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Jan Pena

Jan Pena

Daly City, CA
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Jan Pena is a cyclist from Daly City, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 260
  • 520
  • 780
  • 1040
  • 1300
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 176.4mi
  • 15h 15m
  • 13,055ft

Recent Achievements

  • 8th overall on Butch Buchanan Bump
  • PR on Fell Street Car Sprint
  • PR on Van Ness to Buchanan via Jackson
  • PR on California Bump


Distance 7,668.8mi
Time 681h 43m
Elevation Gain 537,904ft
Rides 457


Total Distance 27,528.0mi
Total Time 2188h 28m
Total Elev Gain 1,997,116ft
Total Rides 1534

Recent Photos

  • Riding to the hills on the morning commute!
  • Nice views of the moon on the evening ride home!
  • Nice views on the morning ride to school!
  • The calm before the storm. I hope I make it out of this race in good shape!
  • Who would have thought that you can have fried alligator in San Francisco?
  • A little bit of water to quench my thirst on a day filled with bike deliveries!
  • One of the more unusual stops on today's ride: a hard core southern fried restaurant in the mission!
  • Full moon on the Saturday evening commute!
  • Some nice art work on today's ride!
  • I'm a slave to fashion because I had to paint the spokes of my new rear wheel blue!
  • All the Nutella you want!
  • Why fool around with a car to pick up a case of beer when you can use a bike?????????
  • Made it to the top of Dobbs lookout!
  • Nice views at the top of Dobbs!
  • Morning hike
  • Morning hike with the family!
  • Nice morning climb!
  • Enjoying a nice morning walk'
  • Enjoying an amazing evening on the bike!
  • The views are nice when I'm on the job doing deliveries!
  • This bike is too comfy, but it's stills fun ride!
  • A cool bike parking spot!
  • It's just a doggy dog of a day on the bike!????????
  • My bike feels a bit small
  • Is cool or what! A self service bike repair stand and tire pump at SFSU !????
  • Nice views at the top of east peak!!
  • During finals, my Banana consumption goes up!
  • Ready for the SFSU 5K!!
  • Enjoying a whale of a morning commute!
  • You think you have s lot of fat? Check out this big ass slab of whale fat!
  • Enjoying a nice spring break day in Pescadero!
  • Oh no! The frame on my commuter bike cracked under pressure!
  • An orange full moon on the evening commute!!
  • Sometimes you have to get a little creative with hauling stuff when you shop by bike: securing a newly purchased wheel to the handlebars with packaging tape!
  • Lots of bicycle commuting on Valencia st!
  • My bike experienced a tire explosion this morning and it turns out the the rim is cracked. It's crazy that I raced on this wheel the other day! A reminder to Check your equipment!
  • 10th place. Not too bad after leading some laps and running out of gas at the end.
  • Another race for me!
  • A broken spoke,  a cracked rim and the Zipp wheel is dead.;(
  • It's nice to know that when you ride to SFSU, you get free valet bike parking!
@SFSU @sfbike
  • Valet bike parking!
  • SF to Santa Cruz!
  • Enjoying the nice views on the evening bike commute!
  • A nice morning run!
  • I ride by this sign often on my morning commute and I'm amused by the failed concepts it shows: before people. 2. Renting movies at the corner store
  • #parkingdirtysf
  • #parkingdirtysf
  • Getting fitted by Pedro!
  • A nice Saturday night ride!
  • Christmas on wheels!
  • The official launch of the Christmas bike!
  • An early Christmas gift: Another broken crank!! This crankset was only like three months old!
  • Ah no, I won't ride through that.
  • Having fun on a post thanksgiving feast ride!
  • Post thanksgiving feast ride!
  • Stockton street; amazing things happen when the cars are taken away and people can walk free and clear.
  • I'm seeing a lot of smoke from cooked Turkeys on the morning bike ride!
  • The ride is going to be a lot smoother after some fresh pavement that was just laid down on the San Bruno Mt trail!
  • It was fun to up San Bruno mt all week long during the morning commute!
  • A nice and dry evening commute!
  • Enjoying a nice evening ride!
  • It's a nice night for ride!
  • My Friday morning commute!
  • Morning commute!
  • Morning bike commute!
  • More fun on the morning commute!
  • Enjoying the nice views and warm weather on the evening commute
  • Having fun riding up Twin Peaks on the evening commute
  • Friday night Halloween ride!! Yeah!!!!
  • Giants fever on the evening ride home!
  • Best vanilla ice cream I've ever had!
  • Riding with the former mayor of Bogota Colombia and advocate for more bike lanes!
  • The wet crosswalks are eating me alive on the morning commute!!
  • Feeling like I'm on top of world!
  • A little bit of rose power for the evening commute
  • On my way to bike party SF!
  • Nice sunset on the evening bike commute
  • Having some fun on the morning commute!
  • It's going to be a great day for some bike racing at the Giro DI San Francisco!
  • Back to school morning commute!
  • Having fun on the evening commute!
  • The weather is not the best for riding today, but i'm having fun anyways!
  • A ship load of bike parts are heading into the city!
  • This is how Roll; with a spare tire and a spare rim!
  • Nice view on the way to the SFSU gym
  • Enjoying a nice ride after work:)
  • Crazy accident on the bike route. Hope the driver is ok.
  • Looks like the car spun out and hit some trees, the same trees I ride by on the way home.
  • Feeling like a tourist on today's ride:)
  • My evening commute
  • Morning commute
  • Nothing like riding up Hyde St. With 80 miles in your legs!
  • Made it to the top of San Bruno Mt!
  • Home stretch!!
  • Riding to east peak after work!
  • Morning ride
  • Morning commute
  • Riding up Dalewood way on a 53/39 and a 11/25