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Markus Duffin

Markus Duffin

Novato, CA
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Markus Duffin is a cyclist from Novato, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 90
  • 180
  • 270
  • 360
  • 450
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 107.3mi
  • 6h 24m
  • 2,959ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on uphill sprint
  • 2nd fastest time on Novato blvd headwind direction
  • 2nd fastest time on San Marin to Petaluma pt Reyes rd
  • 2nd fastest time on Novato Blvd West


Distance 2,468.2mi
Time 135h 4m
Elevation Gain 63,392ft
Rides 88


Total Distance 14,288.8mi
Total Time 801h 18m
Total Elev Gain 449,705ft
Total Rides 511

Recent Photos

  • Classic seen in Tomales today.
  • Warm welcome pedaling into Pt Reyes Station today. Tunes for a pastry.
  • Costco has XXL office supplies.
  • The group was not liking my pace this AM up the hills and on flats. #50isthenew30 #strava-asshole #osmonutrition
  • Bryce shredding on his new Giant 27.5 all over the birthplace of mountain biking on Mt. Tamalpais.
  • Today was the first time I pedaled  non-stop from the China Camp ranger station to the Nike missile site - 1 hour - 9.5 miles - 1550 ft of climbing. #chinaxamp #niner
  • Teenager: Can I stay on the couch?
Dad: No, give 20 miles before baseball.
#teamswift #cannondale #strava #baddad
  • Someone is in awe of the sunrise atop Wilson Hill climb this AM.
  • I don't do cycle class on Wednesdays. Except today. My universe is spinning.
  • Someone. Somewhere. Needs this 'cause it's true!
  • Sometimes life can go a little sideways. It's how you recover that matters.
#SierraNevadaBrewery Founders Memorial Sprocket #CannondaleEvo #ProjectRudy
  • Honey Run Covered Bridge built 1886 - Cyclist built June 1964 #cannondaleevo #wildflowercentury #csuchico
  • When you don't feel like going solo, you go - there will be an unexpected surprise treat. Counted 18 waterfalls over 50+ miles in West Marin today. #cannondale #supersix #projectrudy #marincounty
  • A great way to have your spokes cleaned
  • Maria Sundeen and I together raised over $1400 for the American Diabetes Association and rode the Tour de Cure in Napa today with the American AgCredit team - thank you everyone who donated!
  • Read carefully my favorite teenagers and be inquisitive what this is about - you will rise to the top!
  • Jack, I am your father.
Pay no attention to the blood on the wheels.
  • Moments before a hamstring cramp made be drop to the floor.
  • Jack and I are in Pt Reyes Station to watch the Sprint line as the AMGEN Tour passes through. Of course daddy won the mock sprint vs son across the actual finish line. ;)
  • Enjoying Oysterpaloza in Valley Ford, Ca with two stages of music, Louisiana food and fun friends
  • Two flat tires descending Panoramic Hwy from Pan Toll station placed me in this overlook of Stinson Beach while waiting for my rescuer. There obviously are worse places to be stuck. Thank you Mark Guinney for being my rescuer!
  • Tru Dat
  • I have finally fixed the super loud squeaky wheel next to my ear that said every day, "I want a road bike!" Maiden voyage along American River Bike Trail.
  • Wish my dad had texting in the 80's to give such good advice...
  • Garmin damaged by sharp teeth
  • Couldn't get Jack on a mountain bike this AM. That's ok because it was beautiful on the road in Nicasio. 
  • Great day to test ride from Crissy Field some of the best bikes made.
  • Never in my life time have I imagined I would jog towards the sunrise and the Bay Bridge. Life changing to gain incredible new friends that motivate.
  • Halloween is around the corner. Are u ready?
  • Bryce conquered 24 record setting miles today! 
Route was from Nicasio to Olema (hill climb) to Pt. Reyes Station (w/ Bovine Bakery treats) back around Nicasio Reservoir to Nicasio
  • For my next road trip.
  • I'd rather do 80 than 18. Mid-life crazy
  • Happy Halloween everyone!
  • Happy Halloween Bryce!
  • @49erbryce you are my favorite Harry Potter
  • Definition of a good wingman
  • I get to ride with my two favorite buddies Sunday at the Team Swift fundraising ride along side the current US National Road Champion, Fast Freddy Rodriguez
  • @jack__duffin @49erbryce Ted King of Cannondale Factory Pro team who races at Tour de France and all over the world has a special message this Am for Jack and Bryce before I depart with him up HWY 1
  • Bryce rode with today the four time and current US National Road Cycling Champion "Fast Freddy" Rodriguez
  • Jack fell today (and is ok) while riding fast with the four time and current US National Road Cycling Champion "Fast Freddy" Rodriquez and Team Swift Jr Development Team
  • Friend Janelle visiting Mizuno this AM. She's asking for the big chair.
  • Decisions... Sierra Nevada Ale or Paradise?
  • My Mecca
  • Hand-built volcanic rock walls erected in mid-1800's surround Chico, Ca for miles and miles. Cool volcanic region.
  • Morning run time. Got to keep up with the San Marin High water polo players extreme winter training program. #samarinwaterpolo #shaqwaterpolo
  • 12 days ago the surgeon repaired my left knee. Today, first day back road biking. I'm so happy. Turning the pedals. Turning back the clock. Watch out 2014!
  • Minnie me and me out grabbing KOM, PRs, and calorie burn before 7 hours of NFLs best.
  • Jack's and my secret sauce against the cold this AM #defeet #cannondalegreen
  • We eat 2-mile runs before breakfast in Ko' Olina then Bryce immediately refuels us with #Starbucks. #rundadragged #smashdad #salomonrunningshoes