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Yoann Roman

Yoann Roman

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
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Yoann Roman is a cyclist from Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 160
  • 320
  • 480
  • 640
  • 800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 192.1mi
  • 12h 36m
  • 3,581ft

Recent Achievements

  • 4th overall on tessin -> wittenburg
  • 9th overall on 1000m Sprint (SB)
  • PR on Alsterpark-Sprint
  • PR on AlsterparkSprint


Distance 4,204.4mi
Time 236h 21m
Elevation Gain 101,286ft
Rides 357


Total Distance 15,824.9mi
Total Time 990h 58m
Total Elev Gain 679,236ft
Total Rides 1146

Recent Photos

  • This is not the Salem you are looking for
  • Missed my train by 1 minute ????
  • So much sun
  • House shopping
  • This is no regional train
  • No military traffic
  • Hello Hannover!
  • Another Sunday, another train station
  • A little far from home
  • Maybe not the best tower to have right now
  • New shoes day
  • Well deserved
  • German for "water". Seriously, I was wandering aimlessly searching for water until I realized this was the only form of hydration.
  • Only in Germany
  • Typical North German house... and its 3 wind turbines
  • This time I made it
  • Cuxhaven Bahnhof
  • This is not the Cuxhaven you are looking for
  • So much room on the Metronom
  • Ludwigslust Bahnhof... Better than my last trip
  • Ludwigslust!
  • Road to nowhere
  • That is one random sign
  • Schloss Schwerin
  • Not my definition of a road bike path
  • This is going to be fun (note: I'm on a road bike with 23mm tires)
  • That stare
  • Vielleicht ein bisschen kalt
  • This city does not treat its train station well
  • Another Sunday, another train station. Or, rather, "train station".
  • Seriously, renovate a little every so often
  • Chaos on the RE1 back to Hamburg
  • Another day, another train station
  • But they don't keep the sign clean!
  • Complaining about taxes on a state-owned rest area garbage can
  • Of course I'd get a flat on the day it rains
  • Not your typical bike ride scenery
  • Flensburg!
  • The sun decided to come out for the last 10 miles
  • Leaving Deutschland...
  • Wahnsinn!
  • No more Fahrräder here
  • The Padborg train station was greatly underwhelming
  • And back...
  • No trip would be complete without the obligatory train station photo
  • Now for 2 hours of downtime
  • Moin Korfu!
  • In my continuing series on train stations that are 100 miles away from Hamburg
  • My bike fears getting crushed
  • Moin Moin San Francisco
  • Why hello there, San Francisco
  • Obligatory photo of the poofy cloud layer as seen from Mt Tam
  • Made it
  • @StravaCycling's route planner and I have different ideas on what a road route looks like
  • Peaceful fuel break
  • Not a bad spot to rehydrate
  • Slightly more scenic than your typical Hamburg ride
  • Mountains
  • "One espresso, two sugars, molim "
  • Recovery
  • #bikesleaningonthingsineurope
  • Using up that roaming data package
  • Spring is coming to Hamburg
  • Vitamin D Overdose
  • That's a first
  • A little taste of home here in Hamburg
  • Goat!
  • Show off
  • The scenery is a bit different from NoCal
  • My Garmin did not appreciate this morning's way of acquiring satellites
  • Running in this is going to be a first
  • Snow run report: a mix of delicious plushness and terror of hitting ice
  • That commute home is looking a tad chilly
  • Bonjour Marseille
  • Back to the high-tech route sheets
  • Birds!
  • This is becoming a theme...
  • Sad bike
  • Who closes a bridge during the winter!
  • Sheep^1000
  • Dark, cold, and out of food. Throwing in the towel...
  • Going Euro-style with a baguette in the jersey pocket
  • Farms!
  • Wind power!
  • Cute bicycle route signs did not indicate intensity of manure smell up ahead
  • Happy Halloween from Hamburg
  • A peaceful finish to this month's Gran Fondo
  • Look who finally decided to make an appearance
  • So European...
  • This turned out to be not as useful as an actual map
  • Good thing I waited to replace that bar tape
  • And that helmet
  • For sale: Castelli jersey, slightly used
  • Another successful bike ride in cursed Marin County
  • Karl looming over sunny Pt Reyes
  • This is what it looks like when you finish a bit early
  • And recovery...
  • Dolce'ing it up in LA
  • Oh yes #aidslifecycle
  • I love this place #aidslifecycle
  • Rest Stop 4 #aidslifecycle
  • Rest Stop 4 has the best views #aidslifecycle
  • Tanning it up at Rest Stop 4 #aidslifecycle
  • Red! #aidslifecycle
  • The variety of themes is impressive #aidslifecycle
  • Foreground: circus, background: The Incredibles #aidslifecycle
  • Coffee brings all the cold cyclists to the shop #aidslifecycle
  • Before shot of @gorbster
  • I like this program
  • After shot of @gorbster (well, double shot to be exact)
  • Halfway there
  • Brownies for the descent!
  • Camp!
  • Pre-tent city creation
  • #4 & #5 to the camp. Clearly our plan to take it easy is going swell.
  • Bags, bags, bags...
  • Good morning, Marin County!
  • "Partly Cloudy"
  • Oh, SF, you're such a show off
  • At the start of P-Loop around mile 72, I started thinking doing a century Saturday *and * Sunday may not have been a smart move