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Nat Futterman

Nat Futterman

Oakland, California
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Bikes, cats, beers, etc.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 140
  • 280
  • 420
  • 560
  • 700
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 134.0mi
  • 8h 15m
  • 6,870ft

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on 40th - Adeline to MLK
  • 6th overall on 3rd St, Cargo way to candlestick park (3rd St Climb)
  • 8th overall on 3rd St. Climb
  • PR on 40th St from Hollis to Telegraph


Distance 4,867.3mi
Time 301h 6m
Elevation Gain 208,379ft
Rides 221


Total Distance 15,669.2mi
Total Time 1037h 26m
Total Elev Gain 797,221ft
Total Rides 688

Recent Photos

  • My usual metric of cx success
  • Port sunset
  • Mostly healed up from last week's cx blunder and it's good to be back out. #oaklandsucksdontcome
  • #crossiscoming (I'm fine, just dumb and clumsy like always & got TOO RAD)
  • You had one job, sidewall.
  • New old bike day II: a more conventional setting. Forgot how fun this bike is. Now with even fewer possible components to break. #crossiscoming #kingkogoakland
  • #crossiscoming #kingkogoakland #bananacheckpoint
  • LA City Hall - not a bad spot for a race #wolfpackhustle #civiccentercrit
  • First! #510suffercat #hardstylesunday
  • I know it's the same blurry podium, but it's my first 4/5 win! ???? @samalama514 #kingkogoakland
  • Fall River metric today with my dad #outsideisfred
  • Qualifiers starting! #redhookcritlondon
  • It's like I'm in London or something
  • Accidental spoke card
  • That morning fix
  • Morning port track bike times
  • #chillestrideever
  • Change of pace today  #offroadslikethese
  • My and Kell's matchy @mothattack and @broaklandbikes at Hellyer tonight
  • On the podium again and told to upgrade a little early @kingkogshop #kingkogoakland
  • Had it all to myself after the port tonight
  • What could possibly go wrong? ???????????? (It's reading high, of course, but it is ridiculously hot)
  • Precipitous
  • Obligatory battery @marscycles bike portrait
  • A little after work wrenching to unwind with this guy. (Doesn't hurt to have something exciting to bolt on, either). #brotime #duraace
  • Deeply offensive to the NCNCA's moral code. @kingkogshop #fuckyeahgate
  • Important cargo
  • Proper new bike day 'gram, now in its natural habitat. Thanks @marscycles!
  • So good. The plate is VNIC❤️RN, too. #wizardvan
  • #40cat team 5
  • #40cat team 5 lake Merrit
  • #40cat team 5 port view park
  • Team 5 motosurf #40cat
  • Team 5 motosurf redux #40cat
  • Team 5 #40cat actual cafe
  • #40cat motosurf #3 team 5
  • #40cat after hours Berkeley bowl hard style team 5
  • #40cat Berkeley Bowl west hardstyle team 5
  • Purified at mtn view cemetery #40cat team 5
  • Full moon at the #40cat (bird sanctuary) team 5
  • Team 5 #40cat boot & shoe service
  • Looking tough.  Team 5 at ruby room #40cat
  • Sunny this morning
  • First ride/proper New Bike Day pose
  • Foiled again at Oyster Point (but at least I didn't break the frame again!)
  • Absurd bottom bracket junction preview
  • Bottom of Morgan Territory. (Too busy shredding to get the actual good vistas higher up, sorry)
  • Obligatory Mt. Ham mirror selfie #festive500
  • It's wintry up in the hills. #festive500
  • Ideal conditions for slick 23s. #festive500
  • Bottom bracket icicles (to go with beard icicles). #festive500
  • Chilly Modoc vista #festive500
  • Old friend
  • And how.
  • Chilly.
  • First proper ride (new wheels and all). So fun!
  • Getting tweedy for a change with @sftweed
  • Not actually finished, but: new bike (test-ride) day!
  • Clear & crisp night on Hawk Hill. Lovely evening ride to remind me why I live here
  • No alarms here... #sch2014
  • A heroine: #sch2014
  • Still too early, but at least it's pretty.
  • More vistas. Top of Lucas Valley Rd
  • Huh.
  • Clear today
  • Too much stuff (@genericbeckham's fault); obligatory Alpine Dam bike portrait
  • Top of another hill
  • Important portage
  • Different bridge for a change
  • Radio Road, above the fog
  • Lafayette Ridge Tr
  • Shady oasis
  • All it ever really says anyway.
  • Caldecott
  • One way
  • Oh really?
  • Headlands
  • Morning ride home
  • Consolation prize
  • Miles
  • Early mist
  • River Road
  • Highway 1
  • Lolwut
  • Action shot
  • More mud
  • Mud
  • Sneaky tabernacle
  • Clouds
  • Old bridge
  • WTF?
  • Vulture
  • Almost dawn
  • Camouflaged. Riding it a bunch while I've got it
  • Grizzly peak dusk
  • Fixie Jesus
  • Landscape & turkeys
  • Friend
  • Ford
  • Own risk
  • Rust
  • Trail
  • Fancy shoes
  • Clear
  • Sunrise
  • TRP black magic. So weird, but so comfortable.
  • I climbed halfway back up for that little bastard... (And found it just as I climbed the last extra 20% grade before my conscience would be appeased about accidentally littering a bottle)
  • Trail & cows (in Richmond?!)
  • It's idyllic as fuck up here (in Wildcat canyon).
  • First real ride on the Eclipse. 1 1/2 Mt Diablos.