time 92h 34m
Elevation Gain 16,363m
Rides 77


Total Distance 15,413.1km
Total Time 596h 17m
Total Elev Gain 162,015m
Total Rides 318

Recent Photos

  • In 1 month I have the privilege of marrying this beautiful thing. #TLMWorldTour #Marryingup
  • #hotdogsorlegs #sockdoping #teamtrav
  • #rideordiechick #TLMWorldTour
  • The inaugural Three Stooges ride - complete. 5 and a half hours of pure joy. #neverevergiveup #teamtrav
  • Never ever EVER give up. #teamtrav
  • Middle of nowhere. I'll take it! @o2xchallenges #stretchyourhead #risehigher
  • The only thing I like more than chasing my goals is helping others crush theirs. This morning @nictickner @steph_corker @jolucyhudson & @sometimes_sadie threw down some slick 800's. #tracktuesdays #teamtrav #coachtrav #b78coaching
  • Today we run. These are the moments I dreamed of. #neverevergiveup #teamtrav #goproathletes
  • 12 weeks ago today I woke up in ICU but still had enough energy and positive spirit to throw up a 'Shaka'. I'm so grateful for the support I've received from all over the world to keep me going throughout my recovery. I love hearing how I've inspired so many people to do things they thought they couldn't do. I still have a long way to go, but you can bet your last dollar that I won't stop until I'm there! #neverevergiveup on what means the most to you. #teamtrav #roadbacktokona
  • Always VII #teamtrav #gobuffs #BoCo
  • "I'm richer than y'all, I've got a bank full of pride" - Dwayne Carter #teamtrav #neverevergiveup #sockgame #goproathletes
  • Throwing it back to the time I ran until complete exhaustion while testing in the @lululemon lab. I am dreaming of the day I can do this again. #teamtrav #neverevergiveup
  • #whileyouweresleeping Track Tuesday's went down. #teamtrav #coachtrav #b78coaching (apologies for the awful lighting - photographer is on their first warning)
  • Vancouver people. Help needed to identify this HERO. I caught this guy driving beside me filming me this morning. When I approached him to ask why he was filming - he flipped me the bird and threatened to get out of the car and 'beat the shit out of me' - Blue Sedan licence plate 607 MBF last seen Broadway & Bayswater
  • #hardware Version 2.0 What's holding up yo head? #teamtrav #neverevergiveup
  • #regram from @lululemonmen - this was one of my favorite photo shoots ever, @tim_sherby and I bro'ing out in the woods. CANNOT wait until I'm back on the road.....don't take these moments for granted people!
  • Don't forget to stop and enjoy the view. #teamtrav #gopro #vancouver
  • Your view of the world is the ONLY thing you can control. Shift your perspective. #teamtrav #neverevergiveup
  • As a kid I used to dream of being on the cover of Triathlete magazine. Dreams do come true! I'm so privileged to be able to share my story of perseverance, self belief and never giving up. So timely, on my road to recovery, that these very traits get me through each day. #teamtrav  cc: @triathletemag @johndavidbecker
  • 6 weeks post accident. Thanks to @tom1fowler1 for snapping this pic. To me this represents the fact that a) my legs are coming back and b) more importantly, that I'm standing, walking and able to dream that these legs will one day carry me back to Kona. Never ever give up.  #teamtrav #roadtokona
  • When I was talking Instagram, the last thing you wanted was your picture snapped #jayzlyrics #teamemj
  • Behind the scenes of the @tillschenk interview with @dirkbockel. Talking #mindfulperformance
  • On top of the world
  • Spanish Inquisition #anzacarmada
  • Put in work @lululemonmen #roadtokona
  • Sometimes in sport, as in life, things don't go your way. How you handle disappointment says more about you, than how you handle success. Next up Ironman New Zealand. 123 days. #roadtokona
  • Sometimes the #roadtokona involves a day of running 44km and a Summer ending swim at Kits Pool. #livinthedream
  • I ain't sharing this liquid gold wit' anybody! #couplahundredk #roadtokona
