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Adam Garcia

Adam Garcia

San Francisco, CA
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Adam Garcia is a cyclist from San Francisco, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

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Total Distance 17,202.9mi
Total Time 1172h 52m
Total Elev Gain 1,158,461ft
Total Rides 765

Recent Photos

  • Stinson snack-attack.
  • Ben Leiberson, #tothesun #outsideisfree
  • Spotted. During a pretty good sesh on hwy 1.
  • When I was a kid I went to Boy Scout summer camp and got the sailing merit badge. When I was 24 I went to snowboard summer camp and got drunk with pros. Take that This American Life.
  • Notice how this #probar almost perfectly matches the bike lane on Can~ada Road, which is where I dropped it, then took a photo of it, and ate it anyway.
  • On the other hand, I had no problem drinking a beer with Fergus, before we even got out of Marin.
  • Mission Cycling mid ride #festive500 party on Mt Tam. They served booze but I passed. Thanks though.
  • Festive #coolguyyardsale
  • #coolguyyardsale century. See you in the East Bay!
  • Flat number one. Nailed it. #RGR
  • Fresh Air
  • Me and my weird-ass #RGR -specific bike are finally here. #HOLLYWOOD
  • Team car vibes on the way to #RGR
  • Royal Mail delivery from @1ookmumnohands just in time for Rapha Gentlemen's Race this weekend. Thanks guys. @eddorsey1 one of the black ones has your name on it.
  • After all the tinkering on my #rgr bike, John applies the finishing touch. @raphacycleclub @biergartensf
  • On the boards. @awefull_sf
  • On today's unofficial #rgr training ride, we decided which color shoes we're going to wear.
  • Exceptionally clear day for a beach ride.
  • Brite Sport / Rapha / Mike's Bikes foggy morning jammer to Planet of the Apes
  • Special Delivery from @mikes_bikes SF. Taken like @milosportlafayette
  • We made a friend in cycling. #morningmiles
  • @marcmarino on top of the world on a #gravelbike
  • If you're up right now, you're probably also ready for Metromimt Giro SF.
  • Back in San Francisco. No more beaches. Frost on my booties instead.
  • It was time for one and everything
  • Suiting up for Santa Cruz to Monterey
  • #thebeach in Santa Cruz
  • #thebeach in San Francisco
  • New shoes, mellow cruise, drinking booze. #festive500
  • #weak dinner, sweet breakfast. Happy holy day @wafools @c_xavier  @superstupid
  • #festive500 #rapha500
  • #rapha500 #festive500 RCC Bonus
  • RCC Century. Fewer shots, more riding. #festive500 #rapha500
  • Road-bikes on dirt. Mission Cycling "support vehicle" with doughnuts and Irish coffee. High on a mountain top. Drunk on beer from @keenanwrice .  #rapha500 #festive500
  • You'll never guess what this has earned me. #festive500 #rapha500
  • Someone told me I had a dirty bike today. #rapha500 #rapha500
  • Missed ALC Headlands Hotlap with @actiolabor / @c_xavier. Caught RCC sunset strike instead. @zproto on new ipodphone #followhim
  •  Recovery Drinks w/ @zproto
  • Sweet view of the GGBridge. @keenanwrice
  • Bike Ride
  • I want a Racecar bed too, but this is redick
  • Some bright spots from today's ride
  • After work spin. Half way point.
  • @zproto and RCC boys
  • Today's lineup at RCC
  • @zproto running#onewaterbottle
  • YES!!!
  • SOMA loft+Mortal Combat=Cool new neighbors
  • Rainy SF as seen from Hawk Hill
  • Crispiness: 3 Sauciness: 5 Meatiness: 4 #wings
  • #MBSFTMHR 1. Four Bikes: #onewaterbottle
  • Morning miles with Zach and Dante. @zproto @dantecampanile
  • Snack Time
  • Artsy Dead Bird Photo
  • Derrick Lewis busts a move @rapha_derrick #prostyle
  • #MBSFTMHR  number 2
  • Campy
  • All aboard the 4:55 train. #atoc
  • #atoc
  • This Guy #atoc
  • Recovery drinks. Employees only.
  • Ride number 1: The Bears
  • Ride no. 2: Paradice Loop w/ @dantecampanile @zproto
  • Headlands loop with CXers
  • Wed. ride part1
  • Wed. Ride part 2
  • Riding in Berkeley. Looking at San Francisco.
  • Checking out the Jersey Project at @pbveloclub
  • Pre-Pantoll Paradise w/ the P-P-P-Prowler and Benny. @jprutledge @nevergotanangel
  • For a good time, follow @nomosking
  • I'm gonna ride the shit out of that rental bike
  • Me and the rental bike waIting out the rain.
  • The sign has no idea I actually left from Lahaina, but it's still a good spot for a Coke
  • Prep
  • Rush Hour @dantecampanile
