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Colin Osborn

Colin Osborn

Carbondale, Colorado
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Pro Mtb racer for Giant Co-Factory

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 70
  • 140
  • 210
  • 280
  • 350
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 241.0mi
  • 16h 8m
  • 23,082ft


Distance 1,337.5mi
Time 90h 11m
Elevation Gain 108,232ft
Rides 40


Total Distance 11,048.8mi
Total Time 749h 20m
Total Elev Gain 839,281ft
Total Rides 440

Recent Photos

  • Added a new family member to the stable today. Absolutely loving my @giantbicycles Anthem Advanced SL! I can tell we are going to have lots of fun adventures together. #ridelife #GiantCoFactory #Colorado @srammtb @schwalbetires @jlvelo @mrpbike
  • Too much fun riding the home trails with @anptas today. Had to be careful to find the right window in the weather, but the dirt was perfect. #nakedgiant #carbondale #mtb #spring #Colorado #InstaSize #wdgt
  • If I wasn't feeling spoiled enough already, the guys @basaltbikeandski had to go and let me test a 2015 @giantbicycles Reign while my race bikes are being built. Huge thanks to them for letting me ride this ripper! #ridelife #ridegiant #makeitreign #giantcofactory #draggingbars
  • Nice n sunny day today. Hard to believe this time last year I was enjoying some of the best powder days of my life, but I'll take it. #earlyspring #bikelife
  • "This is my group ride, bitches!" - @kalanbeisel. Truer words couldn't have been spoken today. #ridelife #getuponmylevel
  • Clear roads, warm temps and nothing but smiles. Felt great to get out and stretch the legs. #ridelife #colorado #latergram
  • After today's high speed Moto session I noticed I've got a few tire knobs ripping off. Of course my tire(left) looks nothing like @stevens.34 tire (right). I think his top out at 70mph probably aiding in his knobby ripping. #knobgoblin #tireshredding #bikelife
  • Somewhere along the trail today.
  • Damn crits!! Only goal was to survive, mostly did that. Hopefully the wrist is less sore tomorrow. #epicrides #gjoffroad
  • #tbt to cross season 13.  Always fun racing in the mud and snow. Can't wait to race this weekend! @honeystinger #twowheeldrift
  • Some like it buff, some like it rough. Gotta say, I love the roots and rocks. #singletrack #niiiiiiiiice
  • Hit some rain and mud today. No big deal, still lots of smiles
  • Somewhere along the trail #singletrack #neverstopexploring
  • Some pretty rough views on tonight's ride. #neverstopexploring #summer
  • Oh how I wish you here.
  • Yup, new tires on the TDI work! #vw #tdi
  • Nice spin around the lake today with @finsty. Hopefully it doesn't get too much hotter today
  • Whaat?! Honey Stinger Organic Lemon waffles still 25% off? Free shipping in all orders $50 and over?! Daaamn! #honeystinger #organic #deal #friday
  • Sweet lunch roadie with #poppashea. Not a bad way to wait for that kid huh?
  • Pretty unreal up on the crown tonight. Sweet views and awesome trail conditions #nofilter #nobrakes
  • Sunset from the front yard
  • Top notch single track tonight.
  • met a fox tonight, lil focker snagged a rabbit right after the pic #instacollage #wildlife #slyfucker #fox
  • Found some more #furryfriends on today's ride
  • That time of year! Stoked to have these bitches glued up! #ihavenocluewhatimdoing
  • #nofilter needed for the views on tonight's ride
  • And another. Sopris looking extra epic today
  • Tonight's ride on the rim trail. #nofilter
  • Good riding tonight
  • House sitting at a ballers mansion!
  • Caught a pic of scout mid yawn today. #scoutcat
  • Quick visit to dinkle lake #sopris
  • Ride views
  • #Fika med min kompis Jason
  • Super fun ride today with Jason Anderson and a bit with Kevin Wilson. Well spent 5hr saddle day. #aspen #summer
  • Pretty much how tonight's ride was. Bugs everywhere
  • Colorado national monument road today. #roasting #hot #colorado
  • Pretty damn proud of this. Super fun racing in Falun, Sweden. Sweet course, good racers!
  • Chasing this guy. Hopefully I can keep him close tomorrow.
  • Sweet course riding today in  Falun, Sweden. Långa Lunget #långa #lunget #sweden #sverige #mtb #honeystinger #bontrager
  • And infamous Falun ski jumps. Been watching ski competitions here since I was a little kid
  • Hopefully I can channel some Kessiakoff or Nibali legs this Saturday with the Astana bike ;-)
  • Got my last Iron Horse prep in with Jason Anderson tonight. Hopefully I feel this good or better this weekend. #onthehunt
  • Well whiskey! With @dstucki
  • Just pissing out!
  • Thank god for the new weather shelters
  • Superfly
  • Mike Thomas and green chile. I can barely contain myself right now :)
  • Some more sweet riding tonight
  • A quick pic from today's sweet ride in Snowmass with Jason Anderson
  • I miss my mountain bike fall rides. #soonenough
  • #fika mid ride with Jason Anderson
  • Hard to complain when you've got views like this, but I am ready to get back on the Mtb.
  • Getting my chomp on during today's ride
  • Super fun day racing Turkey cross here in Cdale! Got schooled by @iamjakewells on how to race cx!
  • One of the coolest shots I've seen, racing in my hometown with Sopris in the background. Once again, very spoiled to live here
  • A pic of today's riding buddies
  • Muddy snowy dusty buuuaaapppp!
  • December single track here in Carbondale. Not complaining, just wondering when winter will come
  • Good riding today, a bit slick though
  • Awesome conditions during today's ski session. #colorado #winter #nordic #snow #sun
  • Mini bear attacking hedgehog. #cute #puppy #puppywithdrawls #halliepup
  • Best clothing out there for being outside, thanks @craftsportswear
  • Wow! @inessa_tushkanova liked my photo! That's awesome! Especially since I love all of hers!
  • Ever get that feeling things are closing in around you?
  • First number for 2013. Gonna be rough tomorrow
  • Good ole Texas! I've been waiting for this combo for a while!
  • I guess I was gone on my ride longer than I thought
  • Truly blown away by Cult of Luna's newest album! #umeå #cultofluna
  • Alright, this part of Cali isn't too bad #sun #sunshine #march
  • Ready to race tomorrow!
  • Tough day out there, but 27th in the XC. Overall pretty happy
  • Just riding along with @wadenewsom today. 2k+ climbing, #nbd
  • Some more pretty sweet views today with @wadenewsom today
  • Back home and scout gets comfy
  • Another sweet ride in #paradise aka home today.
  • Really wish I was at Sea Otter right now, but this isn't really punishment either
  • God I love my #vw TDI! #volkswagen #tdi #rally
  • No slouching when riding with @kellymagelky
  • Not everyone is stoked on my fitness #strava #gettingwad
  • Anyone wanna take a stab at what my favorite shoes are? #bontrager #rxl
  • Views from today's ride #nofilter #sopris
  • Hallie pup stole my chew! #puppy #minibear #halliepup
  • Good views, good people, good race, just me being a shitty racer #nexttime #onthehunt