  • Couldn't think of anyone better to spend my birthday with. 32km for 32 years. #halfway
  • Impromptu aid station. Legends! @kristiedgson @racheldkelly @dexykat @lwruns604
  • Crushing beers mid run! That's a first. #roadtokona
  • Living the really good life. 77 days to go - #roadtokona
  • Look at little Edgy fly. This lady is unstoppable. Boston Marathon qualifier, track star, coooool chick. Photo by @runsoulcycle #love
  • 12 weeks 'till the Big Dance @newtonrunning #twostepping #roadtokona
  • I'll meet you at McKenzie Dr. #roadtokona
  • The journey is more important than the destination. #roadtokona
  • Sometimes you're the hammer, other times you're the nail.
  • Just finished my first and likely only Trail 'Race' - safe to say I was #garbage.
  • Thanks #tips
  • Choose your own path
  • She's a cool whip. Thanks @labicicletta and @foxfit for the support. #444
  • So this just happened. The #roadtokona is real.
  • Toto, we're not in Hawaii anymore. #why
  • Paying respect to the #King
  • Paradise?
  • The only thing that stopped me from rolling over and giving up in the Hawaiian wilderness. #cooked #6hours #tanfilter
  • Pre #bagelchase with these keeners! cc: @teriskier @kristiedgson
  • Running with this champ! #greattimes #besttrainingpartner
  • Christmas Run with G-Train and @kristiedgson
  • Christmas Run with G-Train and @Kristiedgson
  • @lululemon not a new way to sweat, but embracing the Treadmill as I get ready for Ironman Melbourne #NoHumbug
  • Breakfast in bed today for this little champ. #nohumbug #vegemiteontoast
  • Delightful wake up call! #frathouse #probablyaussies
  • I #run she #bakes. Breaking even?
  • Welcome to Vancouver, the tropical paradise. #chasingthesun
  • It really is the simple, beautiful things. ????
  • With the beautiful @kristiedgson, getting our #yoga on to support @1school1day! #vansweatylove
  • Good morning Vancouver, you beautiful thing. #lovemylife
  • You know you're a slave to your morning ritual when Oi bring your own supplies to a hotel room. #BYOeverything #trainingcamp #Whistler
  • I sure do ? @kristiedgson. But I'm ok being in ? with this lady too.
  • Another weekend, another race! This time the #scotiahalf with @kristiedgson
  • What better way to celebrate the first day of #Summer, than to climb into the clouds! #summersolstice
  • @kristiedgson and her new best friend after crushing the #vancouver half in 1:37
  • All lunchtimes should be spent like this!
  • Amazing trail run this morning with great peeps. @kristiedgson, @krsvenson, & MCB.
  • Oh hey #Vancouver you look mighty pretty from up here.
  • Midrun - on top of the Stanley Park Causeway! Love this city.  #vancouver #runcouver #vansweaty
  • Sweating in Seattle. #lesserknownmovietitles #adventure
  • Couldn't think of a better way to spend an Anniversary! About to crush the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon with @kristiedgson. Amazing 1 year together. #love
  • Nothing like a 2kg tub of Peanut Butter to get my girl excited. #simplepleasures
  • Big ship coming through. #vancouver #lovethiscity
  • Pleasure to join the @lululemon Robson St. Run Club tonight! Thanks @vickyor for the invite!
  • Here she is....old Harry Highpants herself - @kristiedgson. Rocking those @lululemon's HIGH!
  • Last ride in OZ with my hero 'Chalky' G-Train McKenzie. Gonna miss him! #legend
  • The obligatory photo from the Cricket! #bigbash #aussiesummer
  • It's been a long 5 weeks away from this amazing lady. #neveragain #missher #love
  • Feeling amazing after an awesome PowerYoga class. Thanks for the #ambassadorlove @lululemon Carindale.
  • Lazy Saturday morning pedal. #cooked #200hunge #needanewhobby
  • Wattsy getting the final instructions! #wattsykatwedding
  • Last ride in #Brisbane this morning with Captain Canada @joeyromkey
  • My first #Triathlon hero, Greg Welch and I at Ironman Hawaii, 1992! Still love this sport!
  • I'm on a boat.
  • The show is in town! @imasiapacific Ironman #Melbourne.
  • Mr & Mrs Watts. #congrats #wattsykatwedding