  • Photo credit: Police officer
  • Case of the Mondays @dantecampanile @zproto
  • I worked on my bike too. @awefull_sf @nevergotanangel
  • Shredding balls and shredding kits w/ @awefull_sf
  • Back to slay the Demons
  • Instead of Col du Pantoll... #rapharising #not
  • #morningmiles @zproto
  • Dante's thumb-of-positivity was later used to remove a bee stinger from the side of my head. #morningmiles @dantecampanile
  • Mega Aftermath @jprutledge
  • Race Fan @kevinmgossett
  • The second-most instagramed "FART" tag #trending
  • "ok, I'll go put some beer in a bucket". @zproto
  • (C)hillin' w/ Fergdog and Boxdog
  • New hat from Jitensha Studio was served up in a Sightglass bag
  • #airbud @dkleincadence @storts @awefull_sf  It was so fun nobody even got teased for instagraming
  • #dantesdishes
  • Sam P. Taylor with Scott and Austin. #epicwednesday
  • 2 survivors(I barely did) #thumultuousthursday @marcmarino
  • Enough Parklets already
  • "be sure to tag it #morningmiles "- @dantecampanile @zproto
  • #morningmiles
  • The European roads of Tiburon
  • We've all been there
  • Brite Sport and the changing leaves
  • Alpine Dam-mage
  • Ridgecresting
  • #morningmiles with The Prowler
  • @bryanbanducci
  • #morningmiles
  • Today's ride was on the lighter side.
  • "SUFFER"
  • J.P. GGP #morningmiles
  • Rediscovered this classic in the old shop.
  • @dantecampanile @josephison
  • Long shadow.
  • Fausto Coppi stopped by the shop today.
  • Heather Pugh is a shining star at ArtCrank
  • Freezing cold and crystal clear.
  • #BART ing to the @milosportlafayette video premiere. Save me a beer.
  • A-rasta'd Development.
  • #morningmiles
  • East Bay #epicwednesday in progress with many special guests
  • The Rapha Cycle Club Parklet. A gift to the city of San Francisco.
  • Enjoy my rain bike @chrisdistefano - Ride hard and put away wet.
  • We celebrated hard riding.
  • @jprutledge
  • Where's Captain Planet when you need him?
  • #keeprs
  • #keeprs
  • As seen on Conzelman
  • #coryeats
  • All smiles after getting ticketed in Fairfax
  • Kings Mountain. @jaredv3 kicked my ass
  • @dana_tm off the front #redracing
  • First trip over the Golden gate for this Londoner.
  • Alpine Dam
  • One(or two!) of these beers can be yours, for FREE. Come to Keep'rs tonight at Pushbike. Free beer with new PB t-shirt, 2 free beers with hoodie, 6-9pm.
  • #rapha500 #festive500
  • Fergus's century is a hit
  • #festive500
  • Adam T. May and the #MikesBikes broom wagon. #Festive500 #Rapha
  • Sunday Evening as seen from Rodeo
  • Big Group Ride #mikesbikes and #SBCU
  • It's a packed house
  • Bike Racing with #mikesbikes
  • #morningmiles with sea creatures
  • #bikeracing with JP Rutledge. General Manager #mikesbikes San Francisco.
  • Coffee Break!
  • Lost in Translation. Found in Waterford CA
  • #jrcartographer leading this one
  • Good Morning @josephison
  • The picks are in, who will win?  #milansanremo #mikesbikessf
  • East Bay Day part 1. Not quite sunflowers in July, but I'll take it.
  • Easy Bay Day part 2. Filling bottles @milosportlafayette
  • Breakfast at Boreal
  • @chriswilmoth had die-cuts from original Unity Day AND Unity Day 2 inside his cooler
  • Beers to our ears. Bicycle Film Festival party tomorrow night.
  • Domestic Bliss at the Campanile/Ward residence
  • #atoc @jprutledge @madamsmb
  • Got lead the #atoc #mikesbimez ride on this #prostyle @wiliertriestina zero.9
  • Coach Rutledge tells us how to take a potty break
  • Coach Fergus mentors the youth
  • @zproto #splitkit
  • Died and gone to heaven @teamedish
  • @marcmarino wearing #splitkit #coolguyyardsale
  • Are they cousins?
  • Sofia Marin. Lady cyclist. Birthday girl.
  • No more free water for this guy. @storts
  • #teamedish arm break spotted at AJ's 20/20
  • Graeme Raeburn takes tea before #stammtischride
  • Always lots to photo at Milo, but I couldn't pass up Schfack's new carbon Ibis on everybody's favorite tune bench. I had to stick my arm through a rack to get the pic.
  • You sunk my battleship.
  • Funston
  • "...and I hope you like grammin' too", sings David Bangor.
  • Share the road. Share the rack.
  • Nate and I rode from Oakland, to Mt. Diablo, to a taqueria, and drank beers.
  • On the final slopes of Diablo, after all the IPAs with @whiteapejay and @childhood_friend . I saw the 60 minute mark slip away, #barf ed, and felt like I was in hell.